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1 February 2019

spotChris Baugh condemns Universal Credit social catastrophe

On Thursday 24th January, a public meeting by Stop & Scrap Universal Credit Haringey (SSUCH) was attended by about 100 people

3 February 2019

spotImminent eviction sparks urgent defence campaign

A social housing landlord initiated proceedings against a single mother

5 February 2019

spot'Shac' campaign fights for housing

On a freezing wet evening, an impressive range of tenant and resident activists met at a Social Housing Action Campaign (Shac) open meeting on 29 January

6 February 2019

spotBillionaires avoid paying and even talking about tax! Take the wealth off the 1%

Dutch historian Rutger Bregman went viral by putting the cat among the pigeons at billionaires get together Davos in Switzerland recently

6 February 2019

spotUnited States: strike ends federal shutdown

Unofficial action by airport workers has forced Donald Trump to end the longest unpaid 'furlough' of government employees in history

6 February 2019

spotTory Brexit farce, Corbyn and unions: Call mass action now

For all those of us living in the real world, the pantomime season is long since over. But, as the Tory Brexit crisis plays itself out daily in parliament, it can just seem like a toffs' slanging match stuck on a loop.

6 February 2019

spotStruggling unis account for bulk of unconditional offers - end education marketisation!

It has been revealed that 20 universities are responsible for the massive spike in unconditional offers to students.

6 February 2019

spotThem & Us

Lords and the homeless - its one world for the super-rich and another for the rest of us

6 February 2019

spotWorcestershire: save the libraries, reverse all the cuts

Worcestershire's Tory county council wants to close nine community libraries, and sack workers and reduce opening hours in at least six others. We say no! Enough is enough!

6 February 2019

spot40 years since the Iranian revolution: Learning the lessons for today's new working-class struggles

Forty years ago a great revolution against a dictatorial monarchy was in progress in Iran. Recalling those days still inspires us: scenes of comradeship despite the shortages due to long days of nationwide strikes, initiatives by ordinary people to run their communities and workplaces

6 February 2019

spotFilm: Vice - Dick Cheney - a cold and calculating opportunist

"So?" is Dick Che-ney's response to the fact that two-thirds of Americans said the 2003 Iraq war was not worth fighting. 'Vice' closes with this.

6 February 2019

spotThe Socialist inbox

Letters to the Socialist's editors including probation service failures and Venezuela.

6 February 2019

spotCash-starved health service ripped off by big pharma - fund our NHS now!

The NHS has been priced out of buying a life-saving drug by pharmaceutical company Vertex. The cystic fibrosis drug, which can extend the life of children, costs £105,000 a year - a price which the NHS says is "unaffordable".

6 February 2019

spotUnited States: LA teachers' strike defeats privatisers

After a six-day strike, the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) union ratified a new contract with the Los Angeles Unified School District in California on 22 January.

6 February 2019

spotFrance gilets jaunes' backed by mass strike action

The 'gilets jaunes' (yellow vests) movement in France is by no means over. Saturday 2 February saw 'Act 13' of the series of weekend demonstrations, swelled by anger at the blinding by rubber bullets of gilets jaunes protesters including a prominent member of the movement, Jerome Rodrigues.

6 February 2019

spotSweden: dock strikes test new government

Dock workers in Sweden are striking for their trade union rights. The employers have closed down their union offices and stopped recognising elected representatives of their main union.

6 February 2019

spotUnison: Democracy and the right to speak out are under threat

Three members of public sector union Unison's national executive council (NEC), including two Socialist Party supporters, have received a letter from the union stating that there have been complaints made that they "breached collective responsibility" at the NEC meeting on 6 December and that they are now under investigation.

6 February 2019

spot'Stansted 15' deportation protesters could face jail

At the time of going to press, 15 young people will be anxiously facing the judge at Chelmsford Crown Court, waiting to be sentenced. Many fear it will be jail.

6 February 2019

spotCollege lecturers strike for a pay rise

Reports of college strikes around the country for better pay.

6 February 2019

spotTraffic wardens' strike is just the ticket

London traffic warden strikes for better pay.

6 February 2019

spotHistoric strike of nurses in Ireland

Nearly 40,000 nurses and other health workers in Ireland started a 24-hour strike on 30 January to demand a pay rise. Their union, the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation, has more strike days planned in February.

