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2 May 2014

spotRMT turns out in strength for May Day march

Thousands marched in London to celebrate May Day and commemorate Bob Crow and Tony Benn

6 May 2014

spotStriking against Land Registry cuts

PCS members working for the Land Registry will hold a two-day strike against privatisation, job cuts and office closures on 14 and 15 May

6 May 2014

spotElection campaign press event

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition is hosting a press event on Friday 9th May

7 May 2014

spotHousing crisis: TUSC candidates demand socialist policies

Showing the huge anger that exists about the housing crisis, especially in the capital, 150 people attended a recent meeting on the issue in Leytonstone, north east London

7 May 2014

spotPfizer takeover bid

Nationalise to serve 'public interest': 'Big pharma', notorious for ripping off the public purse with overpriced, ineffective and sometimes dangerous drugs, is once again displaying its rapacious appetite for profit in the current multibillion takeover bid of US based Pfizer for UK based AstraZeneca

7 May 2014

spotThem & Us

Year zero: Tory Chancellor George Osborne fantasises about rising employment but the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show a massive rise in workers on zero-hour contracts

7 May 2014

spotBattling the cuts: when push comes to shove

A pushchair protest took place in Leicester on 30 April against cuts being made by the council to children's centres

7 May 2014

spotDefend the right to campaign

The left-of-Labour challenge put up by the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in Plymouth has received some significant press coverage, writes Tom Nally, TUSC candidate for Plympton St Mary.

7 May 2014

spotElection appeal 2014 - £4,278 raised so far

The Socialist Party is appealing for £15,000 to help finance our election campaigns for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in the council and mayoral elections and No2EU in the European elections

7 May 2014

spotNo support for zero-hour contracts

Young people fighting back: With zero-hour contracts hitting the headlines again I got a phone call from Sky News asking if I would be interviewed as I used to work on a zero-hour contract, writes Helen Pattison, Youth Fight for Jobs.

7 May 2014

spotWhy I'm standing for TUSC

The British Future thinktank recently carried out a survey which showed that 60% of young people do not plan to vote in the next general election, writes Henry Redmore, Budshead, Plymouth.

7 May 2014

spotMay Day rallies in Swansea and Ipswich

Swansea: Swansea Socialist Party members (resplendent in new Socialist Party t-shirts) joined other trade unionists for Swansea Trades Council's May Day rally

7 May 2014

spotWorkplace news in brief

Lambeth College: University and College Union (UCU) members at Lambeth college in south London were on strike on 1 May

7 May 2014

spotMore local news coverage for TUSC, but BBC downplays council elections

TUSC's campaign for the council elections taking place on 22 May picked up more coverage this week in local news media

7 May 2014

spotJoin the TUSC Thunderclap

Standing 560 TUSC candidates for the local elections is a magnificent achievement; but unfortunately it is short of the too-high requirement for a national election broadcast, writes Dave Nellist, National chair, TUSC.

7 May 2014

spotRMT forces London Underground to back down

RMT has won important changes in London Underground's proposals for job cuts and re-organisation on the tube

7 May 2014

spotCWU conference - time to build Broad Left

A motion calling for the next Labour government to renationalise Royal Mail was passed at the recent CWU annual conference

7 May 2014

spotFreedom riders on a storm

Elderly and disabled people in South Yorkshire are still catching trains and refusing to pay. We've now held five 'Freedom Ride' protests

7 May 2014

spotLeeds protest against privatisation of student loans

The government plans to sell off student loans to private companies. To show our outrage, 50 students marched around Leeds University and Leeds Metropolitan University

7 May 2014

spotCare homes abuse scandals

For-profit companies don't care: Yet another exposé into the abuse of elderly people hit the headlines. BBC's Panorama broadcast the latest in a string of shocking video evidence of direct abuse and neglect within care homes.

7 May 2014

spotSchools - Would things get better under Labour?

