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1 July 2015

spotUnion plans transport shutdowns

Transport union RMT prepared for London shutdowns and First Great Western railway strikes at its AGM

1 July 2015

spotTerrorist attacks: working class people pay the price

The cold-blooded slaughter of tourists in Tunisia was carried out in the run-up to the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 terrorist bombings in London.

1 July 2015

spotBritain's biggest union to discuss leaving Labour

Britain's largest trade union, Unite, will discuss making major changes to political strategy at its four-yearly 'rules conference' on 6 to 10 July.

1 July 2015

spotScotland ferry 'lifeline' sell-off strike

West Scotland ferry workers struck on 25 June against privatisation and cuts to jobs, pay and pensions on their "lifeline" routes.

1 July 2015

spotPride: we need politics, not just a parade

Today's Pride, sponsored by Barclays, Boris Johnson, Asda etc, focuses on the commercial and personal, not the political

1 July 2015

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles.

1 July 2015

spotOsborne's budget cuts will devastate low-income households

The Tory chancellor's budget of 12 billion extra welfare spending cuts will have a terrible impact on low-income households.

1 July 2015

spotSeverely disabled funding hit by Tories

Disability rights campaigners, furious at the government's spending cuts, took their protest into the House of Commons on 24 June during Prime Minister's Questions. They were stopped from entering the chamber by police.

1 July 2015

spotThe corporate welfare state

Chancellor Osborne's savage attack on welfare benefits has been accompanied by accusing low-income families of a 'something-for-nothing' culture. But how then does the government explain the 'corporate welfare bill'?

1 July 2015

spotGovernment reneges on rail modernisation pledge

Last week transport secretary Patrick Mcloughlin announced that Network Rail's 38.5 billion modernisation plan for Britain's railways has been postponed. This underscores the government's intentions of yet more savage cuts in public spending.

1 July 2015

spotVictory for anti-fracking movement

Anti-fracking campaigners were celebrating after Lancashire County Council on 29 June voted down a planning application to extract shale gas - 'fracking' - at Little Plumpton, between Preston and Blackpool.

1 July 2015

spotThem & Us

Short dispatches on the utter hypocrisy of the bosses and their politicians.

1 July 2015

spotEscalate strikes to fight council's 90% sell-off

On the back of their shock general election win, the Tories think they are untouchable. In one borough in south-east London, they plan to outsource more than 90% of staff.

1 July 2015

spotWarrington TUSC councillor slams 'undemocratic' Labour administration

The Labour administration at Warrington Council has tried to stifle democratic debate.

1 July 2015

spotVictory against disabled transport cuts in Derby

Derby City Labour council has scrapped plans to change the school transport arrangements for children with special needs.

1 July 2015

spot9,000 tuition fees legacy - debt and slave labour

Students graduating from university this year will be the first generation that faced 9,000 a year tuition fees over their three years. The Socialist Party campaigns for all fees to be scrapped.

1 July 2015

spotBlock Osborne's Billionaire Budget

The Tory chancellor's new spending cuts will hit young people hard. Join young activists in towns and cities across the country to protest on 8 July!

1 July 2015

spotShirebrook: united campaign against danger of division

A stabbing of a man walking his dog in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, the second in a month, has increased tensions in the ex-mining town.

1 July 2015

spotTen years since the London 7/7 bombings

7/7, in 2005: In rush hour traffic, suicide bombers attacked London tube trains and a bus. Now, the Tories will try to use the memory to justify proposed anti-democratic legislation

1 July 2015

spotHow to fight the anti-union laws

Britain's anti-union laws, already among the most restrictive in Europe, are set to get even harsher. Unions must be ready to defy them - and to call a general strike in defence of any union punished for doing so

2 July 2015

spotStriking Greek worker speaking at Saturday's NSSN event

A striking worker from Athens who has been sacked by Vodafone is speaking in London just a day before the planned Greek referendum

6 July 2015

spotNSSN conference calls on trade union leaders to take the necessary action

An action statement and model motion were agreed by hundreds of workplace reps who attended the National Shop Stewards Network 9th annual conference on 4th July

7 July 2015

spotGreece: Mighty class-based 'NO' shakes bosses' EU

Sunday's referendum saw the Greek working class give a powerful reply to the attempts of the Troika to blackmail them into accepting more austerity in order to stay in the eurozone.

8 July 2015

spotHospital porters mop up in NHS pay battle triumph

After over 3 months of all-out action, 117 hospital porters in Dundee have won higher pay, more jobs, and cash for lost income

8 July 2015

spotTV review: Picasso - Portillo's peculiar perspective

Ian Pattison reviews Portillo on Picasso, an episode from the ITV series Perspectives.

