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5 June 2019

spotTories deny dire poverty ...look around you! Boot out the Tories

"I reject the idea that there are vast numbers of people facing dire poverty in this country." Those were the unbelievable words of Tory chancellor Philip Hammond.

5 June 2019

spotReverse the GP cuts

7,000 GP vacancies are expected in the UK by 2024. Chronic underfunding is causing doctors to resign, without prospects of replacing them.

5 June 2019

spotTheresa May admits tuition fees system is broken - but plans new attacks on students

Theresa May has admitted that her and the Tories got it wrong on tuition fees and higher education funding.

5 June 2019

spotLaughable research denies low-pay scandal

That's how many young adults will have felt when, sat in their bedsits, back living in childhood bedrooms, or sitting in their single rented room in a shared house, they read that actually they are benefiting from better pay according to the Resolution Foundation.

5 June 2019

spotThem & Us

It's one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us.

5 June 2019

spotNationalise the threatened Glasgow 'Caley' railway depot

Skilled jobs are going and more are threatened with the possible closure of the St Rollox 'Caley' historic railway yard in Glasgow. Owner Gemini is now issuing compulsory redundancies.

5 June 2019

spotSexual harassment of LGBT+ workers shows need for unions to fight

68% of LGBT+ people have faced sexual harassment at work, finds a recent report from the Trade Union Congress. Of these, two in three did not report it to their employers. A quarter of those chose not to for fear of being outed.

5 June 2019

spotUniversal Credit workers' strike

Benefit processing workers in Walsall and Wolverhampton have been leading the way in the fightback against Universal Credit.

5 June 2019

spotIndia: Modi victory underlines need for real socialist fightback

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and his party have scored a second general election victory.

5 June 2019

spotCounter-revolution in Sudan

On 4 June 2019, the day of the 30th anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre, counter-revolutionary forces allied to the ruling regime in Sudan launched a violent attack on the two month-long mass opposition occupation outside the military barracks in Khartoum.

5 June 2019

spot70 years since the publication of Nineteen Eighty-Four: "But if there was hope, it lay in the proles"

George Orwell's last and most famous novel is still the go-to source, 70 years on, for anti-authoritarian imagery. But the socialist author's 1949 dystopian masterpiece is also widely misrepresented.

5 June 2019

spotSouth Yorkshire: No to fire service cuts!

South Yorkshire Fire Brigade Union (FBU) members will be lobbying Sheffield City Council meeting outside the Town Hall at 12.30pm on Wednesday 12 June.

5 June 2019

spotProtesters condemn Tory candidate

Around 20 people gathered outside the Brown Cow pub in Bingley on 30 May, where former Department for Work and Pensions minister Ester McVey was launching her Tory premiership campaign tour.

5 June 2019

spotStep forward for campaign to reverse mobility pass cuts in Nottingham

On 20 May members of the Reverse Mobility Pass Cuts campaign, including the Socialist Party, lobbied the first meeting of the new Nottingham Labour Council. 50 councillors out of 55 are Labour.

5 June 2019

spotLS26 campaign lobbies council to save their homes

"Leeds City Council hear us say, vote to save our homes today" was the chant that rang out from the tenants of Sugar Hill Close and Wordsworth Drive in Boulton, Leeds

5 June 2019

spotNeglected Newham tenants demand action

For decades, repairs on the homes on the Lawrence Street estate in Canning Town, east London, have been neglected. These homes have also been under threat of demolition. 30 residents met on 30 May to discuss their problems.

5 June 2019

spotCorbyn must go on the offensive against the Labour right

The Tory party is consumed by a leadership contest that is revealing the fissures along which it could tear itself apart.

5 June 2019

spotThe Tiananmen Square massacre - 30 years on

China's present defence minister has maintained that the crackdown 30 years ago in Beijing was absolutely justified.

5 June 2019

spotWorcester libraries campaign victory

Money has been found to secure the future of St John's and Warndon libraries in Worcester.