Teachers reading the Guardian's headline, "Labour vows to rub out Michael Gove's education reforms", hoped a miracle had happened

7 May 2014

spotPrepare for almighty battles against austerity

TUC demo 26 March 2011 - for a 24 hour General Strike now, photo Senan

Capitalism is a system in crisis. It is delivering austerity for the majority and unimaginable wealth for a few at the top. Inevitably it is increasingly being questioned, writes Hannah Sell

7 May 2014

spotFight cuts, Back strikes, Vote TUSC

Doncaster Care UK strike, Easter 2014 , photo by A Tice

Doncaster Care UK strike, Easter 2014 , photo by A Tice

On 22 May millions of working class people have the opportunity to vote in the local government elections. At the same time workers are voting or have voted for strike action to resist the attacks on their pay, pensions and working conditions

7 May 2014

spotPrivate sector rents and Labour

Labour launched its election campaign with proposals aimed at attracting private renters. There was little detail, but Ed Miliband raised a few limited measures

7 May 2014

spotWe can scrap zero-hour contracts

Labour's hollow promises not enough: The latest figures show up to 2.7 million people are employed on zero-hour contracts.

7 May 2014

spot$15: Seattle shows what a movement can achieve

Kshama Sawant on a 15 Now demonstration in Seattle, photo by Alex Garland

Kshama Sawant on a 15 Now demonstration in Seattle, photo by Alex Garland

But Kshama Sawant says "Our work is far from done": Under intense pressure from the movement for a $15 an hour minimum wage, Seattle's establishment was forced to come forward with a proposal to significantly increase the wages for 100,000 low-paid workers

8 May 2014

spotCare UK workers start 14 days of strike action

Hands went up to volunteer to join the Doncaster Care UK strike committee

8 May 2014

spotTransport for London strike

Transport for London staff are striking on Friday 9th May over attacks on their pay and pensions

9 May 2014

spotHighlighting the housing crisis in Hackney

TUSC candidates and supporters in Hackney, east London, gathered outside Hackney town hall to hammer home their message of the need for decent accommodation at affordable prices

14 May 2014

spotCapitalist politicians can't solve Boko Haram crisis

The abduction of over 200 girls from a school in Nigeria sparked global outrage

14 May 2014

spotWorkplace news in brief

TFL strike: RMT, TSSA and Unite took joint strike action across Transport for London (TfL) for the first time in response to a threatened freeze on pay and pensions

14 May 2014

spotIreland: Election campaigns "referendum on austerity"

Laura Fitzgerald from the Socialist Party (CWI in Ireland) spoke to the Socialist

14 May 2014

spotAnti-fracking hustings in Manchester

Over 90 people attended a hustings organised by Frack-Free Greater Manchester to test the parties' attitudes to fracking

14 May 2014

spotTV review: In the Flesh

Helen Pattison reviews the BBC's 'In the Flesh'

14 May 2014

spotThem & Us

Garage sale: Hardly a week passes without another example of crazy property values generated by the government-fuelled housing bubble

14 May 2014

spotFight back at the ballot box on 22 May

Vote Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: On 22 May many of those suffering in Breadline Britain will have a chance to use their vote to fight back

14 May 2014

spotSouthampton: Showing what's possible

In 2012 two Labour councillors, Keith Morrell and Don Thomas, voted against the cuts in Labour-led Southampton council

14 May 2014

spotLiverpool City Council 1983-87: "We had a choice"

From 1983 to 1987 Liverpool City Council was led by supporters of Militant (predecessor to the Socialist Party)

14 May 2014

spotWhy I joined the Socialist Party

It's not working any more, is it? Inequality; that you can lose your job so the rich owner can shovel up another few pence; that you can work but not afford to live...

14 May 2014

spotDonate to the election appeal!

