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1 August 2011

spotMarching to save supported accommodation in Salford

Steve North addressing a rally against the closure of Lancaster House, Salford, photo Hugh Caffrey

Lancaster House provides supported accommodation for hundreds of young men. It now faces closure.

1 August 2011

spotBBC journalists take second day of strike action

Picketing in Coventry, BBC NUJ strike 1.8.11


Despite a large number of staff holidays during August, numbers at the picket line in Leeds remained high today

1 August 2011

spotHuston - we have a problem!

South Yorkshire newspapers NUJ strike, July-Aug 2011

National Union of Journalists members in Doncaster, Selby and Mexborough are now in the third week of indefinite strike action

1 August 2011

spotOverwhelming vote for action over IT offshoring plan

IT workers who maintain the records of millions of people for the Department for Work and Pensions have voted for industrial action over plans to offshore their work, the Public and Commercial Services union has announced...

3 August 2011

spotJail the bankers ... and nationalise the banks!

A multinational team of financial regulators, led by the US Department of Justice, is investigating allegations that some of the world's leading banks manipulated currency rates at the time of the credit crunch crisis in 2008...

3 August 2011

spotWorkplace news in brief

Action to save our libraries: Planned strike action by Lambeth libraries staff for 22 July was postponed as the council management conceded that there will be no compulsory redundancies, writes Andy Tullis, Lambeth Unison.

3 August 2011

spotGloucestershire NHS

Outside Stroud general hospital, Gloucestershire, there were angry shouts of 'keep out the private profiteers' from over 100 protesters on 28 July, writes Chris Moore, Gloucestershire Socialist Party.

3 August 2011

spotKazakhstan oil strike: solidarity urgent

'We are not begging - we are demanding our rights!'...

3 August 2011

spotNews in brief

You scratch my back: The News International (NI) phone hacking scandal has exposed the symbiotic relationship between the Murdoch empire and the political establishment...

3 August 2011

spotRagged Trousered Philanthropists

The south east region of the TUC and transport union RMT recently hosted a new interpretation of the famous play by Robert Tressell, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, writes Bill Mullins.

3 August 2011

spotLlanelli railway riots 1911

"Workers of the world unite": This month commemorates the centenary of the Llanelli Railway Riots in Wales when railway workers participating in a national rail strike, along with the local community, faced the guns and bayonets of Churchill's troops...

3 August 2011


Southampton council workers marching against cuts, photo Southampton SP

TUC must call action: "We can't afford a pay cut or losing our increments. People are beginning to see what they've lost and for some its £1,000.... The Tories are living on another planet and Labour are no different. The country is crying out for change”, said refuse workers back out on strike in Southampton

3 August 2011


Merthyr to Cardiff 4-6 August: Tory work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, singled out Merthyr Tydfil when he implied that the main barrier to jobseekers finding work was their own apathy - 'why don't they just get on a bus to Cardiff?' he asked

3 August 2011

spotReinstate Paddy Brennan!

Paddy Brennan, Unite convenor at the Swindon Honda plant has been suspended from work. Paddy's suspension is a provocative attack on a prominent trade union fighter

3 August 2011

spotDisability rights

Vicious Tory bullies hit...: Government ministers, aided and abetted by the right wing media, have labelled the majority of disability benefit claimants as scroungers after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said 39% were fully fit for work

3 August 2011

spotSyria: State unleashes new terror

The death toll is rising from the Syrian army's brutal assault on the mass uprising in the city of Hama and other areas

3 August 2011

spotSpain:"Throwing a shoe at the system"

"The indignados don't take holidays", commented one newspaper. "Instead they came in their tens of thousands from all over Spain to turn the heat up on an already sweltering capital.

3 August 2011

spotThe great PFI schools rip off - once again!

