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2 March 2015

spotStop the Crossrail sackings!

For the third Monday in succession, there has been a protest outside a Crossrail site

3 March 2015

spotLondon Socialist Party marks International Women's Day

Open meetings being held by some of the branches of the Socialist Party in London around the date of International Women's Day

3 March 2015

spotThe Green Party has no answers

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, has had a difficult time lately

4 March 2015

spotHousing crisis: Build Homes - Cap Rents

Waltham Forest TUSC campaigners call for rent control, photo Waltham Forest TUSC

We all need a roof over our heads. However, even this basic human requirement is harder and harder to come by. We see extensive council house sell-offs, predatory private landlords, welfare cuts - and meagre government housing quotas not being met

4 March 2015


TUSC is standing in over 100 parliamentary seats and up to 1,000 council seats in May 2015

4 March 2015

spotMan of straw - is cut to size

Peter and Kay Harris were among six supporters of Militant (forerunner of the Socialist) who were witch-hunted out of Blackburn Labour Party at the behest of local MP Jack Straw back in the early 1980s

4 March 2015

spotThem & Us

Late for supper: Almost 100,000 children in poor families went hungry last year because of government cuts or sanctions imposed on their parents' benefits

4 March 2015

spotNewcastle united against far-right bigots

Socialist Party members and TUSC supporters on the Newcastle counter-demo against far-right group Pegida, photo Elaine Brunskill

Socialist Party members and TUSC supporters on the Newcastle counter-demo against far-right group Pegida, photo Elaine Brunskill

The UK franchise of far-right German anti-Muslim group Pegida organised a demonstration in Newcastle on 28 February

4 March 2015

spotMay Day greetings in the Socialist

The Socialist reports the victories that show that if you fight back you can win - from housing workers' disputes in Britain, to cleaners in Greece

4 March 2015

spotBuild the left in CWU elections

Communication Workers Union (CWU) members will shortly be electing a new general secretary as well as national and sector executives

4 March 2015

spotCampaign victory saves ten children's centres

Liverpool TUSC congratulates Save Our Sure Start Children's Centres for rescuing ten from closure. Their magnificent victory demonstrates clearly that an effective campaign can produce results

4 March 2015

spotCampaigns news in brief

Northern conference: It is clear the Socialist Party Northern region is taking important steps forward in party building

4 March 2015

spot50,000 march in Moscow after shooting of Nemtsov

The planned 'anti-crisis' march organised by Russia's liberal opposition in Moscow was turned into a political protest against terror after one of the organisers, Boris Nemtsov, leader of the Russian Republican Party, was gunned down as he was walking past the Kremlin

4 March 2015

spotForbes list gives the lie to austerity - join the Socialists!

The Forbes rich list proves there's no austerity for the super-rich, writes Sarah-Sachs Eldridge, Socialist Party national organiser.

4 March 2015

spotMore unions join Lewisham anti-academies strike

On 5 March, members of Lewisham National Union of Teachers in four schools will be on strike again, this time with the welcome addition of NASUWT and GMB union members in the schools

4 March 2015

spotWomen and new unionism: lessons for today

Women workers have been at the forefront of the fight against austerity, photo Paul Mattsson

Women workers have been at the forefront of the fight against austerity, photo Paul Mattsson

As women and men around the world celebrate International Women's Day on 8 March, women workers are bearing the brunt of austerity

4 March 2015

spotSocialist change to remedy climate change

Socialist Alternative members on the People's Climate March in New York, 21 September 2014, photo Socialist Alternative

Nationalise the giant corporations to fund millions of 'green' jobs: This week's 'It's time to act' march will see many thousands on the streets of London calling for meaningful action to combat devastating climate change

4 March 2015

spotTUSC councillors table 'no-cuts' budgets

Hull Red Labour group councillor Dean Kirk, photo Senan

Councillors in Leicester and Hull put forward anti-austerity budgets

4 March 2015

spotDonate to fight the 'grand coalition'

Election appeal 2015: "Good luck to all TUSC candidates, on to a better future" said Marcus Edwards from Llanelli, posting 50

4 March 2015

spotBrighton council stuck in budget stalemate

Green-led Brighton council's budget meeting on 26 February ended in a stalemate after five hours

5 March 2015

spotLewisham anti-academy campaign: students say no!

