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7 September 2001

spotStop The Private Profiteers!

TUC Must Put Words Into Action: TONY BLAIR asks union leaders to help 'modernise' public services. But, even they know, like millions of others, that he means more privatisation of health and education...

7 September 2001

spotEnd The Bosses' Pay Spree

NEXT TIME the credit runs out on your mobile phone and you need a fiver for a Vodaphone top-up card, think how that firm's top executives benefit from your cash, writes Chris Moore.

7 September 2001

spotExpose Asylum Lies: Unite Against Bosses' Racism

THE CRISIS surrounding refugees aboard the Tampa and at the Sangatte Red Cross refugee camp in France has allowed the media and governments to intensify their racist divide-and-rule tactics about asylum...

7 September 2001

spotWorld Economy: The Panic Spreads

A RECENT Economist special report on the world economy, 25 August, sums up the panic now gripping the capitalists internationally...

7 September 2001

spotProfits Bonanza But Education In Crisis

AS A new academic year begins, all the problems in education that existed under the Tories have only got worse under New Labour while Blair has added a few new problems of his own making...

7 September 2001

spotArgentina: No Light At The End Of The Tunnel

ARGENTINA'S FINANCIAL crisis is threatening an economic meltdown which could also sink the economies of South and Central America and have a catastrophic impact on the world economy...

7 September 2001

spotRefugees Are John Howard's Scapegoats

HAVING ENDURED shipwreck and then detained by armed SAS troops aboard a sun-baked Norwegian freighter, many of the 438 mainly Afghan asylum-seekers, instead of finding refuge in Australia, will now end up on the largely uninhabitable island of Nauru in the south Pacific...

14 September 2001

spotAfter the carnage in the USA: World Crisis Deepens

THE KILLING of thousands of innocent civilians in New York, Washington and elsewhere in the US has caused horror and revulsion among ordinary working people worldwide...

14 September 2001

spotWorld Recession Looms

"VERY HAIRY and very scary" was how one London fund manager described the stock market after the FTSE 100 plunged to its lowest level for three years...

14 September 2001

spotAction not words to defeat privatisation

EVEN BEFORE a recession, opposition to Blair's privatisation plans are growing. Polls show that a majority of people think that schools and hospitals should be provided entirely or mostly by the public...

14 September 2001

spotScrap Fees! Restore the Grant!

FOUR YEARS of New Labour government has left Higher Education in crisis. Several former polytechnics face fines from HEFCE (the higher education funding council for England) for failing to recruit enough...

14 September 2001

spotGrowing Crisis in Higher Education

THOUSANDS OF university places are going unfilled because students can no longer afford to go to university. Meanwhile some universities' futures hang in the balance because of lack of funding, writes Kieran Roberts.

14 September 2001

spotNorthern Ireland: Working Class Must Unite Against Sectarianism

THE SITUATION outside the Holy Cross primary school has developed into an ugly stand-off as community leaders talk about trying to settle the conflict...

21 September 2001

spotAttacks On The Us - Aftershocks Rock The Globe

NEW TECHNOLOGY and the speed of modern communication allowed millions of people on every continent to follow the horrific events as they unfolded...

21 September 2001

spotNo To War

Stop Bush and Blair's military plans: THE SHOCK of last week's attacks in New York, Washington and Pittsburgh has provoked mass anger and opposition against terrorism...

21 September 2001

spotMilitary Action No Solution

BUSH AND the US administration are preparing for war. The US Senate unanimously authorised the use of "all necessary and appropriate force". Targets could include not just Osama bin Laden, the US number...

21 September 2001

spot9/11: Workers' letters from America

I WAS out in the street in Greenwich Village and I saw part of the first World Trade Centre Tower collapse...

21 September 2001

spotA Deadly Cold War Legacy

"Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism", by John K Cooley, writes Review by Dave Carr.

28 September 2001

spotNo To Bush And Blair's War

AS WE go to press, Bush's military machine is preparing for action. Air-strikes against Afghanistan are imminent. The overwhelming majority of people feel that something must be done; that further devastating...

28 September 2001

spotBA Workers Say: We Won't Pay For Bosses' Recession

THE WORLD economy is rapidly approaching recession. It's not only a response to the tragic events in New York but longer-term problems such as overproduction. Share markets dropped steadily after profits...

28 September 2001

spotOpposition To This War Will Grow

HORROR AND outrage are natural responses to the carnage in New York and Washington...

28 September 2001

spotAnti-War Voices In USA

OPINION POLLS in the US show overwhelming support for military action in Afghanistan. But as Diane Stokes from Socialist Alternative (SA) in Chicago reports, the mood is more complex than the polls would...

28 September 2001

spotWhy is Pakistan at the centre of US war plans?

SUPPORT FOR US military action from Pakistan's General Musharraf has been duly rewarded by George Bush...

28 September 2001

spotAfghanistan - No Peace And No Justice

Creatures Of Western Imperialism: WHEN THE Taliban entered the capital, Kabul, in 1996 they dragged the former President Najibullah from the United Nations (UN) compound, tortured him to death and hung him from a lamp-post...

28 September 2001

spotFighting Privatisation - The Struggle Goes On

BEFORE THE horrific attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon, an anti-privatisation mood was growing amongst public-sector workers in Britain...

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