5 June 2019

spotProtest against Send education funding cuts

Particularly powerful were the children who spoke and demanded a decent education for them and their siblings.

5 June 2019

spotTens of thousands march

People marched from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street to protest against Trump's visit to Britain

5 June 2019

spotUCU conference 2019: Preparing for struggle

The University and College Union (UCU) conference 2019 took place 25-27 May, at a important time for our union.

5 June 2019

spotWelsh train fleet workers' victory

Train fleet maintenance workers in the RMT transport union are celebrating in South Wales after scoring what looks like a complete victory without having to fire a shot.

5 June 2019

spotStrike together to kick out the Tories!

This year's NSSN conference takes place as the Tory crisis reaches a new stage

6 June 2019

spotFord closure announcement must be met with united response of defiance

The closure of the Bridgend engine plant is to be closed after nearly 40 years of production.

6 June 2019

spotStagecoach strike - bus workers show how it's done

Preston and Chorley's Stagecoach bus workers are demanding an extra 50p an hour

10 June 2019

spotFire tears through flats - cladding off now!

This blaze should never have happened. Grenfell was a stark warning that the drive for profit in the housing sector is putting people's lives at risk.

12 June 2019

spotTory drug hypocrisy

Michael Gove's Tory leadership campaign was tripping to catch up after he admitted taking cocaine on several occasions while working as a journalist

12 June 2019

spotSouth Western Railway guards to strike again

Talks between the RMT transport union and South Western Railway (SWR) at conciliation services Acas have failed to achieve an acceptable agreement.

12 June 2019

spotWidespread condemnation of horrifying, violent, homophobic assaults

Two lesbian women were subjected to a horrifying, violent, homophobic assault on a London night bus on 30 May.

12 June 2019

spotTerrible child murders linked to cuts

The terrible murders of two young children in Northamptonshire have been published in reports called 'serious case reviews'.

12 June 2019

spotSudan: Military crackdown to break revolution

A violent counterrevolutionary offensive is underway in Sudan. Health officials say hundreds of civilians have been killed and wounded by the Rapid Support Forces - the militia operated by the ruling military clique.

12 June 2019

spotNigeria: Stop police harassment of Abbey and Azeez!

Abiodun Bamigboye (Abbey Trotsky) - a member of the Socialist Party's sister organisation in Nigeria, the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) - has been arrested by Nigerian police again and again and again.

12 June 2019

spotGrenfell two years on - Still fighting for safety and justice

Two years ago, on 14 June 2017, 72 people perished in the Grenfell Tower fire in west London.

12 June 2019

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Letters to the Socialist's editors.

12 June 2019

spotD-Day for fighting Trump attack on NHS

There was anger amongst trade unionists and young people to Trump's hypocritical visit to take part in D-Day commemorations in Portsmouth on Wednesday, with over 300 turning out to a lunchtime rally in the Guildhall Square.

12 June 2019

spotEdmonton joins Enfield North Labour in supporting 'no cuts' fightback strategy

Edmonton Constituency has become the second Enfield Labour Party to pass a resolution opposing all cuts, calling for 'no-cuts' budgets using reserves and for launching a mass campaign.

12 June 2019

spotSave Essex libraries protest

Over 600 people marched through Chelmsford on 8 June in protest at Tory-run Essex County Council's plan to shut 25 out of its 74 libraries.

12 June 2019

spotTV Review: Chernobyl - Workers' heroism vs sclerotic Stalinism

This five-part docudrama focuses on the disaster in 1986 that took place at the Chernobyl (now part of Ukraine) nuclear facility in the Soviet Union.

12 June 2019

spotFight the closures save every job!

Every week seems to bring a new story of factory closure; another chapter in the destruction of British manufacturing.

12 June 2019

spotSocialist Party members make big impact at trades council conference

Socialist Party members made a big impact as delegates at the TUC's trade union councils' congress 8-9 June in Bournemouth.