Before the 2010 general election Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was correct when he said Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes are "a bit of dodgy accounting - a way in which the government can pretend they're not borrowing when they are

3 August 2011

spotBuilding a workers' political alternative to the establishment parties

The following resolution on the upcoming Greater London Assembly (GLA) elections was passed at the July meeting of the London Transport regional council of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers

3 August 2011


10,000 marched against job cuts at Bombardier on Saturday 23 July in the biggest demonstration in Derby for decades, backed by the RMT and other trade unions, photo Paul Mattsson

photo Paul Mattsson

Save jobs, renationalise UK rail and train building: Around 10,000 marched against job cuts on 23 July in the biggest demonstration in Derby for decades.

3 August 2011

spotNHS cuts from a nurse's viewpoint

Marching against NHS cuts and privatisation , photo Paul Mattsson

photo Paul Mattsson

Cameron's government claims to be 'defending the NHS.' He claims the health care budget is 'ring fenced', writes an NHS mental health nurse.

3 August 2011

spotEurozone and USA - Debt crisis

Xekinhma, Greek section of CWI, on massive general strike in Greece on 15 June 2011 , photo Xekinhma

Xekinhma, Greek section of CWI

The price of capitalist failure: Governments in Europe and the US are making working class people pay for the crisis caused by the bankers and the capitalist system.
The Greek bailout, welcomed by the European ruling classes, will do nothing for the Greek masses

3 August 2011

spotNorway: right wing terrorist killings

Anti-EDL demonstration in Tower Hamlets, photo East London Socialist Party

United working class struggle needed: The terrible mass killings carried out by far right activist Anders Breivik have horrified the world

3 August 2011

spotWaltham Forest: a victory for unity

Waltham Forest, a north east London borough, saw a victory for working class unity against division on Saturday 30 July, writes Sarah Sachs-Eldridge, Walthamstow Socialist Party.

8 August 2011

spotTottenham riots: Fatal police shooting sparks eruption of protest & anger

Tottenham riots, August 2011 , photo by Paul Mattsson

Photo Paul Mattsson

Mark Duggan’s death in Tottenham is the latest shocking death at the hands of the police, mostly of young black men. But the highly combustible material that led to the riots was also crippling poverty, frustrated ambitions and alienation

9 August 2011

spotPress release from Youth Fight for Jobs

Youth Fight for Jobs and Turkish and Kurdish youth organisation Day-Mer Youth, have called a protest and public meeting in response to the riots in Tottenham

9 August 2011

spotPCS says 'lawlessness of financial & political elites' is the bigger problem

The PCS has issued a statement on the widespread rioting that has been taking place following the death of Mark Duggan at the hands of the police in Tottenham last week...

9 August 2011

spotAs inner cities erupt - A mass workers' movement is needed to defeat the government

Riot police in Hackney, photo Paul Mattsson

photo Paul Mattsson

This morning thousands of people have woken up to the devastation of their communities. It is a tragedy for the small shopkeepers whose businesses have been looted or set alight, workers whose cars have been burnt out, and perhaps worst of all for those who have seen their homes go up in smoke.

10 August 2011

spotDemonstration in support of four-week south Yorkshire NUJ strike

Support demo for NUJ strikers at South Yorkshire Newspapers, 6.8.11, photo Alistair Tice

Chants of "No more Murdochs, support the strike" rang through Doncaster as protesters demonstrated their support for striking journalists

10 August 2011

spotSupport the oil workers on strike in Kazakhstan

Also, a trade union lawyer has been sentenced to six years in jail. The intransigent employer refuses negotiations...

