The Socialist

The Socialist 9 February 2006

Iraq: End the occupation

End the occupation

Socialists must build a united workers' movement to fight divisions

Bush not going Green

Strike for pension rights

Victory for trade union militancy

NHS - hands off our GP services!

Fighting the far-right BNP

Get organised, get active!

Campaign for a New Workers' Party

Venezuela: Women occupy Caracas factory

Venezuela: We are a mighty river

Sri Lanka: Back from the brink of war?

Are Trotsky’s ideas of socialist revolution still relevant today?


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The Socialist 9 February 2006, Iraq: End the occupation

spotEnd the occupation

Iraq death toll rises: BLAIR WANTED Iraq to be his legacy. It's that all right. But not the legacy of liberation, democracy and prosperity that he promised. No! 99, 100, 101 ...that's the ever-rising number of British soldiers killed. How many more...

spotSocialists must build a united workers' movement to fight divisions

Protests in London, photocredit Marc Vallee
THE PUBLICATION of cartoons depicting Mohamed in various European newspapers has provoked worldwide Muslim protests...

spotBush not going Green

HAS US president George Bush, the die-hard neo-conservative former Texan oil man, gone green? His state of the union speech attacked his country's "addiction" to imported oil. Instead, he proposed all manner of alternative...

spotStrike for pension rights

UNISON's ballot of its one million members is due to start on 20 February. UNISON will be joined by 11 other unions in defence of the local government pension scheme. The ballot will finish on 10 March, with the first strike...

spotVictory for trade union militancy

FOR NEARLY 13 years, further education (FE) in England and Wales has been market-driven, given the effective privatisation of the sector...

spotNHS - hands off our GP services!

PRIVATISATION OF General Practice is Labour's latest act of destruction of the NHS. In the former North Derbyshire coalfield and inner-city Derby, two General Practices are being put out to tender. The giant US company, United...

spotFighting the far-right BNP

ANTI-FASCIST protesters chanted "You're going down" and "where's your Fuehrer gone " outside far-right British National Party's (BNP) leader Griffin's trial in Leeds...

spotGet organised, get active!

International Socialist Resistance (ISR) and Socialist Students are holding their annual conference on 4 March 2006. We are aiming to get hundreds of young people and activists to it, to discuss and debate the way forward for...

spotCampaign for a New Workers' Party

Following the RMT conference on working-class representation supporters of the campaign for a new workers' party are now looking towards the conference on 19 March...

spotVenezuela: Women occupy Caracas factory

FOR THE past six weeks, a group of around 40 women have led a struggle for jobs and pay at the Selfex factory in the south east of Caracas...

spotVenezuela: We are a mighty river

'SOMOS UN rio crecido' ['we are a mighty river'] read one of the banners on the massive pro-Chávez (the country's radical, populist president) march on 4 February in Venezuela...

spotSri Lanka: Back from the brink of war?

JUST A week or so ago, the four-year long ceasefire in Sri Lanka's civil war was on the verge of collapse...

spotAre Trotsky’s ideas of socialist revolution still relevant today?

100th anniversary of the ‘Theory of Permanent Revolution’: ONE HUNDRED years ago, while in a St Petersburg jail awaiting trial for his leading role in the defeated 1905 Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky formulated the ‘Theory of Permanent Revolution’...