12 June 2019

spotSouthampton hospital workers win

Security staff at Southampton General Hospital, who have been attacked in the A&E department, have voted to accept a new offer covering pay, sick pay and new protective equipment.

12 June 2019

spotPrivacy statement

The Socialist Party website is committed to protecting your privacy. You can travel through our site without giving us any information about yourself. However if you request a service, such as to join

12 June 2019

spotNationalise Ford to prevent closure

The announcement that Ford Bridgend is to close is the latest in a series of blows to manufacturing workers.

12 June 2019

spotScottish airport strikes - fight for better pay and pensions

Hundreds of Unite trade union members at Glasgow and Aberdeen airports are striking to defend pensions and for better pay.

12 June 2019

spotSocialists in Unison hold positions in elections

28 socialists who are supporters of broad left group Unison Action have been re-elected to the national executive committee of public sector union Unison maintaining its position on the 67-strong committee.

12 June 2019

spotSouthern Ireland elections

For media commentators and pundits the big story of the local and European Union elections in Southern Ireland was the surge in support for the Green Party.

19 June 2019

spotWelsh government must block NHS privatisation or face workers' action

Two Welsh health boards have announced plans to privatise their hospital pharmacies, writes Beth Webster, nurse.

19 June 2019

spotCouncil cuts continue while reserves rise

Local authorities in England are sitting on almost 22 billion of financial reserves, 5 billion more than the year before, the Sunday Times reports, writes Dave Walsh, Liverpool council worker and Unite member.

19 June 2019

spotCancer stats reveal deep inequality

"This year, more than 300,000 people in England will receive the life-changing diagnosis of cancer. And the number of people living with cancer is predicted to rise by 3.2% each year, writes Jon Dale, secretary, Unite Notts NHS branch.

19 June 2019

spotThem & Us

Move along: In a blow to the supposed benefits of privatisation, research by the Office for National Statistics shows that public sector workers are more likely to stay in their jobs

19 June 2019

spotWhat way forward to tackle climate change?

Around 50 people attended the recent Nottingham launch of 'This Is Not A Drill', the new handbook about challenging climate change by Extinction Rebellion (XR) which contains 'everything you need to know about' how 'to be radical', 'rise up' and 'rebel', writes Clare Wilkins, Nottingham Socialist Party.

19 June 2019

spotSchools unions must turn anger into a fight against funding catastrophe

The catastrophe facing schools cannot be exaggerated. Schools in England have lost out on 5.4 billion in Tory funding cuts since 2015, writes Nick Chaffey, Southern Socialist Party secretary.

19 June 2019

spotUnite must be at the head of fighting for a general election and against council cuts

General union Unite's rules conference takes place on 24-28 June with the Tories in meltdown. Unite has correctly called on Jeremy Corbyn to resist attempts to commit Labour to a second EU referendum

19 June 2019

spotTrade union action can end low pay

Five million workers in Britain (over one in six) are stuck in low-paid and insecure work, writes Ruth Byrne, catering worker.

19 June 2019

spotFord Bridgend workers vote to fight to save threatened plant

Following a series of mass meetings on 12 June, Unite members at the Ford plant in Bridgend decided overwhelmingly to fight the closure of the engine factory, writes Alex Wedlake, Unite Young Members national committee (personal capacity).

19 June 2019

spotBluestar bus drivers' strike over pay

Bus drivers at Bluestar in Southampton were out in force at Totton and Eastleigh bus depots on 18 June, angry at their pay and working conditions, writes Southampton Socialist Party.

19 June 2019

spotEast London bin workers call 12-day strike over wage grades

Bin workers in Newham, east London could have lost over 20,000 each over the last decade

19 June 2019

spotSwansea Parcelforce workers picket depot in support of victimised rep

Communication Workers Union (CWU) members at courier company Parcelforce set up a picket line on 12 June outside their Swansea depot, writes Alec Thraves, Swansea Socialist Party and vice president, Swansea Trade Union Council.

