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Archive for August 2000

4 August 2000

spotPeugeot workers "pushed too far": No choice but to fight back

Feature TO THE shock of management and union alike, Peugeot cars were hit by two one-day strikes at the end of July...

4 August 2000

spotDefend Glenn Kelly

BROMLEY COUNCIL in south London have suspended Glenn Kelly, UNISON branch secretary, chair of the Campaign for a Fighting Democratic UNISON and Socialist Party member...

4 August 2000

spotLeicester beats fascist threat

LEICESTER'S PRIDE event on 29 July was a huge success. Organised after the gay Mardi Gras was cancelled because of fascist threats, it showed the effect that unity in action can bring about, writes Darren, UAP and Socialist Party (Leicester).

4 August 2000

spotCapitalism's chaos and the socialist alternative

A World to Win: THE ANNUAL European school of the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI - the international socialist organisation which the Socialist Party is affiliated to) was held recently in Belgium...

4 August 2000

spotProtest against capitalist IMF

THOUSANDS OF people will be converging on Prague to protest against the meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) taking place there between 27-28 September, writes Rob Crowhurst.

4 August 2000

spotFight For a Living Wage

THE GOVERNMENT fears that economic confidence is slipping. They're worried that pay increases averaging just over 4% a year, are 'overheating' the economy...

18 August 2000

spotPublic health not private profit

New labour's nhs plan announced 7,000 extra beds by 2004 of which 5,000 will be intermediate care beds...

18 August 2000

spotAn outpouring of anger

THE ANTI-paedophile demonstrations in Portsmouth and Hague's plan to make raidcal changes in the law and ensure all 'dangerous' paedophiles serve life sentences have also been accompanied by the hounding of innocent people, the suicide of suspected paedophiles and an angry backlash against establ...

18 August 2000

spotStanding up to the "council dictators"

THERE WAS standing room only at a magnificent 120-strong public meeting to protest at the suspension of Glenn Kelly by local council bosses, writes Bill Mullins, Socialist Party industrial organiser.

18 August 2000

spotLeon Trotsky: An Enduring Socialist Legacy

SIXTY YEARS ago, on 20 August 1940, Ramon Mercader, an agent of Stalin's secret police (the GPU) struck a crushing blow with an ice-pick into Leon Trotsky's skull, ending the life of Stalin's most feared critic, the foremost Marxist theoretician and outstanding revolutionary, writes Alec Thraves.

18 August 2000

spotFighting the fascist threat in Germany

THERE WERE about 40 of them. Many were openly carrying guns. At first they circled us, shouting, threatening us. Then they attacked the table. They ripped up our leaflets, broke our picket signs, tried...

18 August 2000

spotA global warning

TORRENTIAL RAIN and floods in the Indian sub-continent have killed hundreds and left millions of people homeless. Like the swollen rivers, this number will rise as more rain is forecast, writes Manny Thain.

18 August 2000

spotAldi day of action

Co- ordinated protests will be taking place this Saturday 19 of August in different European countries in support of the Aldi strikers in Dublin, Ireland...

18 August 2000

spotSchool leavers, students, young workers facing an uncertain future

TENS OF thousands of A level students will be waiting to see what the future offers them when they get their results, writes Mark Baker.

1 September 2000

spotCops Gear Up for Battle

PREPARING FOR protests around the Olympics and the World Economic Forum's Asia-Pacific Summit in Melbourne, Australia's Federal government are rushing draconian new 'shoot to kill' legislation through parliament, writes Molly Cooper.

1 September 2000

spotWhat's behind the Loyalist Feud?

THE LONG-simmering feud between the UDA/UFF and UVF last week spilled over into a bloody battle for control of the Shankill area, the loyalist heartland in Belfast...

1 September 2000

spotAction needed to defend Glenn Kelly

BROMLEY COUNCIL'S vicious attack on Socialist Party member and UNISON branch secretary Glenn Kelly has plumbed new depths, writes Bill Mullins.

1 September 2000

spotVenezuela: Revolution and counter-revolution

THE ELECTION of Hugo Chávez marks a new stage in the struggle of the working masses in Venezuela and reflects a new phase of upheaval throughout the continent...

1 September 2000

spotTurn the Heat on the Bosses

Have you had a holiday this year? Did you get a relaxing Bank Holiday break as well? Probably not according to recent surveys, which show how few holidays workers in Britain have compared to the rest of...

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