The Socialist Party is appealing for £15,000 to help finance our election campaigns for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in the council and mayoral elections and No2EU in the European elections

14 May 2014

spotBuilding TUSC, building socialism

Socialists and trade unionists are competing in 62 council seats in the south west under the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) banner

14 May 2014

spotFight back to scrap junk jobs

Protesting against zero-hour contracts in Lewsham, photo Jim Jepps

Protesting against zero-hour contracts in Lewsham, photo Jim Jepps

From Britain to Seattle to Brazil: Britain is no country for young people. Journalists have invented a new term to describe a special 'phase' of life which our generation experiences - we're all going through a 'quarter life' crisis

14 May 2014

spotCare UK strike: NHS workers v NHS privatisation

Care UK strikes take their campaign to Parliament, May 2014

Care UK strikes take their campaign to Parliament, May 2014

Doncaster managers have called the Care UK strikers "The Angry Mob". The Angry Mob have been on tour this week taking their fight against privatisation and pay cuts all over the country

14 May 2014

spotStriking out against bullying

Occupational Therapists in Greenwich are striking on Wednesday 21st May

14 May 2014

spotHousing evictions - main parties to blame

Evictions in Britain have reached a ten year high. Disgracefully 31,000 possession orders are being applied for by councils, and it's mostly Labour councils that are carrying out this appalling act

14 May 2014

spotSouth Africa: The ANC victory, WASP and the EFF

The African National Congress has been re-elected with 62%, a marginal decline of 3.5% on 2009. Given the scandal-filled term of president Zuma, ANC strategists must nevertheless be breathing a sigh of relief

14 May 2014

spotOn the campaign trail with TUSC

Suffering austerity - standing for TUSC: I'm standing for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in the Central Southsea ward of Portsmouth City, writes Daniel Sutton-Johanson

14 May 2014

spotLeadership challenged at Usdaw conference

Usdaw's 2014 Annual Delegate Meeting (ADM) opened to a backdrop of announcements of job losses and cuts in Tesco

14 May 2014

spotBrighton: Determined to fight college cuts

Staff at City College Brighton and Hove, have been shocked and outraged to hear management's plans for redundancies and a 'restructure' (cut) of crucial support services and curriculum departments

14 May 2014

spotTransport workers' international meeting

On 25 April the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) held the transport workers' section conference in London

14 May 2014

spotBuilding Labour: when workers first formed own party

Throughout the 19th century it was seen as unquestionable that the Liberal Party - an alliance of industrial capitalists and the urban middle classes - should be the party supported by workers, and that this would always be the case

14 May 2014

spotGove robs education budget to fund 'Free Schools'

Tory Education Secretary Michael Gove is an easy target for comedians, for example, David Schneider's tweet: "Free Schools to be renamed £400m-From-Budget-For-Other-Kids-Schools"

14 May 2014

spotFight together for pay rise - Come to NSSN conference

There is now the real prospect of Unison, GMB and Unite in the councils taking action together with teachers from the NUT, PCS and firefighters on 10 July

14 May 2014

spotWhy we're standing as TUSC candidates

Save our NHS!: As a former committed Labour supporter and ex-Care UK worker I am standing for TUSC in Doncaster in the local elections

14 May 2014

spotFor the millions not the billionaires


Vote Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: Britain is said to be coming out of recession, but it doesn't feel like that for most people. Millions of families are just a pay-cheque away from losing their home. One million people rely on food banks

14 May 2014

spotWhat's socialism got to do with fighting austerity?