19 June 2019

spotHarrogate academy workers strike against closure

A lively picket of staff at Harrogate's Grove Academy, a unit educating vulnerable secondary school pupils, took place on Thursday 13 June despite the pouring rain, writes Kevin Pattison, Leeds Socialist Party.

19 June 2019

spotOrgreave injustice - 35th anniversary march and rally

The 35th anniversary of the "Battle of Orgreave" was marked on Saturday 15 June with the biggest turnout yet of around 500 demonstrators, on what has become an annual march for "Truth and Justice", writes Alistair Tice, Yorkshire Socialist Party secretary.

19 June 2019

spotOppose big business's sphere of influence!

A Trump backer plans to build a sphere - as tall as Big Ben and as wide as the Millennium Dome - in Newham, east London, writes Ian Pattison, East London Socialist Party.

19 June 2019

spotYoung Socialists - re-establishing Rhondda's fighting traditions

"What's important," Sophie, year eight, told our Rhondda Young Socialists meeting, "is to tell people how socialists like us are coming together to target capitalism and its politicians.", writes Sasha O'Neil.

19 June 2019

spotNorth Shields: second march and rally to #SaveOurBridge

On the afternoon of 15 June, around 25 people again marched through North Shields town centre to save a much-loved and important pedestrian bridge, writes William Jarrett, North Tyneside Socialist Party.

19 June 2019

spotNewton Abbot says no to Tory privatisation of the NHS!

With the local and European elections over, the streets of Newton Abbot, Devon, were clear of political parties campaigning just for people's votes, writes Richard Worth, Torbay and South Devon Socialist Party.

19 June 2019

spotWorcester: Building on our successful library campaign

Worcester Socialist Party did another door-to-door paper sale on the back of the article of our success in the St John's library campaign (see, writes Ruthie McNally, Worcester Socialist Party.

19 June 2019

spotDefend free TV licences for over-75s!

The sheer hypocrisy of this Tory government, with candidates fighting like rats in a sack for the leadership, is exposed further by its demand that the BBC rethink its plan to scrap free television licences for over-75s, writes Keith Dickinson, West London Socialist Party.

19 June 2019

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Do you have something to say?: Send your news, views and criticism in not more than 150 words to Socialist Postbox, PO Box 24697, London E11 1YD, phone 020 8988 8771 or email [email protected]

19 June 2019

spotWhile Tories elect new leader - prepare action to remove the lot of them

Anti-Trump protester, London, 4.6.19, photo Judy Beishon

By the end of the week votes by Tory MPs will reduce the field of leadership candidates to two

19 June 2019

spotAngry residents' meeting demands answers and action following fire

The fury poured out, demanding answers and action

19 June 2019

spotStop climate change - fight for socialist change

In recent months tens of thousands of students have walked out of schools

19 June 2019

spotSouth Western Railway staff strike for safety

RMT members on South Western Railway are taking five days of industrial action

19 June 2019

spotChinese regime's puppet government in Hong Kong pushed back by mass protests

The mass protest movement forced a humiliating climbdown by the pro-Beijing executive

19 June 2019

spotSudan: The revolution under threat

Mass protests against the former dictator began in December 2018. He was removed by the Transitional Military Council to try to contain the developing revolutionary movement.

26 June 2019

spotNo to Boris, No to Hunt: General Election now

We need a general election, not a no-choice coronation of Boris or Hunt.

26 June 2019

spotCharging scandal in Warrington and Halton NHS Trust

The trust recently announced that 71 elective treatments would no longer be available free to patients

26 June 2019

spotUnion action can tackle 58% working poverty rate

Almost two-fifths of those in poverty in the UK are also in work

26 June 2019

spotThem & Us

It's one world for the super-rich and another for the rest of us.

