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From The Socialist newspaper, 1 May 2004

2004 May Day Greetings

Some of the greetings we have received:

No to cuts in services

Campaigning to stop the council Tax rip-off

May Day Greetings from Leyton and Leytonstone Socialist Party branch

Walthamstow Socialist Party Branch

May Day greetings to the socialist leading the way in reaffirming the ideas of genuine socialism

Revolutionary greetings from Manchester Socialist Party to all CWI branches and sections.

Special mention in Manchester to the journalists fighting on several fronts, and DAF electricians fighting cowboy constructors. Forward to world revolution and socialism!

Swansea Socialist Party Members & Supporters

Campaigning for a Socialist Alternative -

First in Castle Ward - Then the World!

(you've got to think big)

Port Talbot Socialist Party Members, Supporters & Baglan Babies

Fighting to Defend our NHS against Blairite privatisation and downgrading!

Socialist Party Wales

Salutes the 20th anniversary of the heroic miners strike and congratulates Vi John on her 20th anniversary of Party membership - a socialist fighter for the miners, her community and the working class internationally.

Fraternal Greetings from Hillingdon Socialist Party branch

East London Socialist Party says:

Defend Trade union rights. Support Newham council workers, fighting New labour's attacks on UNISON. End the unions' funding of New Labour. Campaign for a new workers' party to represent working class people.

May Day Greetings from Camden Socialist Party where Marx lived and wrote his major works.

May Day Greetings from Lewisham Socialist Party, and from Ian Page and Chris Flood, Socialist Party councillors on Lewisham council

No to Cuts! No to Privatisation!

Merseyside Socialist Party

Forward to a new mass workers party.

Tyneside Socialist Party Send May Day Greetings.

Defend Public Sector Jobs and Services

End Occupation of Iraq
For a New Mass Workers' Party
For the Socialist Transformation of Society

Forward to World Socialism


Shorten the working day!

Raise the masses to new life and,

To proceed, not from what is possible

But from what is real!

Anne Ursell, Kent branch

May Day Greetings to all Socialist Party voters in Stevenage and all workers internationally, from Stevenage Branch

SOCIALIST PARTY SOUTH WEST salutes workers and youth in struggle and sends revolutionary greetings to all sections of the CWI! Forward to international socialism!

"In asserting the dictatorship of the dollar over the whole world, the ruling class of the united states will introduce the contradictions of the whole world into the very basis of its own dominance. The economy and the politics of the united states will depend more and more directly upon crises, wars and revolutions in all parts of the world." LEON TROTSKY - 1932

Socialist greetings from the Socialist Group on Coventry City Council: Dave Nellist, Karen Mackay and Rob Windsor, The Council House, Earl Street, Coventry, CV1 5RR

The Isle of Wight Socialist Party branch sends May Day Greetings to trade unionists and socialists around the world.

20 years on since the 1984-85 miners strike. On the I.O.W the working class people supported the miners' strike with money and food. Wales miners visited the I.O.W

Karl Marx visited the Isle of Wight three times (Ryde twice and Ventnor once)

May day greetings from Nottingham Socialist Party. End the occupation of Iraq, let the Iraqi people decide. Forward to a Socialist world.

Twenty years since the Miners' Strike...lessons for today and tomorrow

Greetings from Mansfield & North Derbyshire Socialist Party

Leicester Socialist Party Sends May Day greetings to all comrades and class fighters. Keep fire in your hearts and your papers dry

Martin Powell-Davis, Socialist Party candidate in the National Union of Teachers General Secretary election, sends May Day greetings: Defending Teachers, Defending Education

Socialist Party members in the National Union of Teachers send May Day Greetings to readers of the socialist. Fight the Pay Freeze. No to SATS.

Defend public services, End low pay

No to privatisation

Brian Blake, Ealing Unison, personal capacity

"The following CWI and Socialist Party candidates standing as part of the Left Unity slate for the PCS NEC elections send May Day Greetings to The Socialist
Janice Goodrich (President Candidate)
Danny Williamson
Mark Baker
Rob Williams
Marion Lloyd
John McInally
Chris Baugh

For fighting, democratic and independent trade unions based on workers rights, solidarity, and internationalism."

