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Archive for September 2018

4 September 2018

spotObituary: Stan Herschel

Prior to his early retirement due to ill health Stan was the RMT union's regional organiser. He was a towering figure in the labour movement.

5 September 2018

spotHousing workers walkout forces improved pay deal

Unite the Union members at Homes England and the Regulator of Social Housing have voted overwhelmingly to accept a revised set of options on pay following industrial action in July and a sustained campaign over the last few months

5 September 2018

spotSelf-harm soars among young: fight the mental health crisis

22% of 14-year-old girls are self-harming. They are more than twice as likely as boys - themselves at an unacceptable 9%

5 September 2018

spotThem & Us

It's one world for the super-rich, and another for the rest of us. Lehman Brothers blow-out v workers' debt pile-up; golden chicken wings v McDonald's ads for kids

5 September 2018

spotTory and Blairite racist policy is behind Windrush fatality

Unions must lead fight against racism: The inquest into the death of Dexter Bristol, a victim of the Windrush generation scandal, has revealed another sorry face of the 'hostile environment' that faces migrant workers

5 September 2018

spotCapitalism in crisis: news in brief

Short news reports. Bezos wants workers "terrified"; Izzard booted off Labour NEC.

5 September 2018

spotWhat we heard

Hark at this! May's Mandela mess; farewell, Frank Field!

5 September 2018

spotDWP: PCS union builds fightback on pay

Management didn't even write to the Treasury to make a case for much-needed extra money to fund a pay rise

5 September 2018

spotPCS members in Land Registry demand 6% pay rise

PCS union members in HM Land Registry have lodged a 6% pay increase claim with management

5 September 2018

spotGermany: violent attacks in Chemnitz - how can the far right be stopped?

The trade unions and Left Party must finally take an active part in the struggle against the far right

5 September 2018

spotShop workers hungry for 10 an hour now and an end to zero-hour contracts

I work as an assistant manager in a high street retail chain and one of the most regular complaints I get from my staff is that they are hungry

5 September 2018

spotHigher education ballot: vote Yes and strike for pay and equality!

The University and College Union demands a pay increase of 7.5% and action to tackle casualisation, the gender pay gap and excessive workloads

5 September 2018

spotLiebherr Sunderland strike continues

Managers have clearly been attempting to intimidate the workers on the picket line by taking photos of the strikers

5 September 2018

spotLabour: Blairite wreckers must be given the boot

The Tory government is back from its holidays and once again in meltdown. The millions suffering pay restraint, benefit cuts and poverty will be hoping that we are about to see the back of it. Meanwhile the Blairite saboteurs in the Labour Party have spent the summer cranking up their false allegations of antisemitism

5 September 2018

spotUnions must lead in fight to kick Tories out

TUC congress 2018: It's vital the unions mobilise their members now to lead the fight against the Tories

5 September 2018

spotTheresa May's 'Chequers deal' mauled by Johnson and EU

Not even Theresa May's 'dancing' on her African travels could distract from the crisis her government faces

5 September 2018

spotFight racism, fight capitalism!

For a united movement to demand jobs, homes and services for all: More and more young people are getting involved in campaigns to fight against racism. Why does racism exist and how we can fight it?

5 September 2018

spotPCS union: build the fight for a pay rise and against austerity - re-elect Chris Baugh

Chris, assistant general secretary of the PCS, speaks (pc) about the challenges currently facing the union and the wider labour movement

5 September 2018

spotLegal Costs Fund Appeal launched for former Derby TUSC election agent

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition has launched an appeal to help meet the legal costs of Chris Fernandez

5 September 2018

spotBirmingham Socialist sales success

The sales drive for the 1000th issue of the Socialist encouraged our members to go out onto the streets every week to sell the paper and talk to the people in our community

5 September 2018

spotA day in the life of a carer: "I am having trouble feeding my children on my wages"

There is only so much neglect or trauma that one person can witness before it becomes demoralising and depression sets in.

5 September 2018

spotThe Socialist inbox

Letters to the editors: Do you have something to say? Unions work; workers' rights; shareholder revolts.

5 September 2018

spotGDPR data laws: Punishing workers for human mistakes

"My fear that many workers will be disciplined for making ordinary mistakes with no malice is beginning to be borne out"

5 September 2018

spotGuards continue fight against driver-only operation

The struggle goes on to keep the safety-critical role of train guards.

7 September 2018

spotEnfield North Labour Party votes 'no confidence' in its MP

Labour members in Enfield North have given a stinging rebuke to Blairite MP Joan Ryan

12 September 2018

spotTories in chaos - general election now!

Corbyn and unions must call mass action: The divide in the Tory party over Brexit is now wider than the Grand Canyon.