26 June 2019

spotRatcheting up of Iran-US tensions

Neither imperialism nor regional powers offer a way forward for Middle East workers and poor

26 June 2019

spotSudan solidarity protests

London demo applauds call for a democratic, socialist Sudan; no trust in imperialist powers in Leeds

26 June 2019

spotUnions and campaigners discuss fight to end education crisis

Loud applause for Jo Grady, newly elected general secretary of the University and College Union, calling for national coordinated strikes to stop education cuts, shows what is needed

26 June 2019

spotStriking workers defy the race to the bottom at Glasgow and Aberdeen airports

The strikes for pay and pensions justice at Glasgow and Aberdeen airports are a fight for every trade unionist and worker in Scotland and beyond

26 June 2019

spotUnison conference: Socialist Party members call for anti-cuts fight and build left challenge

Despite the right-wing leadership's stunts, the union's call for a general election was saved and 200 attended the campaign meeting for a fighting, democratic Unison

26 June 2019

spotSalisbury South Western Rail strikers determined

RMT transport union guards striking on South Western Rail are determined to carry on the fight to keep the guards

26 June 2019

spotMidlands mental health workers walk out against privatisation

"If this goes through, things will never be the same again. It's the beginning of the end," said one Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust picket

26 June 2019

spotNotts college contract dispute

More than 80 teachers would be 1,000 worse off in addition to increased teaching hours, removal of workload protections, and cuts in holiday and sick pay

26 June 2019

spotLancashire Stagecoach drivers continue their fight

Drivers and supporters gathered at Preston bus station for the ninth day of strike action

26 June 2019

spotColloids workers strike to support sacked rep

Over 150 Colloids workers turned out for the fifth consecutive week for an organised day of action and mass support in the dispute with Colloids in Kirkby over the sacking of Unite the Union rep George Gore

26 June 2019

spotHarrogate academy workers strike against cuts

"If it hadn't been for this school I would have ended up in prison" were the words of one former student who came to support the picket line on 20 June

26 June 2019

spot35th anniversary of the Battle of Orgreave

The Great Miners' Strike 1984-85: The Battle of Orgreave on 18 June 1984 involved nearly 10,000 pickets. 4,000 police, including mounted police, attacked them

26 June 2019

spotAngry Barking fire victims demand action from landlords and authorities

Around 30 flats were destroyed - only now are the combustible balconies at other flats being stripped away by the builders

26 June 2019

spotHull trade union festival a great success

Hull Socialist Party members were central in organising a hugely successful trade union festival, 'Engage for Change', on Saturday 22 June

26 June 2019

spotStop the Devon and Somerset fire service cuts

Firefighters in Devon and Somerset have reacted with fury to swingeing cuts in which will cut the fire service 'to the bone'

26 June 2019

spotOpinion: capitalism's Fukushima showed same recklessness as Stalinism's Chernobyl

While lauding the marvellous TV series Chernobyl, the capitalist press has gleefully criticised 'socialism', and even Corbyn, for the Ukrainian nuclear disaster

26 June 2019

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist's editors. Platini's red cards, key workers' homes, heroic Eleanor Marx

26 June 2019

spotHow can we build workers' action to support the climate strikes?

The idea of a 'general strike' has caught hold among layers of activists

26 June 2019

spotNSSN meeting determined to fight for Ford workers

The meeting in Bridgend brought solidarity and support to the Ford workers

26 June 2019

spotUniversal Credit forces women into prostitution

A Tory minister has been forced to retract an official statement that there was no link between Universal Credit and people being pushed into to the sex trade to survive

26 June 2019

spotUnsafe, unaffordable housing scandal

It is a disgrace for people to be living in unsafe and dangerous housing in the fifth richest country in the world

26 June 2019

spotCome to the 2019 NSSN conference

The conference on 6 July is a fantastic opportunity to coordinate the union fightback

27 June 2019

spotBirmingham school strike for safe working environment

NASUWT teaching union members at Starbank school (Hob Moor Road site) in Birmingham took the first of two days' strike action on 27 June over poor pupil behaviour and the school's policies to deal with it.

28 June 2019

spotWhat now for Brexit?

Three years on from the EU referendum, the ruling classes of Britain and Europe have still not found a way to deal with the seismic consequences

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