The Socialist

The Socialist 4 October 2002

Mass Anti-War Demo

Anti-War Protest - A Defining Moment

Stoke-on-Trent: Fighting The BNP's Racist Lies

The Biggest Anti-War Demo In Britain - Ever

Tube Strike 'Solid'

Che Guevara - Revolutionary Fighter

Socialist Success In Sweden

Washington IMF protests


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The Socialist 4 October 2002, Mass Anti-War Demo

spotAnti-War Protest - A Defining Moment

THE 28 September 'Don't attack Iraq' demonstration was an immense display of opposition to war

spotStoke-on-Trent: Fighting The BNP's Racist Lies

THE NEO-Nazi British National Party (BNP) are standing a candidate in the mayoral election in Stoke-on-Trent on 17 October. This has galvanised opposition to the BNP's vile racist propaganda, writes Andy Bentley.

spotThe Biggest Anti-War Demo In Britain - Ever

A SEA of up to 400,000 protesters flooded into the Embankment, London on 28 September to say 'No' to war against Iraq

spotTube Strike 'Solid'

A 24-HOUR strike by London Underground workers on 24 and 25 September saw only a handful of the 600 drivers crossing picket lines, writes By Manny Thain.

spotChe Guevara - Revolutionary Fighter

THIRTY-FIVE years ago the Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara was murdered in the Bolivian jungle by his CIA interrogators

spotSocialist Success In Sweden

THE SOCIALIST spoke to two of the CWI's (Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna, RS) new councillors, elected on 15 September in the Swedish town of Luleå

spotWashington IMF protests

Fighting War, Poverty And Exploitation: THOUSANDS OF demonstrators staged a spirited march and rally as part of a week of events against the IMF and World Bank in Washington DC this past weekend - despite the arrest of 659 people by police, writes Alan Jones, New York City.