The Socialist

The Socialist 23 September 2008

Their failure, their system: make the capitalists pay

Their failure, their system: make capitalists pay

Scrap tuition fees!

Students seek out socialists!

Education a 'them and us' system

New Labour flounders in face of economic crisis

Make the super-rich pay!

Merseyside CNWP calls for socialist policies

Protesting against Bush and Brown's wars

LibDems aping the Tories

Them & us

Jamie's school dinner staff threatened with privatisation

Fighting the racist BNP in Stoke

We won't take the RAP on pollution

Health Trust concessions on Swansea casualty unit

Salford councillors play blame game

Civil service strike ballot begins

Workers vow to fight Ford's closure plans

North Staffs NSSN launched

Revolution and counter-revolution in Bolivia

The Dark Knight: Batman's latest crime-buster

McMafia: Crime Without Borders


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