The Socialist

The Socialist 19 March 2008

Global Economic Crisis

Global economic crisis

Darling's 'more of the same' budget

Interest in socialist ideas on anti-war demo

Strike back against pay robbery!

Magic strike at Merlin school

School tries to evict pupils

Fight for decent youth facilities

Socialist Students

Anger and strength in the DWP workplaces

End the blacklist!

Support for Shelter staff

Pay more to get less

One law for them, another law for us

In brief

It's not that councillors can't's that they won't!

Sack the mayor - not the wardens!

Remote MPs' privileged lifestyle

Salford campaign reprieves women's centre

No more post office closures!

Following the Essex road

Socialist Party 2008 congress

Building a campaigning, fighting socialist party

Portugal: Strikes and mass protests against government


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