The Socialist

The Socialist 23 September 2020

Tory Covid chaos

The Socialist issue 1102

Tory Covid chaos

North East lockdown: simmering anger at Tory incompetence

Testing shambles: unions must fight back

Johnson's schools social-distancing lie

Dispatches from the front - chaotic schools are not safe!

A day in the life of a salon worker

Workplace news in brief

'FinCEN Files' expose rampant financial corruption: nationalise the banks!

Extend eviction ban! Cap rents! Build council homes!

News in brief

Covid and the campuses

Why we joined the Socialist Party

Fund NHS and pay rise now

Coventry: Socialist Students is back

Liverpool Council must save care homes

Sussex: Hands off Peacehaven schools

Fighting fund: One week to raise 3,444

The Socialist: More than a newspaper

Thailand: Youth rising against hated junta

TV: The English Game - how the working class made football the people's game

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