To step up the campaign against academies in Lewisham, students held a lunchtime protest at Prendagast school, Hilly Fields

6 March 2015

spotGMB tour against blacklisting

GMB "Crocodile Tears" protests In Bristol, Plymouth, Epsom, Cambridge, Derby and Bridgend to shame managers who blacklisted workers

9 March 2015

spotTories admit inequality - Only TUSC challenges it

Today the prime minister will admit that for families, growing inequality brings insecurity. TUSC lays the blame at the Tories' feet

9 March 2015

spot'Million Women Rise' march

'Power to the women' was the slogan of a lively, loud march through central London

11 March 2015

spotWhy we're standing for TUSC

TUSC candidate Jacqui Berry, photo Senan

Three TUSC prospective parliamentary candidates say why they're standing

11 March 2015

spotOppose tax office's 'company union'

A new 'company union' - the Revenue and Customs Trade Union (RCTU) - has been launched in HMRC, months after leaked documents showed such a move was planned as part of attacks on the socialist-led PCS civil service union

11 March 2015

spotDefend the right to protest

Dan Celardi's article (Socialist 845) showed the dangers of the Metropolitan Police's decision not to police many demonstrations in London, leaving it to campaigners to employ private companies to formulate their traffic management plans and steward road closures, writes Paula Mitchell.

11 March 2015

spot"I want my voice to be heard"

Southampton care homes protest: Residents' carers, workers and supporters gathered in Shirley precinct in Southampton on 7 March to rally support for Woodside Lodge and other day services and care homes under threat from the Labour council

11 March 2015

spotLeicester: 3 an hour wage slavery scandal

2,500 garment workers in Leicester, half the total in the city, are paid 3 an hour or less. This horrifying statistic, highlighted in a recent report, exposes sweat shop bosses who flout minimum wage

11 March 2015

spotSpied on by the state and bosses

One of the key industrial battles of the last five years has been the struggle of workers in the construction industry for trade union rights and better terms and conditions, writes Neil Cafferky.

11 March 2015

spotThem & Us

Misery heaped on misery: The Tory/Lib Dem coalition has imposed massive council spending cuts with Labour-run authorities in the poorest boroughs dutifully wielding the axe

11 March 2015

spotInternational Women's Day

Reclaim the day: International Women's Day (IWD) took place on 8 March. Socialist Party members and TUSC supporters took part in the global action around the day, bringing socialist ideas to the fight against the oppression

11 March 2015

spotTake the wealth off the 1%

Super-rich get richer... MPs to get huge pay rise: While working class people struggle to make ends meet, the wealthy continue to get increasingly rich. The combined wealth of the world's 1,826 billionaires has reached $7.05 trillion

11 March 2015

spotWomen in the frontline of fighting austerity cuts

The United Nations says it will take 70 years to close the wage gap between women and men. However, a UK government spokesperson used International Women's Day to claim the gender pay gap in Britain was "at its lowest ever"

11 March 2015

spotNorthern Ireland public sector general strike

A Northern Ireland public sector general strike, organised by Nipsa and other trade unions, is taking place on 13 March in opposition to austerity

11 March 2015

spotCamden caterers demand Living Wage

Camden caterers demand the Living Wage, March 2015, photo by Reel News

Camden caterers demand the Living Wage, March 2015, photo by Reel News

The Labour-led Camden council decided on 2 March not to implement the Camden school caterers' claim for the London Living Wage

11 March 2015

spotNHS workers reluctantly accept 1% pay rise

Unison health members in NHS England have returned a two-to-one acceptance of a 1% pay rise for 2015-16 on a low ballot turnout

11 March 2015

spotDundee hospital strike after 96% 'yes' vote

Porters at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee have begun a campaign of industrial action to win back a massive underpayment going back over a decade

11 March 2015

spotGet ready for a revamp of the Socialist!

