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The Socialist 5 January 2006

NHS: Condition critical

NHS: Condition critical

'Reforms' destroying the National Health Service

Fighting back against the millionaires' system

Election divisions shows Iraq war is unwinnable for Bush

Behind the gas conflict

Striking against low pay


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The Socialist 5 January 2006, NHS: Condition critical

spotNHS: Condition critical

People with the same heart condition that Tony Blair was treated for - an irregular heartbeat - have been knocked off the waiting list of the Oxford Radcliffe NHS trust...

spot'Reforms' destroying the National Health Service

FOUNDATION HOSPITALS are one of many NHS 'reforms' backed by New Labour. When they were set up, NHS unions and health campaigners called foundation hospitals divisive and a 'dagger at the heart of the NHS'...

spotFighting back against the millionaires' system

2006 - a year of big changes: AT THE beginning of a new year, Socialist Party general secretary PETER TAAFFE looks back on the significant developments in 2005 and looks forward to the challenges that lie ahead for socialists in 2006...

spotElection divisions shows Iraq war is unwinnable for Bush

"IRAQ IS disintegrating. The first results from the parliamentary election last month show the country is dividing between the Shia, Sunni and Kurdish regions...

spotBehind the gas conflict

THE CUTTING of gas supplies to Ukraine by Russia's state-owned energy company, Gazprom, is intensifying the political antagonisms between Washington/EU capitals and Moscow...

spotStriking against low pay

ON 20 December 2005, 7,500 Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) members employed in magistrates courts took part in their first ever national strike in 800 years...