"Gary Jones and Bernard Roome, Socialist Party Members on the NEC of the Communication Workers Union send May Day greetings to communication workers throughout the world. Only international class solidarity will defeat capitalist globalisation."

Ipswich and District trades Union Council

May Day Greetings to the Socialist Party

Workers of the World Unite to overthrow the globalisation of capitalism

Andrew Price (Cardiff branch Socialist Party and NATFHE NEC member FE Wales) sends May Day Greetings to all trade unionists.

  • Oppose all forms of job evaluation and performance related pay in post 16 education
  • Oppose the union leadership's plans to undermine democracy in NATFHE

  • May Day Greetings to The Socialist from Linda Taaffe, National Executive NUT, personal capacity. Performance Pay, No Way

    Manchester NUJ

    "Manchester branch salutes all sisters and brothers fighting for workers' rights and media freedom"

    May Day Greetings from Adrian O'Malley, Chair, and Mick Griffiths, Secretary, Wakefield and Pontefract Hospitals Unison Branch, (Personal capacity.)

    Fight Privatisation! Defend Public Services!

    Brighton and Hove District Trades Union Council sends May Day Greetings to workers throughout the world. "An injury to one is an injury to all"

    Brighton and Hove TUC unemployed workers centre:

    4 Crestway Parade, Hollingdean, Brighton BN1 7BL - - Tel: 01273 540 717

    Fighting Poverty Amidst Plenty

    Brighton and Hove TUC Unemployed Workers Centre Brings May Day Greetings to Workers & all Those fighting imperialism and oppression

    Oppose Blunkett's Racist Attacks on Asylum Seekers

    No to Privatisation and PFI

    No to New Labour's Oil Ears




  • From PCS DTLR Bristol and South West branch

    To all those in the CWI fighting for international socialism

    May Day greetings from PCS Branch Officers

    Mark Baker (Secretary), Roger Thomas (Chair), Rob Nash (Assistant Secretary), Bernie Lyons (Treasurer) (all in personal capacities)

    And from all our Socialist Party members and supporters in the DTLR Bristol and South West branch

    "A small axe can fell a large tree only if it is sharp enough" Leon Trotsky

    TGWU 1/1347 Branch Brighton

    On this workers day

    We declare our support

    For a new workers party

    May Day Greetings from socialist party members on the National Executive Council of Unison

    Roger Bannister, Raph Parkinson and Jean Thorpe

    Workers representatives for Unison members at local, regional, national and international level.

    Injury to one is an injury to all

    Southampton District Unison Branch

    May Day Greetings from Southampton District Unison Branch. Stop the BNP.





    May Day Greetings From East Midlands Unison members (all personal capacity)

    Jean Thorpe, Nottingham City Unison Branch Chair

    Vicky Ingram, Derbyshire County Unison Branch Joint Secretary

    Josie Nicholls, Secretary Leicestershire County Unison

    John Merrell, Secretary East Midlands Gas Southern Branch

    The Gauche Revolutionnaire, French section of the CWI, with a mass and active May Day to the workers and youth of Britain and all over the world. ( Pour un monde débarrassé de la guerre de la misère et de l'exploitation. Vive le Socialism!

    "Socialist greetings from Offensief to all socialists worldwide"

    Offensief, Dutch section of the CWI & Johan Kwisthout, city councillor for the Dutch SP in Breda (personal capacity)

    Revolutionary socialist Greetings

    to the Socialist, from "Xekinima" the section of the CWI in Greece

    On behalf of the Socialist Party, the Irish Section of the CWI, I would like to extend mayday greetings to readers of The Socialist on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the CWI.

