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3 August 2021

spotTory government nationalises Sheffield steel plant

For years Forgemasters has teetered on the brink, being subject to takeovers and government bailouts.

4 August 2021

spotTory cuts worsened crime and Johnson 'blitz' won't help

Johnson's 'Beating Crime Plan' is aimed at Tory voters.

11 August 2021

spotNHS: Kick out the privatisers, Fight for funding, Build for strike action

Profit vultures descend on the NHS backlog: A recent report of new deals between the NHS and private hospitals and private healthcare groups comes as no surprise

11 August 2021

spotNSSN to lobby TUC

This year the Trades Union Congress (TUC) conference meets at a crucial time. Millions of workers face further attacks looming in the autumn - the end of furlough, a 20 per week cut in Universal Credit,

11 August 2021

spotThanks to the miners - an example of workers' struggle and solidarity

"Thanks to Margaret Thatcher, who closed so many coal mines across the country, we had a big early start and we're now moving rapidly away from coal altogether"

11 August 2021

spotNews in brief

Big-pharma vaccine price hike: Big-pharma bosses can't be trusted. After many firms taking public money for vaccine development or promising to take "marginal" profits, they are now raising prices. Pfizer have raised vaccine prices

11 August 2021

spotNight tube strike suspended to allow talks - scrap compulsory duties!

Strikes by drivers on London Underground (LU), that were due to take place between 3-6 August, were suspended to allow more talks on resolving the dispute at conciliation service Acas.

11 August 2021

spotUnions protest at exploitative Leicester company Food Attraction

Leicester is in danger of being named the sweatshop capital of the UK. BooHoo hit the headlines last year for using Leicester suppliers that paid their workers around 4 an hour, way below the current

11 August 2021

spotOver 3,000 votes for fighting socialist programme in CWU

Gary Clark, a candidate for the Communication Workers' Union's (CWU) national executive and Socialist Party Scotland members, received 3,382 votes

11 August 2021

spotAugust 1991 - The aborted military coup in the 'Soviet Union'

How the defeated putsch opened the floodgates to capitalist restoration: 30 years ago, an ill-fated military coup against Mikhail Gorbachev, head of what was still known as the Soviet Union (USSR), was launched

11 August 2021

spotLondon Pride cancelled - pandemic shows protest Pride is necessary

The organisers of London's Pride event, postponed from July to September, have announced it will be cancelled this year, citing concerns over the ongoing pandemic.

11 August 2021

spotLondon: Hundreds protest for trans rights

On 6 August, a protest for trans rights took place at Downing Street. The organisers named their main grievances as the government's failure to sufficiently reform the 2004 Gender Recognition Act to genuinely

11 August 2021

spotSave Newham's theatres from Labour council cuts!

Join Equity's protest on Saturday 28 August: Big cuts to arts jobs and community cultural provision are threatening Stratford, east London. Performing arts union Equity is fighting the Labour council's attacks.

11 August 2021

spotSocialist Party young members summer school

The Socialist Party held its national youth summer school in London on 7-8 August, bringing together over 40 young organisers from branches across England and Wales.

11 August 2021

spotA day in the life of a young hospitality worker

I like my job, the people I meet and the service we provide, but why should we accept exploitation and insecurity each shift

11 August 2021

spotWhy I joined the Socialist Party

Labour v Socialist Party - my experience is seismic: I'm a retired accountant, Unite member, NHS campaigner and was a Jeremy Corbyn supporter in the Labour Party from 2016 to 2020.

11 August 2021

spotDon't privatise Dudley libraries

Outsourcing is the scourge of public services. It is the twisted idea that a company with no ties to the community could step in and do a better job than the public sector. That is demonstrably false.

11 August 2021

spotSocialist Party: Solely funded by the working class

Lamley Naa Amoako-Atta joined the Socialist Party last year in west London. She explains how she's now helping us in our fundraising efforts.

11 August 2021

spotBeirut's devastating port explosion one year on

Justice can only be served by ending corrupt capitalism: One year ago in Lebanon, a huge devastating explosion of illegally stored ammonium nitrate at Beirut's port resulted in the loss of over 200 lives, 7,500 injured, and around 300,000 people made homeless

11 August 2021

spotCapitalism = climate catastrophe

Fight for a socialist alternative to save humanity: First the good news - it is still possible to avoid a climate apocalypse. And the bad news? It is already too late to avoid climate catastrophe!