10 August 2011

spotEDL try to act as vigilantes in Leicester

Leicester 'Peace on the Streets' demo, 9.8.11, photo Becci Heagney

Yesterday in Leicester, shops closed early as police gathered on the streets in anticipation that the wave of anger shown across the country would arrive

10 August 2011

spotLiverpool Socialist Party statement on the riots in Liverpool

Buildings set alight in Tottenham, 6.8.11, photo Paul Mattsson

Liverpool & District Socialist Party is appalled at the current rioting which has resulted in the destruction of working peoples' homes, workplaces, and the community facilities and shops they rely on

11 August 2011

spotLewisham: Call for a united campaign for jobs, homes and services gains echo

About 150 people gathered at the top of Deptford High Street in south London for an anti-cuts march on Wednesday evening

12 August 2011

spotMassive vote to continue action against Southampton cuts

Over 1,000 council workers, striking Medirest cleaners and others marched through Southampton on 13 June in a powerful show of solidarity against vicious council cuts and the scandalous consequence of the private sector in the NHS , photo Paul Mattsson

Photo Paul Mattsson

At a packed meeting of over 600 union members, Southampton council workers voted by four to one to continue their industrial action

12 August 2011

spotMPs' double standards on criminality

Swansea West Labour MP, Geraint Davies commenting on the rioting in Croydon, an area he used to represent in parliament, stated: " is clear what we have seen is just opportunist criminality."...

13 August 2011

spotHaringey council cut youth services despite warnings

Haringey Council papers from April reveal its children and young people's support, education and employment services budgets were slashed by 75% this financial year in a bid to save £14.1 million

14 August 2011

spotReverse youth service cuts says Salford Unison

Below are extracts from a letter to Salford council Labour leader John Merry that was written on Friday 12th August by Salford Unison branch secretary Steve North in response to comments John Merry made on the riots in Salford earlier in the week...

16 August 2011

spotYFJ and Day-Mer Youth protest & meeting in Tottenham: Demand youth services and jobs

Youth Fight for Jobs and Turkish and Kurdish youth organisation Day-Mer Youth, have called this public meeting in response to the riots in the area, writes Tuesday 16 August 2011.

16 August 2011

spotCon-Dems to blame for anger of youth - mass, trade union-led workers' response needed

Firefighters in Tottenham, August 2011, photo Paul Mattsson, photo Paul Mattsson

Firefighters in Tottenham, August 2011, photo Paul Mattsson, photo Paul Mattsson

The four days of riots that followed the shooting dead of Mark Duggan by the police in Tottenham sent a massive shock wave across the country

16 August 2011

spotWinston Silcott - framed by the police and justice system

The recent riots, starting in Tottenham, have reminded many of events there in 1985 when three people were framed for the murder of PC Blakelock

16 August 2011

spotBirmingham peace rally shows need for jobs and services, not cuts

About 3,000 people came to Summerfield Park in Birmingham on Sunday to honour the memory of the three young men tragically killed in the riots

16 August 2011

spotNorth London Unity demo - 'Workers and youth, unite and fight'

Hackney-Tottenham demo, 13 August 2011, photo Paul Mattsson

Hackney-Tottenham demo, 13 August 2011, photo Paul Mattsson

At the north London Unity demonstration on 13 August, YFJ and Socialist Party members called for jobs, EMA, and an end to Stop and Search

16 August 2011

spot1819 Peterloo Massacre - fitting memorial demanded

On 16th August 1819 in St Peter's Fields, Manchester, armed cavalry charged a peaceful crowd of around 60,000 people gathered to listen to anti-poverty and pro-democracy speakers...

17 August 2011

spotTrade union branch model resolution

Workers and youth - unite and fight all cuts: The events that followed the shooting dead of Mark Duggan by the police in Tottenham sent a massive wave of shock across the country...

17 August 2011

spotRacist Starkey attacks rap

David Starkey's comments on Newsnight on Friday 12 August exposed the racist attitude of the British establishment, writes Wayne Scott, Socialist Party Scotland.

17 August 2011

spotDoors continuously shutting on young people's futures

Youth Fight for Jobs demo April 2009, photo Paul Mattsson

Youth Fight for Jobs demo April 2009, photo Paul Mattsson

A video of a young man telling London's Tory mayor Boris Johnson that he shouldn't be surprised at the riots, because "everything has a knock-on effect, Boris!", has taken social networking sites by storm, writes Sarah Wrack.