Fortnight of action on sales and fighting fund: In the next few weeks, the Socialist is moving to a new format with an exciting new design. To celebrate, we're organising a fortnight of action

11 March 2015

spotSocialist Students leads in Leeds

Socialist Students members organised a march for free education of around 150 in Leeds on 6 March. Students and young workers were attracted from across Yorkshire

11 March 2015

spotSocialist Party general election appeal 2015

As the main parties squabble over election debates, Socialist Party members and TUSC supporters are building a real alternative to their sterile arguments over what to cut and in what order

11 March 2015

spotHow can Russell Brand's call for revolution be achieved?

photo Paul Mattsson

Everywhere you go, if there is struggle against austerity you'll probably find people talking about Russell Brand. His book Revolution describes itself as "the beginning of a conversation that will change the world"

11 March 2015

spot"It wasn't easy, but I wanted to beat Thatcher"

Former striking miners retrace their steps, 30 years to the day since they marched back to Shireoaks colliery, near Worksop. Former Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Notts miners and supporters marked the anniversary., photo J Dale

Former striking miners retrace their steps, 30 years to the day since they marched back to Shireoaks colliery, near Worksop. Former Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Notts miners and supporters marked the anniversary., photo J Dale

30 years since the end of the miners' strike: Neal Davis, member of Mansfield Socialist Party, spoke to former Shirebrook (north Derbyshire) miner Ronnie Rodgers

11 March 2015

spotTV review: Valleys Rebellion

Actor and activist Michael Sheen returned to his home town Newport in South Wales for a recent TV programme, 'Valleys Rebellion', commemorating the 175th anniversary of the 'Newport Rising'.

11 March 2015

spotEconomy: Reality doesn't match Tory rhetoric

photo Paul Mattsson

Austerity works - unemployment is falling and wages are rising: that is the pre-election mantra of the Tory Party. Of course, if it were true, millions of workers would be breathing a sigh of relief

11 March 2015

spotSave our schools!

Lewisham school workers striking against academisation, March 2015

No such thing as a 'free' school: Cameron's election campaign promises that the Tories will open hundreds of new 'free schools' in England. But when did the Tories ever give away anything free, except to their friends in big business?

13 March 2015

spotNorthern Ireland public sector strike against austerity

Tens of thousands of workers have today united in a one-day public sector strike across Northern Ireland

13 March 2015

spotRevealed: Tesco's plotting against Doncaster drivers

An email trail of memos reveals cold-hearted calculations to force through a cost-cutting project

15 March 2015

spotWhat lies behind UKIP?

In recent years, UKIP has emerged as a threat to a number of Tory but also Labour seats. Its Tory-oriented anti-immigration, anti-EU rhetoric has been adapted to a right-wing populism aimed at winning voters fed up with the political establishment.

16 March 2015

spotTories' pension swaps nothing but smoke and mirrors

In this week's budget, chancellor Osborne is set to allow existing pensioners to cash in their pensions

17 March 2015

spotSocialist Party Scotland leaves 'Solidarity'

Socialist Party Scotland has left Solidarity, a party it co-founded in 2006, following long-running political differences with party leader Tommy Sheridan

17 March 2015

spotBrazil - solidarity protests needed

Faced with lack of water for people, Sabesp cuts costs, sacks more than 500 workers and victimises trade union activists

18 March 2015

spotWhipps Cross hospital suffered cuts

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate for Walthamstow, Nancy Taaffe, responded to the announcements in the press on Whipps Cross going into 'special measures'

18 March 2015

spotPM supports wealthy bigot

Tory Prime Minister David Cameron is a big fan of the allegedly violent and notoriously bigoted presenter of BBC's Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson

18 March 2015

spotThem & Us

Callous tax: Low paid worker Carol Hall, whose disabled son died after being attacked by thugs, now faces being evicted from her family home because of the government's hated 'bedroom tax'

18 March 2015

spotA parting of the ways with Solidarity

Scotland and the fight for socialism: Extracts of a statement from Socialist Party Scotland executive committee

18 March 2015

spotSocialist Party fortnight of action 21 March - 4 April

A guide to fundraising and sales of the Socialist: Selling the Socialist and raising Fighting Fund is always at the forefront of our party branch activities, writes Val O'Flynn, Socialist Party Grimsby.

18 March 2015

spot'I can be a voice for youth and the Somali community'

Why I'm standing for TUSC: Tessa Warrington from Leicester Socialist Party interviews Mohamed Ahmed, 21, who is standing for TUSC in Wycliffe Ward in Leicester, writes Why have you decided to stand for TUSC?.