11 August 2021

spotWest Midlands: austerity and capitalism offers no future for young people

After a decade of Tory austerity and a global pandemic threatening millions of jobs, young people are more vulnerable than ever.

11 August 2021

spotStarmer's faithful Guardian

As part of its anniversary coverage of the 2011 summer unrest, The Guardian newspaper conducted a survey of council funding of youth services in the years since, looking at the five areas of the country where 49% of recorded crimes during the 2011 events took place

11 August 2021

spotReview - The Struggle for World Socialism

The third part of the history of the Socialist Party is a must read. Not only is it a history of the party and the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) from 2007 to 2019.

11 August 2021

spotYou need a union when the time comes to fight

From the shopfloor: I recently left my job for another, and my previous employer wanted me to pay back full training costs

11 August 2021

spotDefend the NHS. Fight the Tory pay insult. Prepare strike action!

NHS workers have been protesting for a 15% pay rise. The Tories' response? After the initial 1% slap in the face they've been forced under pressure to offer 3%. But NHS workers have lost around 20% in the last ten years. For the rest of the public sector the Tories are offering between 1.5% and nothing!

11 August 2021

spotRMT strike solid on East Midlands rail

On Sundays throughout August and September, the RMT is striking on East Midlands Railway

11 August 2021

spotBallot majority essential to continue DVLA strike action

The action over workplace safety at DVLA has entered its fifth month

11 August 2021

spotFighting for a home for Nadia and homes for all

A major housing eviction crisis is looming as various pandemic lifelines are ended

11 August 2021

spotOlympic 'success' masks cuts and inequality

Every Olympics reflects the sad contradiction of the world we live in, but Tokyo 2020 took this to a new level.

11 August 2021

spotFight price hike

Ofgem is allowing gas and electricity suppliers to increase prices

11 August 2021

spotRising against a rigged and rotten system

Discussion on how socialist ideas can change the world is more necessary than ever.

17 August 2021

spotReject the Ministry of Justice pay offer

The Ministry of Justice has tabled a pay offer which trades conditions for pay. This is their second attempt after the failed MEP proposals 3 years ago were roundly and soundly rejected by members.

17 August 2021

spotKabul falls: A devastating blow to the US and Western imperialism

Afghans' suffering continues under Taliban

On Sunday 15 August, the Taliban reached the capital of Kabul, forcing the US-backed government of Ashraf Ghani from power. Thousands of residents tried desperately to board planes to flee the hard-line Islamic force.

25 August 2021

spotAfghanistan: The Taliban takeover - what are the lessons for the workers' movement internationally

On Sunday 15 August, Taliban militiamen, packed onto their trademark pick-up trucks, drove unopposed into Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, ousting the US-backed government of Ashraf Ghani.

25 August 2021

spotUK hospitals in danger of collapse

The NHS is crumbling from decades of underinvestment. Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, has its ceilings propped up with almost 200 steel props. Hinchingbrooke Hospital has set a weight

25 August 2021

spotCare workers struggle for a pay rise and trade union recognition

Care and Support Workers Organised (CaSWO), a group that brings together workers in the care industry across different trade unions, is organising a series of protests on 4 September outside of the Department of Health and Social Care in London, Manchester, Newcastle and Preston

25 August 2021

spotLiverpool university strike saves jobs

Liverpool University and Colleges Union (UCU) is in a long running dispute with Liverpool University over plans to slash 47 jobs in the health and life sciences department

25 August 2021

spotUniversity of Leeds students bribed to stay away while staff are under attack

The University of Leeds recently announced that it would offer 10,000 and free accommodation to some potential students to persuade them to defer for a year

25 August 2021

spotEast Midlands rail strikes continue

RMT senior conductors and train managers took strike action again on Sunday 15 and 22 August on East Midland Railways (EMR) and Intercity

25 August 2021

spotHomelessness workers fight for better pay and conditions across sector

Homelessness workers from different organisations across the sector have come together to set a joint pay claim and fight for better terms and conditions across all workplaces

25 August 2021

spotLessons from Poplar 100 years on

This year marks 100 years since the victory of Poplar council against austerity and unemployment, led by fighting Labour councillors who mobilised a mass movement of the working class

25 August 2021

spotBiggest in-person socialist event this year!