17 August 2011

spotYouth march in Wales to demand jobs

17 young people marched from Merthyr to Cardiff to protest against the scandal of youth unemployment. The three-day march of Youth Fight for Jobs, Wales, ended on 6 August to a terrific reception...

17 August 2011

spotExtracts from a statement from the Fire Brigades Union (FBU):

The Fire Brigades Union says fire crews are 'sickened' by the silence of politicians over fire service cuts...

17 August 2011

spotDefend council tenants from eviction!

On Friday 12 August Tory-controlled Wandsworth council in London threatened a parent with eviction whose son has appeared in court

17 August 2011

spotYouth workers' warnings ignored across the country

Youth services have been targeted - not for cuts, but for closure. The policies of a few are wrecking our communities, writes Teresa Chalcroft

17 August 2011

spotVital services "dying" because of cuts

A south London youth worker, Louie Silcott, spoke to the Socialist

17 August 2011

spotAfter the riots... A mass workers’ movement is needed

The explosion of anger on Britain’s streets was a condemnation of capitalism and its inability to offer the next generation a decent standard of living. The Socialist Party demands...

17 August 2011

spotStop the far-right EDL thugs

Racists Out! Youth against Racism in Europe marches for jobs and homes not racism, photo Paul Mattsson

Racists Out! Youth against Racism in Europe marches for jobs and homes not racism, photo Paul Mattsson

Keep the EDL out of Tower Hamlets: Supporters of the racist and hooligan English Defence League fought running battles with police in Eltham shortly after after the recent riots

17 August 2011

spotThe Great Unrest 1911

Strikers gather in Liverpool's Lime Street surrounding trams during ‘Red Sunday’ on 13th August 1911, photo Liverpool Record Office, Liverpool Libraries

Strikers gather in Liverpool's Lime Street surrounding trams during ‘Red Sunday’ on 13th August 1911, photo Liverpool Record Office, Liverpool Libraries

When the press raged about 'mob rule': "Mobs" control British cities. "We are facing an absolute disintegration of society." "Yesterday mob law reigned in London."

17 August 2011

spotLiverpool 1911 - Jack's story

In 1911 a rail strike spread across the country. A mass demonstration in Liverpool was called to show support for the strikers and to determine a course of action locally.

17 August 2011

spotBuild strike action to defeat Con-Dems

The coalition government is stripping our communities of jobs and services. It intends introducing a worryingly harsh "welfare" regime in an unprecedented transfer of wealth and power from the majority

17 August 2011

spotReinstate Paddy Brennan at Honda

The suspension from work of Paddy Brennan, Unite convenor at the Swindon Honda plant, is a provocative attack on a prominent trade union fighter

17 August 2011

spotReports: Pride gets political

Brighton: This year Pride in Brighton charged an entrance fee for the first time. This excluded many working class LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer) people on low incomes

17 August 2011

spotIsrael: Mass movement erupts against the rule of capitalism

300,000 people flooded the streets of Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and other cities in Israel on 6 August 2011 roaring: "The people demand social justice!"

17 August 2011

spotNews in brief

Zero tolerance: Prime minister David Cameron has invited William Bratton, the former US police chief credited with 'zero tolerance' policing, to advise the government...

17 August 2011

spotAngry construction workers meet to plan strike action

Hundreds of rank-and-file workers in construction trades, mainly in Unite, attended a meeting in London on 13 August to discuss the attacks on their various national agreements and the need for a fightback, writes Kevin Parslow.

17 August 2011

spotWorld economy: Capitalists unable to stop the turmoil

Capitalists unable to stop the turmoil: As their system continues to slide further into its worst crisis since the 1930s, the frantic efforts of world capitalist leaders to reverse the process are farcical, contradictory and ineffective, writes Clare Doyle

17 August 2011

spotTell the TUC - call a 24-hour public sector general strike!