6 February 2019

spotBacking for the Birmingham homecarers

Birmingham's homecare workers could lose up to £4,100 if the Labour council cuts their hours. Over 80 people attended the Trade Union Congress solidarity rally for the striking workers on 29 January.

6 February 2019

spotNew pamphlet: 1919 - Red Flag over the Clyde

On 31 January 1919, tens of thousands of workers gathered in Glasgow as their struggle for a 40-hour week came to a climax

6 February 2019

spotTheatre: Ballad of Johnny Longstaff

Three times BBC Radio 2 folk award winners, The Young'uns began their Ballad of Johnny Longstaff tour at Hull University on 28 January and Hull Socialist Party branch was there to see it.

6 February 2019

spotSheffield tree campaigners' legal win

The Independent Office for Police Conduct has ruled that seven Sheffield Trees Action Group campaigners were wrongly arrested in 2016 and 2017.

6 February 2019

spotUniversity and College Union elections

16 further education colleges just took strike action over pay and conditions. In higher education, we are fighting to beat the Tories' anti-union laws in the equality and pay ballot.

6 February 2019

spotNorth West Socialist Party conference

The Socialist Party's North West region held a very successful conference on Saturday 2 February, with nearly 50 members attending from across the region

6 February 2019

spotSocialist Party no-cuts stand finds support

It has been a busy week campaigning in Coxford ward in Southampton.

6 February 2019

spotCampaign for Chris Baugh for AGS

Chris has widespread support from lay reps and members.

6 February 2019

spotCelebrating Robert Burns 1759-1796

For the 7th year running Carlisle Socialist Party held a very successful Alternative Burns Night

6 February 2019

spotVictory! Campaign reverses fire cuts

After sustained pressure the fire authority axed its plans to reduce fire cover

6 February 2019

spot'Corbyn council' must fight borough regeneration

Haringey's 'Corbyn council' is becoming increasingly similar to its Blairite predecessor.

6 February 2019

spotCorbyn must prepare for a general election

Remove the pro-capitalist saboteurs - fight for the socialist alternative!
Talk of a split from the Labour Party by some Blairite Remainer MPs has increased

7 February 2019

spotMass pressure wins light sentence for 'Stansted 15'

The workers' movement must not let this attempt to intimidate protesters set a precedent

13 February 2019

spotCorbyn must launch struggle to kick out Blairites and fight for socialist policies

photo rwendland/CC

photo rwendland/CC

Labour right plotters must go: Getting rid of this rotten Tory government is not the priority for the Blairites

13 February 2019

spotUniversal Credit out - Tories out!

Corbyn should call on Labour councils to set no-cuts budgets now to protect working-class people from the effects of Universal Credit

13 February 2019

spotMarx memorial attack shows socialist ideas are on the rise

The real answer to poverty, division and despair is a new society based on public ownership and democratic socialist planning of resources

13 February 2019

spotThem & us

Fossil fuel subsidies for the bosses... rising sea levels for us

13 February 2019

spotVictory to Birmingham bin workers

Deselect the Blairites! Bin strikers have caough Brum council red-handed at blacklisting

13 February 2019

spotHeroic RMT guards beat back Northern rail in fight against dangerous driver-only operation

47 days of determined industrial action have won a significant breakthrough

13 February 2019

spotFight for a socialist-led PCS - fight to win the national pay campaign

The strike ballot's key demand is a 10% pay rise -and we need a socialist leadership to deliver it

13 February 2019

spotGlasgow: nationalise the threatened 'Caley' railway depot

Over 200 skilled jobs are threatened by the possible closure of the St Rollox 'Caley' historic railway yard in Springburn

13 February 2019

spotLeicester college workers refuse to accept cut in terms and conditions

"Management has attempted to appeal directly to staff rather than negotiating with elected workplace representatives"

13 February 2019

spotEnfield: striking against academisation - fighting for a no-cuts budget

Big picket lines, lots of support from parents, lots of solidarity visits from other trade unionists - four days of action

13 February 2019

spotWorkplace and union news in brief

Glasgow strike victory; Bradford bus victory; union action in Hackney; oil tanker strike; Irish nurses strike; home care doorstepping; Woolwich ferry walkout

13 February 2019

spotSouthampton: Labour plans £15m cuts - vote Socialist in Coxford by-election

We want our £136 million stolen by the government back, and the council must link up with the unions to mobilise a fight for it

13 February 2019

spotNewham: women's refuge funds halved - Labour must use the £500m reserves

We call on Rokhsana Fiaz to set a real "people's budget" - one which uses reserves and borrowing to end austerity

13 February 2019

spotArrest Brigadier Fernando - defend the right to protest

Tamil Solidarity and Socialist Party members will be protesting again outside the court - join us

13 February 2019

spotWhy I joined: "why is their life so different from mine?"