12 September 2018

spotSchool students in solitary: for full funding, not exclusion!

'Isolation booths' - solitary confinement in all but name - are an increasingly common feature of 'zero-tolerance' school behaviour policies.

12 September 2018

spotThem & Us

It's one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us.

12 September 2018

spotNSSN rally: militant trade unionists share ideas to win for workers

The National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) rally at the Trade Union Congress was a meeting of over 200 working class militants sharing their experiences to best fight the Tories, the bosses and their austerity.

12 September 2018

spotCardiff Uber Eats couriers strike back against bosses

Uber Eats courier riders staged their second action in Cardiff on 3 September against low pay and insecure work.

12 September 2018

spotWorkplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles including Liebherr latest and Nottingham bus strike.

12 September 2018

spotNicaragua: With the people against the Ortega government and imperialism

Since April this year, Nicaragua has become a bloodbath, with over 400 dead and thousands injured, arrested and disappeared.

12 September 2018

spotSupport for Putin's regime dips over major attacks on state pensions

The day Russia unexpectedly won its first game in the football World Cup tournament the government announced a major attack on the pension age, first established decades ago - currently 55 years for women and 60 years for men.

12 September 2018

spotSweden: left and far right gain as establishment parties falter

As expected, the racist, far-right 'Sweden Democrats' increased their share of the vote from 12.9% to 17.6% in the country's recent general election.

12 September 2018

spotIreland housing occupations

The Guardian newspaper reported: "A backlash is brewing. Using the hashtags #homes4all and #TakeBackTheCity a coalition of housing activists last month occupied a four-storey property in the heart of Dublin which has been vacant for three years.

12 September 2018

spotCatford campaign against regeneration

Lewisham in south London has a big problem with a lack of council and social housing. Not enough has been built and existing homes are being lost to housing associations, right-to-buy schemes and 'regeneration', social cleansing schemes.

12 September 2018

spotReading council plans privatisation - set a no-cuts budget instead!

Reading Borough Council plans to privatise many of its key services. Bins, parks, road maintenance, housing benefit payments and council tax support are all at risk.

12 September 2018

spotEDL outnumbered and confronted in Worcester

The Socialist Party was involved in organising a counter-demonstration against another visit of the far-right English Defence League (EDL) to Worcester on 1 September.

12 September 2018

spotFight against billionaire Newcastle boss Mike Ashley continues

Socialist Party members stood alongside a group of Newcastle United supporters on 26 August, as part of our continuing campaign against billionaire boss Mike Ashley for his despicable treatment of Sports Direct workers and mismanagement of Newcastle United.

12 September 2018

spotWhen working class women dominated football

One hundred years ago the 'beautiful game' came to be dominated by women.

12 September 2018

spotThe Socialist inbox

Letters to the Socialist's editors including education under capitalism, party splits and benefit problems.

12 September 2018

spotTUC congress Brexit debate: unions must lead fight for a general election

Brexit dominated the debate at the congress of Britain's trade union federation, the TUC.

12 September 2018

spot10 years since the financial crash - the socialist answer to capitalist crisis

On 15 September at a secret London venue top bankers who were part of Lehman Brothers will celebrate the tenth anniversary of their bank's 2008 collapse with "cocktails and canapes".

12 September 2018

spot4m children in homes that can't afford fruit and veg

10 an hour now Scrap benefit cuts: Four million children in the UK live in households unable to afford enough fruit, vegetables, fish and other essential food groups to meet government nutrition guidelines, says the Food Foundation.

12 September 2018

spotFearful bosses call for 'fairer capitalism'...

City banker Dame Helena Morrissey has called for "a more responsible and fairer form of capitalism" as part of a new report by the Blairite IPPR thinktank.

12 September 2018

spotGuards move closer to beating driver-only operation

Attempts to move to driver-only operation have been pushed back

12 September 2018

spotStudents unite and fight - free education now!

In 2017 the total student debt in the UK rose to over 100 billion

12 September 2018

spotCorbyn must lead in fight against the Blairites

After the Labour right's summer of slander, as parliament reopens and the party's conference approaches, the Blairites are preparing the next phase in their anti-Corbyn campaign.

