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About the Socialist Party



Beliefs: outline of policies of the Socialist Party. Also see our online publications

Campaigns: what does the Socialist Party campaign on? See About the Socialist Party and related pages

Communism -- Genuine: see What Is Socialism? and What Is Marxism?

Communism -- rise and fall of the Soviet Union bureaucracy

"...any Marxist party worthy of the name does not ‘hand down a manifesto from on high’ but has a living, dynamic relationship with the struggles that are taking place - aiding them but also learning from them."


"Socialism in the 21st Century" chapter 7

Democracy under a Socialist Society

Election Campaigns

The Environment and Marxism

History of the Socialist Party - before 1997 as the 'Militant'

How do I Join the Socialist Party?

How could socialism work?

Isn't there an easier way to change the world?

Join the Socialist Party? - How do I 

Joining the Socialist Party - what's involved?

Lenin: On Marxism

Manifesto: What does the Socialist Party stand for?

Marxism - What is it?

Marxism - Contemporary analysis

Militant Tendency, now the Socialist Party:  Militant website

Platform: outline of policies of the Socialist Party. Also see The Socialist weekly

Philosophy, Marxist: Dialectical materialism.  See also What Is Socialism? for an overview of the Socialist Party's socialist alternative.

Policy statements - current

Russian Revolution

Socialism - What is it?

Socialist Countries?

Socialist Party views on current affairs: See News, Policy and Marxist Analysis

Socialist Workers Party Also see SWP Articles which may outline differences in approach between our two parties.


Terrorism - Marxism Opposes Terrorism

Marxism...Marx and Engels called these ideas "Scientific Socialism" or "Communism".  Today the Socialist Party uses the word "Socialism", but we mean the same scientific approach to changing society.

Introduction to What is Marxism

Trotsky - Commemoration articles 60 years after his assassination, in Socialism Today

Trotsky - On the Russian Revolution

Trotsky - On Terrorism

What about Russia?

What countries are socialist?

What is genuine communism? - See What is Socialism? and What is Marxism?

What is Marxism?

What is Socialism?

Which countries are socialist?

Who was Trotsky?

Working Class, How do you define?

Would it be difficult to plan the economy?





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