15 Now demonstration in Seattle, USA, photo 15 Now

Each week members of the Socialist Party sell copies of the Socialist newspaper. Sellers are often questioned about socialist ideas. Here Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe ‘reports’ on one such discussion as it might take place

14 May 2014

spotPCS: Re-election of a fighting, socialist leadership

PCS banner in  Trafalgar Square, 1.5.14, photo J Beishon

Socialist Janice Godrich elected PCS president for 13th time with Democracy Alliance candidates elected to union's executive for the 12th

14 May 2014

spotFreedom Riders- action brings victory

South Yorkshire's Freedom Riders win a victory in campaign to get back travel concessions

14 May 2014

spotOutsourced care workers fight to stop pay cuts

Care workers who were transferred to working for Grwp Gwalia two years ago are striking to retain their terms and conditions

14 May 2014

spotVisiting Land Registry pickets

Taking advantage of the sun, pickets had organised a gazebo and were preparing a barbecued breakfast to start their 48-hour action on full stomach

14 May 2014

spotUkip - the establishment's 'anti-establishment' party

A massive 72% of voters don’t trust the Westminster parties. For some, Ukip appears the most effective stick to beat them with. In reality, however, Ukip is the establishment’s ‘anti-establishment’ party.

15 May 2014

spotSPOT condemns Turkish government over miners' deaths

At least 245 coal miners have lost their lives in the western town of Soma, Turkey, after an explosion caused a pit to collapse

15 May 2014

spotTUSC meeting at POA conference

35 delegates attended TUSC's excellent fringe meeting at this year's Prison Officers' Association union conference in Southport, not long after New Labour's shadow prisons minister received some sharp words from POA general secretary Steve Gillan for failing to address the key issues of union rights

16 May 2014

spotGeorge Osborne seeks facts in Plymouth

Chancellor George Osborne is today visiting Plymouth on a fact-finding mission and the Plymouth Herald invited its readers to suggest questions to put to him

16 May 2014

spotProtests target McDonalds

Fast Food protest, London, 15.5.14, photo YFJ

In London on 15th May protesters targeted Whitehall McDonalds as part of international protests against poverty wages

19 May 2014

spotMega-rich increase their wealth

To join this club you have to possess a minimum of £85 million. That's right, it's the annual publication of the Sunday Times Rich List

19 May 2014

spotPensioners applaud TUSC in Lewisham

TUSC's ideas got a fantastic reception at the Lewisham Pensioners' Forum hustings for the local elections

19 May 2014

spotCare UK workers plan more action

Doncaster Care UK workers have finished a further two weeks of action, taking the total number of strike days to 34

19 May 2014

spotAnti-cuts rally defies council ban and BNP

Jobs and homes not racism - stop the BNP! photo S Kimmerle

300 people joined Salford Against Cuts for a "Rally on the Lawn" outside the civic buildings

23 May 2014

spotRousing rally marked end of fantastic TUSC campaign

60 people attended a rousing rally towards the end of the Waltham Forest TUSC campaign

23 May 2014

spotTUSC victory in Southampton

Keith Morrell re-wins in Coxford, 22.5.14, photo N Chaffey

Keith Morrell has re-won his council seat in Coxford, standing as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. He was decisively re-elected with 1,654 votes, 43%. This great result is a vindication for his stand, alongside fellow rebel councillor Don Thomas, in opposing all cuts.

25 May 2014

spotSocialist Party in Ireland wins parliamentary seat

The Socialist Party in Ireland has won a significant success with the election of Ruth Coppinger in a byelection to the Dáil, the Irish parliament.

27 May 2014

spot2014: The 'rejection election'

., photo .

Now Trade Unions must lead our fightback: This was the 'rejection election'. It once again demonstrated the depth of anger and alienation that exists with all Britain's 'traditional' parties.

27 May 2014

spotEuro elections revolt against capitalist establishment

The long-predicted 'earthquake' - the electoral "triumph" of the far right and their allies - took place in the European elections in some key countries. In Britain Ukip came first, pushing Labour into second position and the Tories - the 'governing party' - into an ignominious third position. The Liberal Democrats were completely humiliated, left with just one MEP!

28 May 2014

spotLocal elections 2014: A good base for TUSC to build on

The vote tally for the 560 local election and mayoral Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition no-cuts candidates in the 22 May elections is 68,031

28 May 2014

spotUnemployment kills

Youth Fight for Jobs on the march, photo Paul Mattsson

Fight for jobs - fight for a future: The story of Martin Hadfield, who tragically took his own life following months looking for work, is a shocking reminder of the real lives offered so little hope

28 May 2014

spotWales TUC: If it wasn't for the socialists...