13 September 2018

spotPCS: the real issues at stake - a reply to Socialist View

Socialist View published an article on their support for Janice Godrich's campaign to be elected PCS assistant general secretary

14 September 2018

spotPOA walkout over government failure to make prisons safe

An interview with the POA DGS Joe Simpson

18 September 2018

spotBig drugs companies dodge 3 billion pounds in tax

Big pharmaceutical companies may be dodging up to 3 billon in tax, contributing to crises in health systems worldwide, including our NHS

19 September 2018

spotLewisham: binning the rates rise

Lewisham and Southwark Socialist Party members called a protest on 15 September alongside Catford Against Social Cleansing

19 September 2018

spotLeicester UCU fights redundancies

University and College Union (UCU) members at the University of Leicester are set to take three weeks of strike action

19 September 2018

spotThe struggle to transform Labour

Correspondence between Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe and Labour general secretary Jennie Formby: It is urgent that the Labour Party is transformed so it can bring together all those who want to fight in the interests of the working and middle class majority

19 September 2018

spotMomentum's 'The World Transformed' blocks discussion on Liverpool council struggle

The legacy of the socialist Labour councillors who defied Thatcher, refusing to pass on cuts, is not important enough for Momentum's bureaucratic leadership

19 September 2018

spotBezos housing hypocrisy

Billionaire Jeff Bezos claims his new philanthropy fund will help the homeless - after a fighting a tax meant to pay for homes

19 September 2018

spotRail rip-off reversal

Rail firm Arriva Trains Wales has reversed a policy of charging customers 'commission' for returning lost property

19 September 2018

spotWhat we saw

Young Socialists out in Birmingham

19 September 2018

spotSouth Africa: new workers' formations herald fightback against Ramaphosa's capitalist agenda

Exclusive interviews with Workers and Socialist Party activists: What is the state of working class in South Africa?

19 September 2018

spotCatalonia: 'Diada' 2018 an immense show of strength for republic

For a socialist Catalan republic of the working class and youth! Barcelona's Avenida Diagonal thoroughfare overflowed with around two million people in an unprecedented mass mobilisation

19 September 2018

spotSocialist Students campaigns at Hull freshers fair

Students were delighted to see socialists campaigning at Hull University

19 September 2018

spotUniversity pay ballot: vote yes for strike action!

The vast majority of union members at virtually all universities across the UK are being balloted for strike action over pay

19 September 2018

spotBirmingham home carers' protest demo

"Are you Tories in disguise?" was directed at Birmingham's Blairite council on 15 September at another fantastic rally for striking home care workers

19 September 2018

spotYork health workers say no to privatisation

Unite union members at York NHS Trust voted by a massive majority to strike against privatisation

19 September 2018

spotLiverpool airport workers demand decent pay

Over 80 workers - members of the GMB union - are taking strike action at Liverpool's John Lennon airport, as the employer insists on holding wage rises to below the rate of inflation

19 September 2018

spotJoin our Socialist sales drive for issue 1011

We want to finish this sales quarter with as big a flourish as possible by linking up with our Fighting Fund 'collectathon' and selling 500 extra copies of the Socialist issue 1011

19 September 2018

spotMarch to save threatened Liverpool Women's Hospital

The much-loved Liverpool Women's Hospital is still earmarked for closure, under the false flag of 'moving' it to the new Royal

19 September 2018

spotSocialists and campaigners protest Leicester NHS cuts

Leicester Socialist Party, as part of Save Our NHS Leicestershire, is protesting against plans to cut intensive care beds at the general hospital, writes Andrew Walton

19 September 2018

spotHundreds of Newcastle United fans attend Mike Ashley Out meeting

Hundreds of Newcastle United football fans attended a public meeting to discuss the way forward in the continued Mike Ashley Out campaign

19 September 2018

spotHuddersfield Socialist Party opposes racist EDL

Instead of offering any genuine solutions to sexual abuse, the EDL offers only racist scapegoating

19 September 2018

spotHow Irish strikers fought apartheid - and establishment anti-apartheid leadership

Non-fiction - Striking Back: "This movement was not led by affluent men, well-educated lecturers or powerful politicians... instead it was led by us, a predominantly female group of working class citizens"

19 September 2018

spotThe Socialist inbox

Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist's editors. Blairites' hypocrisy; next recession due; NHS across generations.

19 September 2018

spotThe fog of Brexit

The UK is scheduled to formally withdraw from the structures and treaties of the EU on 29 March 2019, less than six months' time

19 September 2018

spot250,000 families in "non-decent" homes

A quarter of a million families are bringing up children under the age of four in "non-decent" homes according to a recent report

19 September 2018

spotMobilise mass student fightback

Fight for education, Tories out now: The Tories - the politicians responsible for trebling students' tuition fees, decimating our public services, and presiding over a generation-defining housing crisis - are in chaos

19 September 2018

spotStrikers ready to up the ante over rail safety

More coordinated strikes against removal of safety-critical train guards have taken place

19 September 2018

spotBlairites must go

The Labour Party conference opens in Liverpool on 23 September. Local parties must be enabled to oust the Blairites through the basic democratic process of mandatory reselection; and other democratising measures need to be taken to restore the party as a party for workers