TUC demo 24 April 2011, photo Paul Mattsson

photo Paul Mattsson

"If these attacks on our jobs, services and livelihoods go through there will be riots on the streets." Anti-cuts campaigners have lost count of how many times they have warned politicians of all parties of this since last year's general election.

17 August 2011

spotWorkers & youth unite!

Youth Fight for Jobs demonstration April 2009, photo Paul Mattsson

Fight for jobs, homes & services: It is no wonder young people are angry and that anger poured onto the streets of London. The bailed-out bankers, pampered parliamentary politicians, and anti-working class media and police are lining up

18 August 2011

spot'Youth Fight for Jobs' organises in Tottenham

YFJ  and Day-Mer meeting, Tottenham, 16.8.11, Martin Powell Davies

A week on from the riots, 90 people attended an excellent meeting organised by YFJ and Day-Mer Youth in Tottenham to discuss the way forward for the community and local youth

18 August 2011

spotLewisham Socialist Party and YFJ: London youth erupt - Fight for jobs and services

For more info or to contact Lewisham Socialist Party call Ian Page on 07970 074230 or James Kerr 07825 836477 ([email protected]), writes Thursday 18th August 2011.

18 August 2011

spotUS child poverty hits 20%

Child poverty in America has increased by 18% in the past decade leaving one in five below the poverty line, according to a new study by the Annie E Casey Foundation...

18 August 2011

spotNothing Left about the Scottish National Party

Working class communities in Scotland will pay the price of the SNP's savage austerity measures - while SNP ministers are taking huge cash windfalls

19 August 2011

spotBristol Connexions staff take strike action

Staff from Connexions in Bristol took strike action last Thursday, joined by colleagues from across the former Avon area, in the face of attacks to pay and conditions

23 August 2011

spotTyne and Wear: Churchill Metro workers begin fightback

From the onset Churchill has reneged on the TUPE transfer agreement, which should have guaranteed working conditions...

24 August 2011

spotConstruction workers fight to defend national agreements in London and Manchester

Hundreds of electricians protested outside the Balfour Beatty site at Blackfriars train station today (24 August). Workers also protested in Manchester.

24 August 2011

spotNewcastle-under-Lyme Socialist Party is now up and running!

On Monday 22 August there was a very good first meeting of Newcastle-under-Lyme Socialist Party in Wolstanton!

24 August 2011

spotYouth workers strike across Oxfordshire

Youth workers across Oxfordshire, including prime minister David Cameron's Witney constituency, took strike action on 23 August in response to the Tory-led county council plans to slash youth service funding from £3.7 million to £1.4 million...

24 August 2011

spotPlymouth Unison - Battle to reverse de-recognition - Solidarity needed!

Unison Local Government strike 16-17 July in London, photo Paul Mattsson

By Rob Rooney, Plymouth UNISON shop steward (personal capacity) and Socialist Party member...

25 August 2011

spotKeep EDL out of the East End: for anti-racists' right to march

Youth Fight for Jobs placard on the successful anti-EDL demonstration in Tower Hamlets in June 2010, photo P Mason

The English Defence League has announced its intention to march through Tower Hamlets on 3rd September.

25 August 2011

spotGCSE recipients face EMA slash

Paul Callanan, Youth Fight for Jobs, photo by Lorraine Dardis

Youth Fight for Jobs: Urgent press release: Today millions of school students round the country received their GCSE results. Those hoping to go to college will be the first since the government scrapped EMA...

26 August 2011

spotGaddafi regime crumbles

Libya: No to foreign military intervention - Libyan workers, youth and poor must act independently of imperialism
After six long months of bloody, protracted struggle the overthrow of the dictatorial Gaddafi regime was greeted with rejoicing by large numbers of Libyans, although by no means all. Robert Bechert, CWI, reports.

30 August 2011

spotSouth Yorkshire Newspapers strike now in seventh week

Striking journalists travelled to London on 25 August to present a 3,000 signature petition to the CEO of parent company Johnston Press

31 August 2011

spotFast News

Mea Culpa: US investor Warren Buffett has ruffled the feathers of his fellow billionaires by demanding they pay more taxes...