8 July 2015

spotWhy I joined: 'the Socialist Party has given me political confidence'

The Socialist Party has given me the political confidence to back up my activism from the past, and to now look forward to contributing to a democratic socialist revolution.

8 July 2015

spotSocialist Party LGBT group plans fightback against attacks and austerity

The new budget has ushered in sweeping attacks on the working class as a whole in Britain but also disproportionally affects the LGBT community.

8 July 2015

spotBitter fight to save Bitterne walk-in centre continues

Bosses have now confirmed the Socialist Party's warning - and propose complete closure of Southampton's Bitterne walk-in centre.

8 July 2015

spotEducation under attack! Reports from the front line of the fightback

Teachers take action against education cuts in Salford, Leeds, Bradford, Swansea, Sussex and Stafford.

8 July 2015

spotScotland and North-West England hold TUSC conferences

Trade unionists and anti-cuts activists in Scotland and North-West England held conferences to plan work with the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

8 July 2015

spotNSSN conference 2015: "We could stop austerity in its tracks"

Militant trade unionists from across the country gave inspiring accounts of strikes and struggles against austerity. Britain needs a 24-hour general strike.

8 July 2015

spotJanner case: more establishment child abuse cover-ups

The news that allegations of child sexual abuse committed by Lord Greville Janner are to be heard in court is to be welcomed.

8 July 2015

spotMigrants flee horrors created by capitalism

For the rich there are very few obstacles to migrating to Britain. It is altogether another story for the majority of those currently fleeing war, dictatorship and conflict in the Middle East and Africa.

8 July 2015

spotCuts for us, handouts for rich

Wednesday 8 July will be remembered as a day of horror for millions of households across Britain. 12 billion welfare cuts will mean many families having thousands of pounds cut from their income every year.

8 July 2015

spotStop hammering low-paid - 10 an hour now!

"David Cameron claims that he wants a high wage, low tax economy. If that's the case, he has a funny way of showing it," writes bakers' union BFAWU president Ian Hodson.

8 July 2015

spotLow-income tenants face rent hikes

The Tory government intends to slash housing benefit (HB) for low income households.

8 July 2015

spotESA under the cosh

The Tories intend to slash Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) by almost 30 a week. ESA, which replaced incapacity benefit in 2008, is paid to disabled people or those too ill to work who have extra needs.

8 July 2015

spotTerrorism and classroom spying

The Tunisian massacre of tourists has led, unfortunately, to a knee-jerk reaction from the Tory government to try and stop 'the radicalisation of young Muslims'.

8 July 2015

spotThem & Us

Short dispatches on the utter hypocrisy of the bosses and their politicians.

8 July 2015

spotTube union: why we're striking

Transport workers on London Underground were preparing to shut down the capital on 8 and 9 July. Members of all tube unions - RMT, Aslef, TSSA and Unite - will strike together for the first time in years.

8 July 2015

spotYorkshire firefighters demonstrate against crew cuts

Firefighters and supporters demonstrated in Easingwold, Yorkshire on 24 June against 1.3 million cuts, which will impact jobs and response times.

8 July 2015

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles.

8 July 2015

spotBritain's biggest union could reconsider funding Labour after leadership elections

As we go to press, members of general union Unite are considering major political changes. Although the leadership headed off calls to leave Labour, it promised a new conference if the situation changes.

8 July 2015

spotFightback essential following Osborne's hatchet budget

For the Tory ministers in their ivory towers the plight of working class people is off their radar

9 July 2015

spotLondon tube halted by strength of four unions

Tube workers in all four of their unions stopped the network

9 July 2015

spotYFJ plans 'occupy style' protest - 11th July

Young campaigners brand Osborne's budget a war on youth and have planned an 'occupy style' protest

9 July 2015

spotAngry protests and solidarity

Four disabled activists were arrested on budget day as protesters were manhandled by police

9 July 2015

spotYouth Fight Austerity budget day protests

Youth Fight Austerity protested around the country on 8th July against the Tory budget

9 July 2015

spotStriking against detrimental changes

Swansea may be the end of the line for FGW passengers but RMT staff won't let it be the end of the line for their jobs and conditions

11 July 2015

spotGreece: Tsipras crosses the Rubicon

Xekinima (CWI Greece) on the march

Xekinima on the march

On 13 July Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras reached a deal with Eurozone leaders, securing a third bailout in return for pledging to implement huge austerity. Yet Syriza was elected on an anti-austerity platform

14 July 2015

spotCollege e-learning mustn't replace teachers

Staff and students at Salford City College have been mobilising against job losses

14 July 2015

spotProbation workers strike for 2 hours

On Tuesday 14th July Unison members in the probation service took two hours of strike action over pay

