The Socialist

The Socialist 2 December 2020

Better for billionaires, Worse for workers

The Socialist issue 1112

Spending Review. Unions must resist return to austerity

What will the spending review mean for me?

Napo kickstarts fight against pay freeze

Better for billionaires. Worse for workers

Arcadia and Debenhams closures: Nationalise to save jobs and pensions

Scotland: Campaign wins end to period poverty

NHS: Underfunded, understaffed, underpaid

News in brief

Where is devolution heading?

Don't let the festive season be one of misery for retail workers

Equity union conference calls for radical change - now lead a fight!

Solidarity with Brighton UCU strike - we won't pay for Covid crisis

East London teachers strike in support of victimised union rep

Heathrow workers strike against 'fire and rehire' plans

Hackney: Stop plan to halve school support staff!

Pay freeze protest Homerton Hospital

Unison general secretary ballot closes

'Building back greener' - yet more Tory greenwash

Conflict in Ethiopia: ethnic-linguistic divisions are the historical product of capitalist inequality

Review: Friedrich Engels - Condition of the working class in England

Socialism 2020 feedback

Wales TUSC plans to mount an electoral challenge

Rent strikers' victory in Manchester student halls

Labour meeting lets MP get away with 'Spycops' abstention

Selling the Socialist

Fighting fund target smashed!

TV: The Social Dilemma

Fast fashion, big profits, low pay

Diego Maradona - Working-class rebel, football genius

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The Socialist 2 December 2020, Better for billionaires, Worse for workers