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5 October 2001

spotWar is no solution

Starving Afghans face Bush and Blair's bombs: TONY BLAIR has used the platform of Labour Party conference to launch a war...

5 October 2001

spotSave The NHS: No To Privatisation

IN A move worthy of a sitcom plot, health secretary Alan Milburn has decided that the answer to declining resources and morale in the NHS is for top hospitals to play the stock market, writes Rheian Davies, Registered Nurse.

5 October 2001

spotUS Imperialism's Confused "War Aims"

"WE DO deserts, we don't do mountains." In this way Colin Powell, Bush's Secretary of State, defined the limits of US capacity to intervene internationally in the mid-1990s...

5 October 2001

spotGrowing Protests Against Bush's War

SOCIALIST ALTERNATIVE members have reported that popular pro-war sentiment was at its peak immediately after the events of 11 September and that it has already ebbed to some degree, writes Diane Stokes, Socialist Alternative, Chicago.

5 October 2001

spotWhat Socialists Say About Terrorism

THE SOCIALIST has been forthright in its condemnation of those who attacked the World Trade Centre (WTC) and Pentagon. We described their methods as those of "small groups employing mass terrorism".
At the same time, we have not given any support to George Bush or Tony Blair, who call for a 'war against terrorism', yet support state terror against defenceless and innocent people in the neo-colonial world.
PETER TAAFFE, Socialist Party General Secretary, develops further the question of terrorism and socialist attitudes towards it.

5 October 2001

spotUS / Afghan Crisis: CWI Reports From Around The World

Commonwealth Of Independent States (CWI-CIS): THE SOCIALIST has carried reports - mainly from our sister party in the USA, Socialist Alternative - on working people's reactions to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and also our interventions in the growing anti-war movement...

12 October 2001


Build the movement to stop the war THESE ATTACKS will not bring justice to the victims of the World Trade Center atrocity - neither will they destroy terrorism or the conditions which breed support for terrorism, writes By Dave Nellist, Socialist Party councillor Coventry and Socialist Alliance National Chair.

12 October 2001

spotRailtrack - New Labour's U-Turn

"RAILTRACK IS finished", said transport secretary Stephen Byers, announcing a huge government climbdown, writes By Christine Thomas.

12 October 2001

spotDevastating Consequences Of War

FIVE DAYS after Blair declared that the Afghan people were not the enemy and that "[we] will do all we humanly can to avoid civilian casualties", the bombing of Afghanistan began...

12 October 2001

spotNuclear Threat? War Raises New Fears

"WHAT WILL happen now?" When Bush declared "all-out war" after 11 September many people asked themselves some frightening questions. Will it mean a world war? Could it mean nuclear war? Lynn Walsh asks.

12 October 2001

spotVietnam - How The Anti-War Movement Grew

EVEN US President Bush has to admit that his "war against terrorism" could be a long affair. US imperialism lost the last extended war it faced - in Vietnam from 1964 to 1973, writes Roger Shrives.

12 October 2001

spotBush And Blair's War: What We Say

AS SOCIALISTS we are totally opposed to the methods of terrorism and the indiscriminate killing of innocent people...

19 October 2001

spotGlobal Economy - Sinking Together

THE UNITED Nations estimates that the effects of September's terror attacks are likely to cost the global economy 230 billion and slow it down by 1%, writes Why is the world economy heading towards a serious crisis?.

19 October 2001

spotWe Won't Pay For Bush And Blair's War

Workers and poor say...: "I THINK it's wrong for America to take it all into their own hands and to drop bombs and kill civilians," said Nahim, originally from Afghanistan, one of 50,000 people on a huge anti-war demonstration in London on 13 October...

19 October 2001

spotUS War Strategy Under Strain

IMAGES OF death and destruction in the village of Khorum demonstrated the horrific reality of Bush and Blair's 'war against terrorism'...

19 October 2001

spot50,000 March To End The War

At least 50,000 people marched through central London on Saturday demanding an end to war on Afghanistan, writes Lois Austin.

19 October 2001

spotGulf War - Creating A New World Disorder

THE LAST time that so much military equipment and troops were amassed was ten years ago in preparation for the Gulf War, writes Jane James.

19 October 2001

spotUS Attacks Provoke Mass Opposition

EVERY DAY that US bombs blast Afghanistan, opposition in the Arab and Muslim world to imperialism grows...

26 October 2001

spotStop This Brutal War

Lost lives, lost jobs...: Every day it's becoming clearer who will pay for this brutal war. Hundreds of ordinary Afghans have already been killed and injured...

26 October 2001

spotFight Cuts In Jobs And Services

Waltham Forest: THREE HUNDRED people marched in Waltham Forest, north-east London from the town square to the town hall to protest about cuts in social services. It was extremely lively and noisy, writes Simon Donovan, Chair Waltham Forest UNISON.

26 October 2001

spotA New More Deadly Stage Of War

ONCE YOU disentangle the web of deception that's growing around the current war, then it's clear that the US and British governments are preparing to enter a new, even more brutal stage of the conflict...

26 October 2001

spotAnthrax Scare Spreads New Worries In USA

THE UNITED States is now dominated by the growing anthrax scare. It started in Florida, spread to New York City and reached Washington DC with 31 US Senate workers testing positive for anthrax exposure...

26 October 2001

spotWhy The United Nations Can't Bring Peace

AFTER WEEKS of intensive bombing, with US ground forces in use and casualties growing, voices are calling for an end to the military campaign, writes Nick Chaffey.

26 October 2001

spotSon of Railtrack: Nationalisation - But Not As We Know It

RAILTRACK'S DEMISE was a fitting end to its whole shameful history of sleaze, incompetence and worst of all accidents which killed and injured many passengers and rail workers, writes Bill Mullins, Socialist Party national industrial organiser.

26 October 2001

spotSharon Declares War On Palestinian Areas

THE ASSASSINATION of Israel's Tourism Minister arch-right-winger Rahavam Zeevi by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has destroyed Western imperialism's current diplomatic attempts to put a lid on the Israeli-Arab conflict...

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