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5 April 2002

spotSharon Escalates War Against Palestinians

"THE STATE of Israel is at war", declared Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Not that anyone could be in any doubt as Israeli Defence Force (IDF) tanks rolled back into the Palestinian areas of the West Bank

5 April 2002

spotNew Labour: The Bosses' Friend

2 May Council Elections: Socialist Party Local Election Manifesto 2002.

5 April 2002

spotThatcher - Destroyer of industry and champion of the rich

"THE QUEEN is dead; long live the King". Not one but two political departures and obituaries have been accorded Thatcher, hated initiator and symbol of the capitalist counter-revolution against the rights, writes Peter Taaffe, general secretary, Socialist Party.

12 April 2002

spotSocialist Councillors make a difference

Coventry: COVENTRY SOCIALIST Party will he standing in eight seats in the local elections on 2 May. One of our main tasks is to get Dave Nellist re-elected for his second term as a socialist ' councillor

12 April 2002

spotIsrael / Palestine: Who Can Live Like This? Who Can Die Like This?

THE WORSENING situation in the West Bank has horrified millions of people around the world

12 April 2002

spotThe Oppression of Women

What Lies Behind...: In the first article in an occasional series on Marxist classics Christine Thomas looks at Friedrich Engels' book, The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

12 April 2002

spotWe Can Beat Privatisation

Birmingham tenants' victory: ONE OF the wheels of New Labour's privatisation bandwagon came off when tenants of Britain's largest landlord, Birmingham City Council, voted by a 2:1 majority to reject plans to sell off council housing to a group of private landlords, writes Clive Walder.

19 April 2002

spotVenezuelan Masses Inflict Defeat On US Imperialism

REVOLUTION AND counter-revolution has swept Venezuela. The returning to power of the deposed president, Hugo Chavez, by a mass movement of workers and urban poor is a major setback for US imperialism and

19 April 2002

spotLewisham: Ian Page and Sam Dias Winning Benefits For Local People

DURING THE re-election campaign for Socialist Party Councillors Ian Page and Sam Dias in Telegraph Hill ward in Lewisham, South London, we met someone who admitted to being a Tory voter

19 April 2002

spotUkraine Elections Expose Lack Of A Workers' Alternative

ELECTIONS TO the Verkhovnaya Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) have left workers with little to celebrate, writes Grigory Poznyakov and Rob Jones..

19 April 2002

spotIsrael/Palestine War: The Failure Of Capitalism - The Need For A Socialist Solution

US SECRETARY of state Colin Powell's Middle East diplomacy has failed to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian areas

19 April 2002

spotFight Labour's Big Business Agenda

"THE LABOUR Party is more pro-business, pro-wealth creation, pro-competition than ever before" said Chancellor Gordon Brown in February this year

19 April 2002

spotVote Socialist: For A Fighting Voice On The Council

2 May elections: TONY BLAIR'S New Labour are in power nationally. They also run the county council here in Lancashire as well as being the biggest party on the local borough council, writes Mike Calderbank, Preston Socialist Party..

19 April 2002

spotState Funding of Political Parties - Supping with the Devil?

NEW LABOUR is considering a proposal for its next manifesto for government funding of up to 50 million for political parties

26 April 2002

spotMay Day 2002 Fight For A Socialist Alternative

MAY DAY is international workers' day. All over the world workers and young people will be demonstrating against attacks on workers' rights, poverty and inequality, war and the destruction of our environment.

26 April 2002

spotVote Socialist

Standing For The Millions, Not The Millionaires: NEW LABOUR'S policies are generating no enthusiasm for the 2 May local council elections in England

26 April 2002

spotFrench Presidential elections: Le Pen - Big Business Policies To Blame

THE POLITICAL earthquake in France has rocked all of Europe. Le Pen's success, and the crushing defeat of Jospin, has shocked European rulers and alarmed workers and youth. Immediately tens of thousands

26 April 2002

spotCelebrating May Day

MAY DAY has historically been a day of international working class solidarity and struggle. This year May Day takes on a more urgent and significant role for the present generation of workers and young

26 April 2002

spot13 million-strong Italian general strike

A Day Like No Other: AS ALL the first-hand reports make abundantly clear, 16 April 2002 in Italy was a day like no other. The first eight-hour general strike in the country for 20 years was solid. The response to the strike

26 April 2002

spotSharon Maintains Military Stranglehold On Palestinians

THE TV news pictures told the story. Palestinian women grieving for their dead and missing relatives amidst the rubble of Jenin refugee camp; this cut to footage of an Israeli tank commander triumphantly

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