15 July 2015

spotNational Gallery walkouts continue

The National Gallery will be hit by a summer of strikes if senior managers and trustees refuse to return to negotiations to avoid privatisation, the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) says

15 July 2015

spotSocialists and the EU referendum

With the long run-up to a referendum on Britain's EU membership underway, and as Greece's stand-off with the EU institutions reaches a new stage, Clive Heemskerk looks at how socialists should approach the in-or-out EU debate

15 July 2015

spotNSSN calls for action against vicious new anti-union laws

The strikes on London Underground and FGW were a tremendous demonstration of what the unions can do

15 July 2015

spotReverse social care sell-offs

As people live longer, more and more are likely to need care services when they get older, writes Jean Thorpe, Nottingham Socialist Party.

15 July 2015

spotLiving wage lie

When Iain Duncan Smith cheers the budget speech, we know it's bad news for working class people. Their headline promise of a new 'living wage' is no such thing.

15 July 2015

spotOsborne attacks youth... we take to the streets!

The budget saw vicious attacks on huge sections of society. But one group particularly hard hit was young people. Read reports of protests as we hit the streets to fight back.

15 July 2015

spotOrphan Black - refreshing take on sci-fi story

TV review: Orphan Black is brilliantly written television. It's a refreshing, intelligent, feminist take on the sci-fi genre.

15 July 2015

spotRecord attendance at Durham Miners' Gala

A record number of around 150,000 people attended this year's Durham Miners' gala.

15 July 2015

spot200 march against closure of Longton Cottage Hospital

Bosses are planning to slose Longton Cottage hospital in Stoke. 200 workers and community supporters marched against the plans.

15 July 2015

spotRoad accident highlights need to save school crossings

On the same day as Save Derbyshire School Crossing Campaigners put questions about cuts to a meeting at Derbyshire County Council, a Lollypop Lady at their local school in Chesterfield was hit by a car.

15 July 2015

spotThe Marikana report - a whitewash

In August 2012, 34 striking miners were shot dead by South African police. Not unexpectedly, the newly released report completely exonerates the government.

15 July 2015

spotInternational news in brief

Short stories on workers' struggles around the world.

15 July 2015

spotBiggest union clings to Labour, but considers law-busting strikes

The leadership of general union Unite won a stay of execution for the Labour link, but lost on other proposals. Conference also approved the union's right to take action outside the law, and political autonomy for Scottish members.

15 July 2015

spotTransport workers shut down tube and railway

Workers on London Underground and First Great Western railway caused widespread transport shutdowns to fight attacks on jobs, pay and conditions.

15 July 2015

spotLabour council axes union facility time

Coventry council, a Labour-controlled authority, is planning draconian cuts to facility time - union reps' time for trade union duties.

15 July 2015

spotCardiff teachers strike against 'death wish' workload

Teachers at Fitzalan High School in Cardiff struck on 9 July against new timetables. The dispute could be a test case for the council's attempts to force more from workers.

15 July 2015

spot2005: Jean Charles de Menezes shooting

On 22 July 2005 an innocent man was brutally shot to death by police at Stockwell tube station in south London. Ten years later and his family, and the Socialist Party, are still fighting for justice.

15 July 2015

spotLabour's austerity 'me too-ism' continues

The Tories have lined up stinging attacks on the working class in their latest budget. But Labour leader Harriet Harman stepped forward and said 'me too' on behalf of her party.

15 July 2015

spotBromley Unite members stop council tax bailiffs

On 13 July around 30 activists from the Unite trade union and local residents in Bromley, south London, stopped bailiffs evicting Paul Rooney and his 14 year-old daughter Roisin.

15 July 2015

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles.

15 July 2015

spotThem & Us

Short dispatches on the utter hypocrisy of the bosses and their politicians.

15 July 2015

spotEU revenge against Greek workers

In effect, Greece will come under the neo-colonial rule of the EU and Germany, its strongest economy. EU officials will dictate policy and expect the Greek parliament to rubber stamp draconian austerity measures.

17 July 2015

spotKill the bill! Stop the new Tory anti-union laws

The gloves are well and truly off. The Tories have unveiled their Trade Union Bill, which is far more vicious than first trailed

17 July 2015

spotSupport for Corbyn's anti-austerity message rattles Labour machine

Jeremy Corbyn, photo David Hunt, Wikimedia Commons

"Jeremy Corbyn 'on course to come top' in the Labour leadership election" declared the New Statesman on 15 July, 2015

22 July 2015

spotDemo of protest and anger at Suruc attack

In London an emergency demo took place following the shocking news of the killing of 30 SGDF activists in Turkey

23 July 2015

spotLincoln: Anti-fascist rally a success

A rally against racism went ahead successfully after it was targeted by far-right supporters yesterday evening

23 July 2015

spotAnger at the "Labstainers" - Labour's lack of opposition to attack on welfare

The Tories launched another vile attack on the working class, with the Welfare Reform and Work Bill.