31 August 2011

spotA warning from the FE sector - hands off our education!

The academies project was started by Tony Blair's New Labour government, but now the Con-Dems are 'fast tracking' it...

31 August 2011

spotSocialist Party summer camp

Preparing for a 'hot autumn' of action: The Socialist Party's summer camp took place on the August bank holiday weekend in the beautiful surroundings of Epping Forest, writes Becci Heagney.

31 August 2011

spotHousing crisis wrecks people's lives

The National Housing Federation (NHF) has warned the government about the "chronic under-supply of homes"...

31 August 2011

spotWe won't be a lost generation - fight for jobs and education

We won't be a lost generation

We won't be a lost generation

March for jobs: "Jobless figures show the real risk of creating a lost generation," read a headline in the Evening Standard on 17 August

31 August 2011

spotWhy Marx was right

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

Book review: Starting with today's global economic crisis, Eagleton comments: "You can tell the capitalist system is in trouble when people start taking about capitalism. It indicates that the system has ceased to be as natural as the air we breathe...

31 August 2011

spot'Broken Britain'...

Welcome to David Cameron's latest wheeze to save 'broken Britain' - the Social Impact Bond. It's got a lot in common with all Desperate Dave's other failed remedies...

31 August 2011

spotKeep EDL out! Jobs, homes and services - not racism

Youth Fight for Jobs placard on the successful anti-EDL demonstration in Tower Hamlets in June 2010, photo P Mason

Update added on 2nd Sept at end of article The racist and divisive English Defence League planned to march through Tower Hamlets on 3 Sept

31 August 2011

spot'Murdochgate' places Cameron under spotlight

Con-Dem prime minister David Cameron was already up to his eyes in 'Murdochgate' before the latest tranche of revelations, writes Sean Figg.

31 August 2011

spotPart time workers and the great job con

The Activist is produced by Socialist Party members in the retail and distribution union, Usdaw...

31 August 2011

spot6,500 Swansea children in poverty

In 2010, a report commissioned by Swansea council's Children and Young People's Overview and Scrutiny board estimated that 6,500 children live in poverty in the city, write Ronnie Job and Sharif Bhagat, Swansea Socialist Party.

31 August 2011

spot31st August - further day of protest by construction workers

Manchester electricians protesting on 31.8.11 as part of protests around the country against the employers' assault on pay and conditions. From left to right, Simon, Steve and Sean leafleted outside the Carillion site in Denton, Manchester, photo Hugh C


Campaigning against the 'Big 8' construction employers' attempts to impose a 35% cut in wages, electricians and other workers protested outside the Westfield centre in East London

31 August 2011

spotNew phase in the great recession

Capitalist strategists are filled with gloom at the prospect of a new economic downturn. Fear of recession in the US, its credit rating downgrade and political dysfunction, not to mention the ongoing eurozone. Lynn Walsh reports.

31 August 2011

spotThe riots and the aftermath

Hackney and Tottenham demonstrate after the riots, photo by Paul Mattsson

Photo Paul Mattsson

What we think: The government has resorted to the traditional Tory stance of the mailed fist in the aftermath of the riots. If it can get away with it, the ConDem government will add to the panoply of anti-democratic, semi-dictatorial measures already in place.

31 August 2011

spotMass action can stop the cuts

For a 24 hour public sector general strike now - Socialist Party placard on demo, photo Paul Mattsson

Photo Paul Mattsson

The trickle of cuts and sackings in the public sector has turned into a flood and the mood in my workplace has become one of frustration, worry and anger, a Waltham Forest Unison member writes.

31 August 2011

spotCon-Dems out to destroy NHS

March to save the NHS, 17 May 2011, photo Paul Mattsson

Health and Social Care Bill final reading: On Wednesday 7 September, Tory health minister Lansley's Health and Social Care Bill reaches its report stage and third reading in parliament.

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