    Over the last six months, Ireland has held the Presidency of the E.U., while governments throughout Europe have stepped up their offensive against the jobs, conditions and pensions of workers under the E.U.'s neo-liberal "Lisbon Agenda". However, the past months have also seen workers throughout Europe fight back against these attacks. In Dublin, the campaign against the bin tax and to maintain the refuse service as a public service financed from central taxation saw hundreds of workers mobilise in communities and 22 people go to prison. I would like to thank our comrades and friends in Britain who supported us in this struggle.

    I wish The Socialist continuing success in its engagement with workers' struggles against war, imperialism, privatisations and racism and in raising consciousness of the socialist alternative.

    Joe Higgins T.D.

    For working class unity and international socialism

    Solidarity greetings from Scotland International Socialists

    Mayday greetings to our comrades in England and Wales from Socialist Alternative (CWI in Canada and Quebec).

    The Committee for a Workers International (CWI) sends revolutionary greetings to workers and youth throughout the world

  • End the Occupation of Iraq
  • Defeat the new Imperialism
  • International Solidarity and Socialism to defeat capitalism
  • Build a world party of socialist Revolution
  • The CWI, founder in 1974, has members working over 35 countries on every continent.

    Details: CWI, PO Box 3688, London E11 1YE. Tel: ++44 20 8988 8760. Email,

    Greetings to the Socialist Party on May Day from the SP in Australia

    Youth against Racism in Europe

    The BNP have no solutions!

    Unite to fight for jobs, homes & services

    No to police racism -- end stop and search

    Defend the right to asylum

    For a society based on need not profit

    PO Box 858, London E11 1YG

    020 8558 7947

    Socialist Books

    Greetings on the 30th Anniversary of the Committee for a Workers International, to all our customers and comrades around the world.

    Visit our website

    Send for our booklists: Socialist books, PO Box 24697, London, E11 1YD, Tel 020 8988 8789, Fax 020 8988 8787 email:

    May Day Greetings from Socialism Today, monthly magazine of the Socialist Party.

    Socialist Party Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender group

    · For LGBT liberation and international socialism

    · Repeal all discriminatory laws

    Meeting 8th May to discuss capitalist images of lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender people in the media and other topics.

    Visit our website at

    Socialist Party LGBT PO Box 24697, London E11 1YD

    International Socialist Resistance

    International Solidarity from International Socialist Resistance.

    No more blood for Oil!

    Defend School student's right to strike and protest

    Fighting against capitalism and the attacks on young people, from racism to the cuts in Education, low pay and unemployment

    For a socialist world without war and terror

    020 8558 7947

    PO Box 858 London E11 1YG

    Capitalism means war, poverty and environmental destruction. Join the fight to change society. For a socialist world! From Brunel Socialist Students Society.

    Donate to the Socialist Party

    Coronavirus crisis - Finance appeal

    The coronavirus crisis has laid bare the class character of society in numerous ways. It is making clear to many that it is the working class that keeps society running, not the CEOs of major corporations.

    The results of austerity have been graphically demonstrated as public services strain to cope with the crisis.

    The government has now ripped up its 'austerity' mantra and turned to policies that not long ago were denounced as socialist. But after the corona crisis, it will try to make the working class pay for it, by trying to claw back what has been given.

    • The Socialist Party's material is more vital than ever, so we can continue to report from workers who are fighting for better health and safety measures, against layoffs, for adequate staffing levels, etc.
    • Our 'fighting coronavirus workers' charter', outlines a programme to combat the virus and protect workers' living conditions.
    • When the health crisis subsides, we must be ready for the stormy events ahead and the need to arm workers' movements with a socialist programme - one which puts the health and needs of humanity before the profits of a few.
    Inevitably, during the crisis we have not been able to sell the Socialist and raise funds in the ways we normally would.
    We therefore urgently appeal to all our viewers to donate to our special coronavirus appeal.

    Please donate here.

    All payments are made through a secure server.

    My donation £


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    In The Socialist 1 May 2004:

    Iraq: End The Bloodshed

    Iraq: Bush's Bloody 'Ambassador'


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