Why can't we have this for everyone? Why do some people have more than others, and why is their life so different from mine?

13 February 2019

spot300 turn out for Corbyn in Nottingham marginal

The meeting was friendly, and we sold 19 copies of the Socialist

13 February 2019

spotLiverpool: 200 march to commemorate Robert Tressell

The event remembered the celebrated author of 'The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists'

13 February 2019

spot'Spot' conference opposes authoritarianism in Turkey

London Socialist Party members participated in the annual 'Solidarity with the People of Turkey' conference

13 February 2019

spot'Green Book' film: a timely reminder of racism in the USA

It's been called a buddy/road trip film in the tradition of 'Driving Miss Daisy' - it is much more than that and yet, perhaps, less than it could be

13 February 2019

spot'Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor': comedy and tragedy judiciously mixed

Non-fiction: 'This is Going to Hurt': Adam Kay defends the NHS against the privatisers and he does it in a witty and engaging way

13 February 2019

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist's editors. Democracy and trains.

13 February 2019

spotTo end climate change we need to fight for socialist change!

15 February youth strike for climate: We welcome this youth strike - mass collective action is what is required

13 February 2019

spotFrance: striking workers confront Macron

photo Aeroceanaute/CC

photo Aeroceanaute/CC

The gilets jaunes have awoken, on the part of millions, a deep will to revolt - even to make a revolution

13 February 2019

spotTen years since Lindsey strike: when militant action stopped the 'race to the bottom'

On the basis of class struggle, workers democratically negotiated solutions to supposedly conflicting interests

15 February 2019

spotFor a Catalan republic of workers and the people

The trial against political prisoners accused of organising the 1 October referendum once again highlights the anti-democratic and reactionary nature of the Spanish state

15 February 2019

spotYouth strike for the climate: "There's no planet B"

Students walked out of school on Friday 15th February to demonstrate

20 February 2019

spotNationalise Airbus and other manufacturing plants to save jobs now!

Thousands of jobs at plane manufacturer Airbus are under threat after the company announced it is ending production of its A380 passenger jet after failing to secure orders from the Emirates airline and others

20 February 2019

spotWhat we heard

Blairite Leslie won't be missed: Nottingham's now ex-Labour MP Chris Leslie has been a problem for a while now, writes A Nottingham East Labour Party member.

20 February 2019

spotWhat we saw

"Socialism is storming back" declares the Economist magazine. It points out that 51% of 'millennials' in the US aged 18-29 have a positive view of socialism

20 February 2019

spotUnite union London council workers back Enfield Labour no-cuts call

London local government workers' representatives have agreed to support Enfield North Constituency Labour Party's no-cuts campaign

20 February 2019

spotLeicestershire needs NHS beds

Local NHS bosses plan to reorganise acute hospital services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR), costing around £370 million

20 February 2019

spotNationalise to save jobs at Honda!

Car manufacturer Honda has said it will close its Swindon plant in 2021. If the closure goes ahead it will devastate the town as 3,500 jobs will be destroyed

20 February 2019

spotCardiff Uni: urgent action needed to stop job cuts

Cardiff University plans to cut 380 posts over five years

20 February 2019

spotHackney: Unite fights racism and victimisation

Hackney Council Unite the Union is preparing to consult members on industrial action following the dismissal of the branch equalities officer, Natasha Johnson

20 February 2019

spotLeicester college pay strike goes on

After their successful one-day strike on 6 February, staff from both sites at WQE college in Leicester struck again on 13-14 February.

20 February 2019

spotSpanish state: social polarisation and budget defeat force snap election

Defeat the right in the ballot boxes and in the streets!: Pedro Sánchez's term is over. A government of the social democratic 'PSOE' party, formed eight months ago after the vote of no confidence against Rajoy of the traditional right-wing 'PP' party, has been brought down by a vote in parliament

20 February 2019

spotHarrowing accounts of austerity at Unison women's conference

Delegates at the women's conference of public sector union Unison gave harrowing accounts of living their lives in debt, and how they have been reduced to choosing between eating and heating while trying to put food on the table for their families.