"If it wasn't for the trades councils there wouldn't be any debate here." This was one delegate's comment to me while I was selling the Socialist paper on the last day of Wales TUC, writes Ronnie Job.

28 May 2014

spotThem & Us

Out of sight: Earlier this year the charity Oxfam reported that a mere five billionaire families owned as much wealth as 20% of the population in Britain

28 May 2014

spotElection appeal - don't delay!

Now is the time to pay any remaining pledges into the Socialist Party Election Appeal!

28 May 2014

spotStrike at Leeds-based bus maker

Unite is urging Leeds-based bus and coach manufacturer Optare to settle a dispute over workers' holiday entitlement, following rock solid support for Tuesday's 24-hour walkout

28 May 2014

spot48-hour stoppage at Tilbury docks

A move by the hardline management of SCA Logistics, based at Tilbury docks, to drive down wages by introducing zero hours contracts, has provoked a two-day strike

28 May 2014

spotNUT supports coordinated action on 10 July

NUT marching in Bristol, 26.3.14 , photo Matt Carey

The NUT's executive voted to prepare to give notice for strike action on 10 July

28 May 2014

spotCon-Dems get a kicking

The Socialist issue 812

The Socialist issue 812

Now build a mass voice for the working class: In the elections for English councils voters sent a message to the Con-Dem cuts coalition. Get out!

28 May 2014

spotSuper-wealthy get richer

To join this club you need a minimum of £85 million. That's right; it's membership of the Sunday Times Rich List, featuring Britain's thousand wealthiest people

28 May 2014

spotPrivatisation threatens postal service

On the very week Royal Mail reported a 12% rise in operating profits to £671 million, the newly privatised company was complaining about 'market competition' from the likes of TNT

28 May 2014

spotLand Registry strike may just be the beginning

On 14 and 15 May, PCS members working in Land Registry (LR) responded overwhelmingly to a call for strike action

28 May 2014

spotWorkplace news in brief

Construction workers protest: NSSN members and other trade unionists joined construction workers on a day of action on 23 May

28 May 2014

spotNottingham: Fighting the Bedroom Tax

Labour dominated Nottingham council issued a claim for a suspended possession order for a bedroom tax tenant who was less than four weeks in arrears

28 May 2014

spotBradford campaign for £10 an hour

On 24 May Socialist Party members set up a stall in Bradford city centre to campaign for a £10 an hour minimum wage

28 May 2014

spotThe Socialist postbag

Of mice...: Michael Gove is a hated figure to anyone who genuinely understands education

28 May 2014

spotIndia: resistance will grow after Modi victory

At the end of a five weeks election process in India, Narendra Modi will head a government of the right-wing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP)

28 May 2014

spotPCS: Preparing for more battles

PCS conference met 19-22 May, again under siege from the government's austerity offensive

28 May 2014

spotWhy I didn't rejoin Labour

Ed Miliband confronted by anti-bedroom tax protestors demanding that Labour councils refuse to collect the tax, photo Chris Moore

The Labour Party recently sent me an email asking me to rejoin Labour. I sent back this response, writes Carl Harper.

28 May 2014

spotIreland: Electoral surge against austerity

Socialist Party wins a second TD and Anti Austerity Alliance 14 councillors: Read full report at:

30 May 2014

spotVictory for $15 in Seattle!

Seattle is the first major US city to pass a $15 an hour minimum wage. 100,000 workers will be lifted out of poverty and millions will be inspired across the country and around the world.

30 May 2014

spotBlacklist Support Group lobbying political parties

"Everyone can help the blacklisting campaign by raising the issue of blacklisting with your MP, prospective candidate, your union branch or local political party."

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