This will be the biggest in-person socialist event this year. And we need it. We need the chance to get together and talk about the socialist alternative to this rotten system of capitalism.

25 August 2021

spotEaling by-election: Labour council has not opposed Tory cuts

Vote TUSC in Hobbayne on 16 September: The three main establishment parties take ordinary people for a ride. We need a new mass party that will give the working class a genuine political voice.

25 August 2021

spotCouncils declared climate emergency - now act like it!

With COP26 Glasgow looming ever closer, the spotlight is on the UK and whether its climate policies are fit to achieve 'net zero by 2050'

25 August 2021

spotWhy I rejoined the Socialist Party

I could very much identify with the article by Steve Merriman (see 'Labour v Socialist Party - my experience is seismic')

25 August 2021

spotWales: Gearing up for 9 October youth marches

The Youth Fight for Jobs campaign has been relaunched, ready to fight the slew of job losses expected to come down the pipeline after the furlough scheme ends

25 August 2021

spotDonate to stop Tories clawing back crumbs

The Covid crisis has laid bare the class character of society. It has made clear to many that it is the working class that keeps society running, not the CEOs of major corporations. The results of austerity

25 August 2021

spotExam results: grade gap widens

After a tumultuous two years of studying during a pandemic, students across the country finally received their teacher-assessed results on 10 and 12 of August

25 August 2021

spotReflections on the Lebanese tragedy one year on

It was the morning of 4 August, the first anniversary of the explosion in Beirut. My family and I were sitting round the breakfast table at my godmother's house, all of us reminiscing about where we were

25 August 2021

spotLiverpool: Stop the arms fair!

Disgracefully, Liverpool is set to host the AOC Europe 2021 arms fair in October, at the council owned Echo Arena

25 August 2021

spotMarching for Kashmir's liberation

500 Kashmiris, from all over the Midlands, protested in Birmingham on 15 August. They were calling for the removal of all Indian military forces from their land. It was the second anniversary of the removal

25 August 2021

spotSNP-Green deal will not deliver for workers and youth

The ruling Scottish National Party (SNP) and Scottish Greens have agreed to form a de-facto coalition at Holyrood (the Scottish parliament).

25 August 2021

spotNigeria: Comrade Omomeewa, student leader and socialist campaigner, killed by armed assailants

Tragically, a leading member of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM - CWI in Nigeria), Nurudeen Alowonle, aka Omomeewa, was murdered leaving Lagos State University (LASU) late in the evening on 18 August.

25 August 2021

spotFilm Review: Martin Eden

Martin Eden is an Italian film based on Jack London's 1909 novel. I highly recommend it. Jack London set his novel in the US, the film moves the story to Naples in the 1920s and 1930s.

25 August 2021

spotTV review: Revolutionary Love

Many protagonists depicted in Korean dramas are desperate to get a permanent job. Jun, however, chooses to fill her waking hours with part-time work. She doesn't want to show allegiance to the corporate

25 August 2021

spotAfghanistan in crisis:

A colossal failure of western capitalism: After two decades of military occupation and trillions of dollars spent by western governments, millions of Afghans are now back to where they were in 2001 - under the brutal rule of the Taliban.

25 August 2021

spotNEU: Oppose the pay freeze with action not just words

After all that educators have done throughout the pandemic, the 'reward' received has been a pay freeze for teachers and a miserly 1.5% for support staff.

25 August 2021

spotNHS Pay - 3% is not enough

If you are an NHS worker, vote to reject the Tories' 3% offer. Other workers can help by mobilising in their trade union to join the fight for fair pay for all, and for a properly funded, publicly owned NHS.

25 August 2021

spotWoolwich ferry strikers - the action necessary to win

Unite the Union members working on the Woolwich Ferry have been taking discontinuous strike action since 14 May

25 August 2021

spotAfghanistan disaster - Unite to fight for funding for refugees and local communities

Many ordinary working-class people will be horrified by the tragic scenes of Afghans fleeing in desperation at Kabul airport

26 August 2021

spotUnite: Sharon Graham's stunning victory opens new opportunities

Sharon Graham's victory opens new opportunity to resist bosses and Tories' offensive, and challenge Starmer's New Labour

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