26 September 2018

spotGlasgow workers striking for equal pay

7,500 low-paid and overwhelmingly women workers employed by Glasgow City Council are to strike for equal pay in October and November

26 September 2018

spotMilitant was right - councils can fight cuts

"Conference, we are in Liverpool where over 30 years ago the council stood up to Thatcher and said: better to break the law than break the poor", said shadow equalities minister Dawn Butler at Labour Party conference

26 September 2018

spotFight plans for A&E appointment system - fight to save our NHS

NHS England could introduce an "appointment system" in A&E departments as part of its proposed "NHS targets shake up". This makes me very angry, but it is not with disbelief that I read this latest preposterous idea.

26 September 2018

spotPrivate firms and toothless regulator to blame for trains chaos - nationalise rail now!

Britain's rail regulator admits it was asleep at the wheel in the run up to the May 2018 timetable change which resulted in chaos on vast swathes of Britain's railways.

26 September 2018

spotLabour civil war rages in Enfield

Following a no-confidence vote in Enfield North constituency Labour Party (CLP), right-wing MP Joan Ryan has responded with insults to members in the local press.

26 September 2018

spotThem & Us

It's one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us.

26 September 2018

spotStudents and workers unite and fight

Socialist Students is campaigning for an autumn of resistance against Tory marketisation of our universities. For students, this has meant cuts to education services alongside rising tuition fees and massive debt.

26 September 2018

spotWho wants driver-only operation?

Reader's comment: If you take a cursory glance at the news these days, you will see problems on the railways - strikes, delays, timetable meltdown and so on.

26 September 2018

spotSafety-critical airport workers continue strike

Safety-critical workers at Liverpool's John Lennon Airport are continuing their strike action against the real-terms pay cut their employer is trying to force on them.

26 September 2018

spotDirectors' contempt for repressed workers

On 24 September members of Salford Socialist Party branch visited the headquarters of Wilkinson Star - the official UK distributor of Jasic products in the UK - to demand the directors put pressure on their counterparts in Shenzhen, China to end the repression of their employees

26 September 2018

spotBrilliant sales at Labour Party conference

Socialist Party North West region organiser Hugh Caffrey reports great sales of over 100 copies of the Socialist at, and around, Labour Party conference in Liverpool this week.

26 September 2018

spotResidents push back Barking estate landlords

At a recent residents' meeting with the landlords of the Barking Riverside estate, they put a price on the major concessions we have wrung out of them in a bitter three-year campaign - 250,000.

26 September 2018

spotVictory for Sheffield Save Our NHS

On 20 September, Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) agreed to keep the minor injuries unit, walk-in centre and eye centre in their present form for at least another two years. This was welcomed as a victory

26 September 2018

spotHuddersfield campaigners keep their powder dry

Hands Off HRI has called a public meeting to assess the recent announcements on the future of Huddersfield Royal Infirmary (HRI).

26 September 2018

spotThe Socialist inbox

Letters to the Socialist's editors including the far-right, House of Fraser gift cards and pensions.

26 September 2018

spotFight for a democratic, socialist Labour Party

Has the Labour Party conference - taking place in Liverpool - made changes to the party that have equipped it to be fully capable of leading the fight against austerity?

26 September 2018

spotStrike vote: college staff want a pay rise

College lecturers are being forced to the brink by unsustainable and oppressive workloads. A University and College Union (UCU) Wales survey on workload showed that members are working 50, 60 and 70-hour weeks, but only getting paid for 37. We are literally working two days for free.

26 September 2018

spotFighting for socialism amid capitalist chaos

No-deal Brexit, establishment splits, threat of renewed downturn ... : Edited extracts of a speech given by Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary.

26 September 2018

spotFreshers fairs: socialist ideas chime with students

Reports from some Socialist Students stalls around the country

26 September 2018

spotPowerful defence of the welfare state

Non-fiction: Don't Let My Past Be Your Future: Harry Leslie Smith, the World War Two veteran and welfare state campaigner, has crossed the supposed generational divide and issued a "call to arms" to young people to organise to change society.

26 September 2018

spotTrump's tariffs raise international tensions

US-China trade war: On 24 September, a further tranche of US tariffs on $200 billion of imported Chinese goods - nearly 6,000 products - was imposed by the Trump administration.

26 September 2018

spotCompulsory redundancies stopped at Leicester University

The threat of solid strike action has won a victory. The campaign by Leicester University and College Union (UCU) means the threat of compulsory redundancies is off the agenda for at least the next year.

26 September 2018

spotHospitality workers coordinate historic strike

Workers in McDonald's, TGI Fridays and Wetherspoon are fighting low pay.

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