23 July 2015

spotDetermined mood to defend the unions

Trade unions gathered in Tolpuddle to celebrate the founding of the union movement

27 July 2015

spotBlairites' terror at popularity of left-wing ideas

A Socialist Party press release: Right wing Labour backbencher John Mann has called for the Labour leadership contest to be halted as the Labour Party is supposedly being infiltrated by 'Militant Tendency types'

28 July 2015

spotCorbyn's support shows anti-austerity message is popular

Placard on the 20 June anti-austerity demo, photo by Judy Beishon

Panic is gripping the right-wing clique that dominates the Labour Party, at the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn becoming the Labour leader

28 July 2015

spotMirror and Metro report view of "exhausted nurse"

Jacqui Berry, a TUSC candidate in Kent in the May 2015 elections and a member of the Socialist Party, expressed her view on YouTube of the government's attacks on the NHS

28 July 2015

spotMedia coverage of Socialist Party's statement on Corbyn

A number of national newspapers have reported (selectively, with various interpretations) on a Socialist Party press release sent out yesterday

29 July 2015

spotKids go hungry in Tory Britain

Build the fightback against austerity: It's the start of the summer holidays; a time when families expect to take a deserved break and enjoy themselves

29 July 2015

spotAusterity measures cut social care provision

Millionaire health minister Jeremy Hunt has reneged on the Tories' election promise to cap social care costs for over 65s, writes Simon Carter.

29 July 2015

spotThem & Us

20%: Disgracefully, only 48 of Labour's 232 MPs voted against Tory welfare cuts in Osborne's latest austerity budget

29 July 2015

spotWales: Stop the Bedroom Tax evictions!

A vulnerable family became the first people evicted in Wales as a result of the bedroom tax.

29 July 2015

spotTurkey: only workers' unity can end terrorism, division and war

On 20 July, 32 young people, members of the Socialist Federation of Youth Associations, in the South East Turkish town of Suruc, were horrifically killed by a suicide bombing most likely carried out by ISIS terrorists, writes Paula Mitchell.

29 July 2015

spotTurmoil in Greece will be repeated across Europe

'Sharp turns, sudden and abrupt changes in the situation' is a phrase we used in the past, but it characterises the period which Greece has entered today, and the rest of Europe will experience tomorrow

29 July 2015

spotThe menopause: breaking the taboo

An issue for all workers and their trade unions: The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has issued guidance to GPs and health professionals about how to treat and support women experiencing the menopause - and it's about time too!

29 July 2015

spotCoal closure costs 700 jobs

There is a storm brewing in Castleford.The local Yorkshire landscape is dominated by industrial structures, writes Malik J Rofidi, Selby Socialist Party.

29 July 2015

spotWorkplace news in brief

National Gallery: Guest services staff at London's National Gallery are escalating their strike campaign against privatisation

29 July 2015

spotCampaigns news in brief

TUSC increases vote: Grimsby Socialist Party members are "well pleased" with Dave Mitchell's vote for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in the Croft Baker ward by-election for North East Lincolnshire council held on 23 July

29 July 2015

spotHelp fund the party that fights austerity!

The Socialist Party is in the news! The Blairites in the Labour Party are panicking at the growing surge behind Jeremy Corbyn's candidacy; they don't understand that it is linked to the failure of Labour

29 July 2015

spotNottingham rehab unit campaign

The majority of service users, carers and staff attending a consultation meeting rejected Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust's proposal to close a rehabilitation unit, writes Cathy Meadows, Nottingham Socialist Party.

29 July 2015

spotAnti-austerity protests from Northumberland to the 'English Riviera'

Hexham: A 200 strong anti-austerity walk on the 18 July in Torbay, South Devon, was organised by local group Torbay3Towns

29 July 2015

spotBack tube strikes

All four London Underground unions are planning a new shutdown of the tube network on 5-6 August, writes John Reid, RMT executive member.

29 July 2015

spot'Prevent'ing terror or preventing opposition?

On the last day of term at my school, a staff training session told us how the government expects us to teach "British values'' to the kids, writes Dylan Murphy

29 July 2015

spotStriking homelessness workers win

After 17 weeks of all-out strike, homelessness caseworkers in Glasgow have won their central demand against the city's council

29 July 2015

spotTory cuts and attacks on unions imperil workers

16 year old Cameron Minshull was killed by the lathe he worked on

31 July 2015

spotBook your ticket for Socialism 2015!

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