20 February 2019

spotPCS Left Unity must unite on pay and elections

Forty years of union activists' work, building the broad left of the civil servants' union PCS Left Unity - and democratising the union, is being put at risk by the divisive and sectarian antics of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and Socialist View group.

20 February 2019

spotUniversal Credit staff ballot for action

The possibility of strike action on 11-12 March is on the cards at Walsall and Wolverhampton Universal Credit service centres. The ballot finishes on 25 February.

20 February 2019

spotAnnoyed?! I'm annoyed to be on poverty wages

There was another lively picket outside the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in London on 13 February. The staff, PCS members, are outsourced on contracts that pay poverty wages. They want to be brought back in-house and paid a living wage.

20 February 2019

spot"There's no planet B": Thousands of youth strike against climate change - we need socialist change!

On 15 February, tens of thousands of school and college students walked out of their lessons to join protests across the country to demand action over climate change and environmental destruction.

20 February 2019

spotNew recession fear stalks the world economy

2018 marked ten years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers bank which plunged the world economy into the deepest economic recession since the 1930s.

20 February 2019

spotNHS crisis deepens: Workers' and community action can save our health service

The news that A&E waiting times have hit the worst level since records began is yet further proof of the ongoing crisis in our NHS.

20 February 2019

spotLincoln students back UCU ballot

On the evening of the 28 January, Lincoln Socialist Students organised a meeting on the University and College Union ballot currently underway.

20 February 2019

spotClaimants and union slam Universal Credit

On 24 January, a public meeting by Haringey Against Universal Credit was attended by about 100 people.

20 February 2019

spotEnergy retail firm collapse hits Tyneside

Already reeling from numerous national and local collapses of businesses today fresh blows were rained down on Tyneside's struggling workforce.

20 February 2019

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Letters to the Socialist's editors including Luciana Berger and Wavertree CLP and villainous Winston Churchill

20 February 2019

spotTV: Les Misérables - Hugo's novel and this adaptation both offer a message of hope

Les Misérables started life as a three-volume novel by Victor Hugo written during his political exile from France.

20 February 2019

spotEight Blairites split - Now kick out the rest

Corbyn and unions must call mass action - for a general election now!
The Tory party is split down the middle. Theresa May's government is on the brink of collapse

20 February 2019

spotUnite GLL pay campaign

Unite the Union has launched a pay campaign targeting GLL. The company, operating under brand name 'Better', competes for leisure and library contracts around the country.

20 February 2019

spotFormer Militant editor Peter Taaffe on Derek Hatton re-joining Labour

The re-admittance of Derek Hatton, Liverpool deputy council leader 1983-86, to the Labour Party poses the need to transform the Labour Party into a 100% anti-austerity party

20 February 2019

spotDefending the city that dared to fight

Peter Taaffe responds to the Guardian's Hannah Jane Parkinson on the record of Liverpool City Council and the Militant Tendency in the 1980s.

20 February 2019

spotSocialists stand against Blairite mayor

Leicester Socialist Party has announced it has selected Steve Score, local campaigner, to stand in May's mayoral elections

20 February 2019

spotBin strike against 'blacklisting'

Hundreds of Birmingham bin workers took strike action to protest against secret payments to workers who did not take part in the 2017 bin strike.

20 February 2019

spotConference shows potential for fighting leadership

Around 90 delegates and visitors from Socialist Students groups debated the student movement and its socialist potential

20 February 2019

spotSpanish State: Early election announced

Click here to go to an article by Revolutionary Left in the Spanish State, posted on, the website of the Committee for a Workers' International

20 February 2019

spotLeeds TUC presents a no-cuts alternative budget

The anti-austerity committee of Leeds Trade Union Council (TUC) - which brings together the city's unions - presented its alternative city budget at a special public meeting on 12 February.

20 February 2019

spotBirmingham Uni: Standing up to racism is not harassment!

On 1 February, the Guild of the University of Birmingham formally de-recognised the University of Birmingham Socialist Students society in an attack on democracy and free speech on campus, writes Socialist Student Statement on de-recognition.

