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The Socialist 13 November 2004

Withdraw The Troops

Withdraw The Troops

Big events will shake Bush win

How Could Bush Win?

A balance sheet on Nader's campaign

Civil Servants Strike

Civil servants show Blair they mean business

Great display of solidarity

Defend Pension Rights

We won't work till we drop

Fight for your future

Why the North East said 'no'

Organising against low pay

Support Jag workers' fight for jobs

Massive vote for social change in Uruguay

Slovakia solidarity appeal:

Film director's Murder sparks racist backlash


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The Socialist 13 November 2004, Withdraw The Troops

spotWithdraw The Troops

Enlarge: The reckoning to come: detail from Socialism Today cover
AS SOON as the US elections were out of the way, the bloody assault on Fallujah began...

spotBig events will shake Bush win

There is deep disappointment in Britain and worldwide at the victory of Bush in the US elections. This, however, does not justify drawing pessimistic conclusions for the future or insulting the US people, as did the Daily Mirror: "How...

spotHow Could Bush Win?

Democrats’ Failure Shows Need for New Party: Tens of millions are deeply dismayed at the victory of George W. Bush and the Republicans, and are asking, "How could Bush have won?"...

spotA balance sheet on Nader's campaign

SOCIALIST ALTERNATIVE members participated in the Nader/Camejo 2004 election campaign, giving critical support to Nader's anti-war, anti-corporate, pro-health care, pro-worker agenda...

spotCivil Servants Strike

Civil servants on strike
Birmingham: WE RECEIVED so many reports from PCS picket lines that we were unable to carry them all in the socialist. Below is a round-up of the inspiring story of the 5 November strike to defend jobs and services...

spotCivil servants show Blair they mean business

Civil servants on strike
OVER 200,000 civil servants went on strike on 5 November, against the government's threat to 104,000 jobs and attacks on pensions, pay and sick leave...

spot Great display of solidarity

spotDefend Pension Rights

THE FUTURE of our pensions is one of the most worrying questions for workers in Britain. People are living longer and both government and private employers want to shift the cost on to working-class people's backs...

spotWe won't work till we drop

UNISON: Nominate Roger Bannister: "TWO MILLION council workers have been lumbered with a pathetic pay deal for three years, now the government is making further attacks on our pension scheme."...

spotFight for your future

ISR/Socialist Students conference: With only days to go, the ISR and Socialist Student conference looks set to be the biggest yet! Our opening 'Fight for your future' rally will have speakers talking about campaigning in their workplaces, schools and colleges...

spotWhy the North East said 'no'

THE NORTH East of England gave a crushing 'No' vote to New Labour's plans for a Regional Assembly. The referendum's turnout was over 47%, with a massive 78% voting against. The government has since been forced to shelve plans for...

spotOrganising against low pay

THE NATIONAL Union of Journalists (NUJ) organised a very successful conference on 6 November on how the union could organise a national fightback against low pay...

spot Support Jag workers' fight for jobs

spotMassive vote for social change in Uruguay

OVERSHADOWED BY the US elections, voters in Uruguay ousted the country's traditional capitalist parties and voted in Tabare Vazquez of Frente Amplio (Broad Front) as President...

spotSlovakia solidarity appeal:

THE MANAGEMENT of the Austrian based multinational Neusiedler in Ruzomberok, a town in central Slovakia, has handed out redundancy notices to workers involved in organising a new trade union...

spotFilm director's Murder sparks racist backlash

A SPATE of anti-Muslim and racist attacks across the Netherlands has shocked Dutch workers and youth. The attacks follow the killing, on 2 November, of the controversial film director and journalist, Theo van Gogh, allegedly by...