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From The Socialist newspaper, 4 December 2019

The Great Big Socialist Party Quiz 2019

1. Which organisation voted to strike for the first time in its 103-year history?

2. Whose Trump-backed attempted coup collapsed?

3. Who did actor Christian Bale play in the film Vice?

4. How many working days into the New Year did top UK company executives 'earn' the same as the average worker's annual salary?

5. How much is the average top CEO paid for every £1 earned by their workers?

6. Who was no April fools joke?

7. Whose murders 100 years ago were commemorated on 15 January?

8. Who was toppled after a 30-year dictatorship?

9. Where did 200 million workers walk out on strike?

10. Name the reported fan of Bismarck, who became Special Adviser to Boris Johnson?

11. Who wrecked a £68,000 Land Rover?

12. Where were 51 Muslim worshippers murdered by a far-right terrorist on 15 March?

13. Where were Christian worshippers murdered on Easter Sunday this year?

14. Whose blacklisting dispute ended in victory in March?

15. Whose 80 days of strikes secured a victory in May?

16. Which group of activists was paid £24,300 by South Yorkshire Police?

17. Name the MP who was suspended and later resigned from Labour over false allegations of antisemitism?

18. What was "irredeemably flawed" after five years?

19. Which group of UK car workers marched against the closure of their workplace?

20. How much have the world's top five oil and gas companies spent opposing the Paris Agreement on climate change since 2015?

21. Who told billionaires to "stop talking about philanthropy and start talking about taxes, taxes, taxes. All the rest is bullshit."

22. Why have millions of young people been striking every month around the world?

23. How much in shareholder dividends are UK businesses expected to pay out this year?

24. Name the airliner grounded after two fatal crashes caused by profit-driven technical failures?

25. Name the National Union of Journalists member murdered in Northern Ireland in April?

26. Name the socialist elected to Fermanagh and Omagh council in May?

27. Who was cleared of charges over the Hillsborough stadium disaster despite a second coroners finding of "unlawful killing"?

28. Who said they would "rather die in a ditch" if Brexit didn't happen on 31 October?

29. Name the school where National Education Union members successfully halted spending cuts?

30. What proposed law in June sparked ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong?

31. According to the Sunday Times Rich List, the top 1,000 wealthiest individuals and families in Britain are sitting on a record: a) £551 billion, b) £661 billion or c) £771 billion?

32. Which company was fined £126 million after "being run with scant regard for its responsibilities to society and the environment."

33. Who struck a blow against Turkey's 'strong man' president Recep Erdogan in June?

34. In July, what workplace occupation succeeded in saving the workers' jobs?

35. Who was ousted by a mass movement after tweeting homophobic, racist and insulting text messages?

36. Where did mass protests and strikes oust the country's prime minister?

37. Where did a metro fares hike lead to a countrywide social uprising?

38. Whose 'special status' was ended in August?

39. What 200-year anniversary of a mass working-class protest in England was commemorated in August?

40. Who was sentenced to imprisonment for organising a referendum?

41. Who voted by 97% for a national strike?

42. In commenting on collapsed tour operator Thomas Cook in Parliament, who callously recycled a two-year-old statement?

43. In which government department did outsourced union members win pay rises and improvements to working terms after months on strike?

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44. Name the worker-militant and former socialist councillor in Liverpool who sadly passed away in October?

45. Where did a 12-day uprising force the government to reinstate a fuel subsidy?

46. Which fast food workers struck for £15 an hour in November?

47. Whose anger over pensions, pay and working conditions led to an eight-day strike?

48. Who pledged to abolish the House of Lords?

49. Where was Johnson given short shrift over his handling of the floods in November?

50. What member of the establishment failed to apologise to victims of sexual abuse by US businessman Jeffrey Epstein?


1. The Royal College of Nursing in Northern Ireland, over pay.

2. Venezuela's right-wing opposition leader Juan Guaidó. His 'acting presidency' was also recognised by Theresa May's government.

3. Dick Cheney, the right-wing Vice-President under George Bush.

4. Three days.

5. £133. 20 years ago the ratio was 45 to 1.

6. Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky, elected as president of Ukraine on 21 April.

7. Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht.

8. Sudan's president Omar al-Bashir on 11 April in a coup following an eight month-long uprising by the country's civilian population.

9. India, on 8-9 January, over low pay, unemployment, poverty and the sectarianism of the ruling Modi government.

10. Dominic Cummings, former campaign director of the right-wing Vote Leave.

11. Gaffe-prone bigot Prince Philip. Having careered into a lowly Kia and injuring the occupants, the Crown Prosecution Service announced that prosecuting him wouldn't be in the public interest.

12. Christchurch, New Zealand. Assailant Brenton Tarrant was linked to a number of European far-right organisations.

13. Sri Lanka. The government and police had ignored warnings of a terrorist attack.

14. Birmingham bin workers, members of the Unite union.

15. Low-paid Birmingham home carers.

16. Sheffield tree campaigners, having been wrongly arrested under anti-trade union laws.

17. Derby North MP, Chris Williamson.

18. The privatised probation service, according to HM Chief Inspector of Probation.

19. Honda workers in Swindon.

20. A reported $1 billion.

21. Dutch historian Rutger Bregman at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

22. The failure of capitalist governments to agree meaningful environmental policies.

23. A record £100 billion.

24. Boeing's 737 Max 8 series.

25. Lyra McKee.

26. Committee for a Workers' International member Donal O'Cofaigh

27. The then police chief superintendent David Duckenfield.

28. The still alive Boris Johnson.

29. Valentine School in Southampton.

30. The Extradition Bill would have allowed political opponents of Beijing to be extradited to China.

31. c) £771 billion - up £47.8 billion in a year.

32. Southern Water. Ofwat's record fine was less than Southern's 2018 profit.

33. Voters in Istanbul's mayoral election. The first time in Erdogan's 17-year rule that his right-wing AKP party has been defeated in an election.

34. Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast.

35. Puerto Rico's governor Ricardo Rosselló.

36. Lebanon and Iraq. Non-sectarian protests against corruption, unemployment and poor services are ongoing. Malta's PM has also resigned following protests.

37. Santiago, Chile, against the neoliberal government of Sebástian Pinera.

38. Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, whose 'autonomy' was forcibly ended by Modi's BJP government.

39. The Peterloo Massacre. A peaceful gathering of workers and their families in fields outside Manchester was brutally attacked by government troops.

40. Catalan independence leaders tried by the Spanish state, provoking fresh protests by workers and youth.

41. Communication Workers' Union (CWU) members in Royal Mail. This was blocked by an unelected judge, whose action satisfied the bosses and government.

42. Tory transport minister Grant Shapps. His speech was reused from 'failing' Chris Grayling's, delivered after the collapse of Monarch Airlines in 2017.

43. At the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) department. Socialist Party member Marion Lloyd is president of the BEIS group in civil service union PCS.

44. Long standing Militant and Socialist Party member Tony Mulhearn.

45. Ecuador, after mass strikes and protests by a united struggle of workers and indigenous organisations.

46. McDonalds. BFAWU union members at six south London stores.

47. University and College Union (UCU) members at 60 universities.

48. Corbyn's 2019 manifesto.

49. South Yorkshire, where he was repeatedly heckled on a visit.

50. Prince Andrew, in a car-crash of an interview on the BBC.

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The Great Big Socialist Party Quiz 2019


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