20 February 2019

spotLondon housing campaigners disrupt auction

Socialist Party members joined campaigners - including the Social Housing Action Campaign (Shac), which links housing workers with residents - to protest at a Savills auction

26 February 2019

spotInternational Women's Day meetings and other events

Just some of the events fighting for women's liberation, and an end to domestic violence service cuts, austerity and capitalism, with the Socialist Party and the Women's Lives Matter campaign...

27 February 2019

spotKick out austerity politicians

Tories, Blairites, Independents:
The MPs who resigned from Labour aren't the only politicians who have, in Corbyn's words, "no problem with austerity"

27 February 2019

spotFrom anger to action to save Honda plant

Unite the Union needs to put its national resources behind this fight, linking with the local shop stewards and mobilising the entire community and labour movement

27 February 2019

spotSupermarket giants merger: protect jobs and fight price hikes

For democratic public ownership: There should be joint meetings between Usdaw, Unite and GMB shop stewards for a joint campaign to improve wages and conditions

27 February 2019

spotUniversity and College Union: anti-union laws frustrate strike ballot again

We cannot be discouraged, but should continue to put forward local demands

27 February 2019

spotManchester posties strike against bullying

The company "needs to realise that it will be easier to replace the small management 'regime' than it will be to replace the entire workforce"

27 February 2019

spotPCS union: help us win the elections and pay campaign

We must unite to maximise the vote for the whole Left Unity slate in the elections which start on 16 April, and secure a threshold-busting vote in the pay ballot

27 February 2019

spotSouth East Unison annual general meeting votes for no-cuts budgets

A motion calling on all councils to pass no-cuts budgets should be on the agenda at the conference of public service union Unison

27 February 2019

spotKirklees: Labour and Green councillors refuse to fight the cuts

At the time of its last accounts in April, Kirklees had useable reserves of £185 million

27 February 2019

spotLeicester: cuts passed in record time - use the £100m reserves!

Leicester Socialist Party is contesting May's elections on a platform of using the reserves to set a legal no-cuts budget

27 February 2019

spotWorcestershire: save the nine libraries

The local library in St Johns, Worcester, is under threat of job losses, shorter hours and possible closure, along with another eight across Worcestershire

27 February 2019

spotE-subscribe to the Socialist today!

The Socialist Party is launching an e-reader version of the Socialist newspaper

27 February 2019

spotTommy Robinson BBC demo: socialist fightback needed to undermine far right

In the vacuum left by Corbyn and the union leaders failing to lead a fight to end Tory and Blairite austerity, the far right is trying to regroup

27 February 2019

spotPCS union branch opposes cuts to women's services

These union members work with people escaping domestic violence - they can see austerity and government policy have put women in a worse position

27 February 2019

spotFive years on - and still no justice for Zane

Like Hillsborough, the campaign for truth and justice for Zane Gbangbola is proving to be a long haul

27 February 2019

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist's editors. Climate strikes; Independent Group

27 February 2019

spotCuts councils massage homelessness figures

How should councils deal with the deepening housing crisis and the homelessness and desperation it creates?

27 February 2019

spotBlairite traitor Ian Austin - byelection now!

Austin should never have been allowed to leave Labour's ranks at a time of his choosing - he should have faced having the whip withdrawn

27 February 2019

spotSocialist change, not climate change!

Young people realise that capitalist hoarding and reckless disregard for the planet can't last

27 February 2019

spotHonda closure threatened

Corbyn must pledge nationalisation to save jobs - which would transform the fight at Honda

27 February 2019

spotTory education 'reforms'

The recent indicative strike ballot by the National Education Union should prepare the ground for a serious confrontation with the government

27 February 2019

spotUS: "Launch a mass, working-class fightback"

Seattle Socialist councillor Kshama Sawant: Working-class people need our own party, independent of corporate money and power, that fights alongside us rather than against us

27 February 2019

spotArt exhibition: 'Unobtania' by Peter Robson

"Imaginative and powerful"

27 February 2019

spotNon-fiction: 'Unhealthy Profits: PFI in the NHS'

This is a useful book for any trade unionist fighting the consequences of their own local PFI scheme

27 February 2019

spotNottingham Labour Corbyn rally

This is no time for timidity - but there was no call from the platform for mandatory reselection to boot out the rest of the Blairites

28 February 2019

spotChris Williamson suspension: No more succumbing to the Blairite saboteurs!

The Tory PM demanded that Labour take action against the left-wing Labour MP, and hours later Labour's leadership shamefully obliged

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