18 March 2015

spotManchester: Labour cuts hit rough sleepers

Manchester city centre is now second only to London for its number of rough sleepers. When a report came out with this damning statistic, Manchester's Labour council announced even more cuts targeted

18 March 2015

spotEssex: nine day fire control strike

Fire control operators in Essex were on strike on 7-16 March in protest against the imposition of a 12-hour shift pattern in January, writes Dave Murray.

18 March 2015

spotMidlands NSSN: Building the rank and file fightback

"It ain't getting any easier for the working class," said Kev Greenway in closing the 2015 National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) Midlands conference, writes Dave Gorton, Unite LE/372 branch (personal capacity).

18 March 2015

spotBus drivers ballot against pay robbery

Abellio London bus workers were told their 2015 pay award - 2% plus other benefits - due in January had been "suspended"

18 March 2015

spotGoing to Hull in a handbasket

Assem Allam, multi-millionaire owner of Hull City AFC, has issued eviction notices to community sporting organisations which use City's facilities, writes Eric Kelly and Phil Culshaw.

18 March 2015

spotFight gender, caste and class oppression!

Review: India's daughter: Isai Priya, a Tamil activist and Socialist Party member, reviews BBC documentary India's Daughter

18 March 2015

spotUse your vote to hit the 1%

No to austerity - TUSC banner, photo Leicester TUSC

Build the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: The general election is taking place in less than eight weeks' time, yet half of voters do not yet know who they are going to vote for, writes Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary.

18 March 2015

spotThe 1% 'walk tall' while the 99% are bowed by austerity

Hoping to gain extra votes, the chancellor has tried to sell his budget as a little relief from endless austerity, says TUSC Chair Dave Nellist

18 March 2015

spotWe need a fighting, democratic union

Unison recall conference: For only the second time in its history, the Unison union has convened a special delegate recall conference

18 March 2015

spotUkip: a party of the bosses, for the bosses

Channel 4 TV recently raised the prospect of a general election victory for Ukip in its 'mockumentary' - Ukip: The First 100 Days. An unlikely outcome this May, however, Ukip could win up to 16 MPs as the support for the traditional parties begins to crumble

18 March 2015

spotSchool students inspired by struggle

Helen Pattison interviews Luke, a sixth former fighting privately run 'academies' in Lewisham, south London, and reports from an angry school hustings in Enfield, north London

18 March 2015

spotHow can civil liberties be protected?

Paul Heron reviews 'On Liberty' by Shami Chakrabati

18 March 2015

spotCampaigns news in brief

NHS bullying: Worcestershire campaign Betrayed By Their Trust (BBTT) aims to make NHS managers accountable for abusive behaviour which is wrecking the lives and careers of workers

18 March 2015

spotSocialist Party general election appeal 2015

"I have recently retired and am donating a part of my pension lump sum. I can't think of a better cause to donate to, and wish all socialist candidates as much success as possible in the forthcoming elections."

18 March 2015

spotNorthern Ireland: Workers strike back

Friday 13 March saw tens of thousands of workers in education, health, civil services and, importantly, public transport, take part in coordinated strike action against a Stormont austerity agenda, writes Kevin Henry.

18 March 2015

spotSocialist elected to Unite executive council

Socialist Party member Suzanne Muna, secretary of the Housing Workers branch, and a United Left candidate, has been elected unopposed to represent the London and Eastern region on Unite's executive council

18 March 2015

spotCouncillors do have a choice over cuts

Just weeks from the elections, council budget cuts are hammering communities and workers

18 March 2015

spotRefuse workers strike against wages theft

Refuse workers have been forced to strike

18 March 2015

spotFight for 10 an hour now!

Helen Pattison argues for a minimum 10 an hour wage, photo Paul Mattsson

Osborne's 20p insult to low paid: A 20p an hour pay rise - so much then for the government's "giveaway" pre-election budget! What an insult to the lowest paid - a paltry rise in the minimum wage from 6.50 to 6.70 an hour, by next October.

20 March 2015

spotAnti-Blacklisting activist arrested on Crossrail protest

Blacklist Support Group secretary Dave Smith was arrested on a peaceful protest of 40 construction workers and their supporters outside the Construction News Awards in the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane on Wednesday night

20 March 2015

spotWhipps Cross and Barts NHS crisis: Cancel all PFI!

