The Socialist

The Socialist 16 February 2001

"Bog Off" Blair



Education - Labour's Year Zero

Drugs giants scramble for profits

Sellafield's lethal gas

Scottish Socialists weigh up ambitious plans

Arrests at Faslane's big blockade

Socialist ideas and organisation for the 21st century

Israeli election: A new period of insecurity


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The Socialist 16 February 2001, "Bog Off" Blair


LABOUR'S NIGHTMARE EDUCATION PLANS: THE DAYS of "bog standard" comprehensives are over says Tony Blair. In practice he's announced the end of comprehensive education and the opening up of education to big business. New Labour are returning...


LABOUR'S HOLLOW PROMISES: LAST WEEK Tony Blair announced plans to increase the numbers of university students. He claims by the year 2010 half of under-30-year olds will have been to university. On the same day education secretary...

spotEducation - Labour's Year Zero

What we think: NEW LABOUR'S plans for a second term, outlined last week, focus primarily on education. These were so outrageously right wing that the Tories' education spokesperson, Teresa May, said indignantly that...

spotDrugs giants scramble for profits

THIS WEEK, two competing journals claimed they'd revealed the entire genetic code of a human, writes Roger Shrives.

spotSellafield's lethal gas

BRITISH NUCLEAR Fuels Ltd (BNFL) has been constantly releasing the radioactive gas krypton 85 from its THORP reprocessing facility at Sellafield in Cumbria, since its opening in 1994, writes Alistair McConnell.

spotScottish Socialists weigh up ambitious plans

Philip Stott, from the Committee for a Workers International (CWI - the international socialist organisation which the Socialist Party is affiliated to) in Scotland reports on the conference of the Scottish Socialist Party, held in Glasgow...

spotArrests at Faslane's big blockade

OVER 350 people were arrested in the "Big Blockade" at Faslane, a protest at the nuclear submarine base in Scotland which holds Britain's Trident fleet...

spotSocialist ideas and organisation for the 21st century

Britain: THE NATIONAL conference of the Socialist Party in England and Wales took place in London on 10-12 February...

spotIsraeli election: A new period of insecurity

NETANYAHU WAS deposed after three years, Barak after only 18 months, and Sharon's term in office as prime minister will probably be even shorter...