Under successive governments PFI contracts throughout the UK totalled 68 billion

23 March 2015

spotDudley no-cuts candidate calls for Tory to resign

The Tory candidate has been accused of disgracefully inflaming issues around race

25 March 2015

spotFighting against the cuts for the most vulnerable

Noreen Bailey is one of the leaders of the campaign against a criminal cut imposed by Salford's Labour Council

25 March 2015

spotAttempt to exclude TUSC from Leicester hustings

Leicester University is hosting an upcoming hustings with Labour, Tories, Greens, Ukip and the Lib Dems all represented

25 March 2015

spotTV review: Suffragettes Forever!

Katrine Williams of Cardiff Socialist Party reviews BBC TV's 'Suffragettes Forever! The Story of Women and Power'

25 March 2015

spotFighting racism, austerity and capitalism

TUSC prospective candidates on the national march against racism, photo Paul Mattsson

TUSC prospective candidates on the national march against racism, photo Paul Mattsson

Black and Asian people are at the sharp end of austerity. There has been a 50% increase in long-term unemployment for young black people since 2010

25 March 2015

spotSaving libraries: it's a page-turner!

Bristol backs books: Bristol City Council has been slammed for low school results in reading. So what does it do? It plans to close seven branch libraries, writes Sheila Caffrey.

25 March 2015

spotOsborne's total eclipse

Government's pre-election budget: "The sun is starting to shine" crowed posh boy Tory Chancellor George Osborne in last week's Budget

25 March 2015

spotTory candidate attempted to divide community

The Tory parliamentary candidate for the marginal Dudley North constituency, Afzal Amin, has been forced to quit after he was secretly filmed collaborating with the far-right racist English Defence League (EDL)

25 March 2015

spotThem & Us

Profits from illness: A Unite union report has revealed that many of the big private healthcare companies aiming to get lucrative contracts from the NHS budget operate through offshore tax havens

25 March 2015

spotIreland: Mass protest against austerity charges

Dublin came to a halt on 20 March when 80,000 people marched against the government's imposed water charges

25 March 2015

spotDefend the NHS

On 17 March it was announced that Barts Health NHS trust, the largest in the country, was being put into special measures after a report found "a culture of bullying and low-morale at Whipps Cross"

25 March 2015

spotLewisham: Marching against academies

Amid loud chants of "No ifs! No buts! Academy status sucks!" and "Parents, teachers, students say: Academies in Lewisham? No way!" around 300 protesters demonstrated through Lewisham in South London

25 March 2015

spotInspired by Bob Crow to stand for TUSC

Joseph Mambuliya is chair of the RMT London Underground cleaners grade committee, and is standing for TUSC in Barking

25 March 2015

spotSocialist Party election appeal 2015

"Good luck to you all" from Teresa Mackay, with a donation of 75, brings us almost up to 40,000 paid in

25 March 2015

spotAnti-blacklisting leader arrested at Hilton protest

Blacklist Support Group secretary Dave Smith was arrested at Hilton protest

Blacklist Support Group secretary Dave Smith was arrested at Hilton protest

Blacklist Support Group secretary Dave Smith was arrested on the peaceful protest of 40 construction workers and their supporters outside the Construction News Awards in the Hilton Hotel in central London's Park Lane

25 March 2015

spotUnite conference hears how zero-hours were beaten

Unite Women's Conference heard about the potential power of women in the workplace when Socialist Party member Sara Kasab moved the motion on zero-hour contracts

25 March 2015

spot2015 elections: Reject the austerity lies

Join the socialist fightback! The Socialist Party's central message in the 2015 elections is this: austerity is not necessary and there is an alternative - a socialist alternative

25 March 2015

spotSpecial conference votes for submission of new pay claim

The Unison local government special conference delivered a blow to the leadership

25 March 2015

spotA voice for the 99%

photo David Smith

Read the Socialist - Join the Socialist Party: When people are losing their homes because of the bedroom tax, when 93,000 children are homeless, when parents in this country have gone without food so their children could have something to eat, when cuts and privatisation in the NHS threaten people's lives..

25 March 2015

spotHow we defeated Thatcher's poll tax

photo Dave Sinclair

25 years since the poll tax battle: The battle against the so-called 'poll tax' was one of the biggest movements of working people against a modern British government. Millions refused to pay; many millions more simply could not afford to pay

25 March 2015

spotIsrael-Palestine: Likud election victory

New coalition will face chain of unresolved crises and bitter struggles

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