The Socialist

The Socialist 28 October 2009

Support Postal Workers

Support postal workers

Support post workers, this is no time to equivocate

Postal strike reports: Defending the service

BBC Question Time panel - Workers' voice denied against BNP

BBC Griffin protest: Jobs and homes, not racism!

Far right shut out of Newport by mass protest

Socialism 2009 forum - can we build a party for working class people?

Huddersfield march for jobs

Young musicians support YFJ

Cardiff Socialist Student elected

Afghanistan: anti-war demo

Tamil Solidarity fights for boat refugees

Darling you're talking rubbish!

Energy giant 'fanciful to the point of paranoia'

80th anniversary of the Wall Street Crash: Capitalist failure - then and now

Strikes sweep across Yorkshire

Leeds bin strike: 92% vote to reject council's 'final' offer

Battle for jobs in Land Registry

Ex Ford/Visteon pensioners protest in Swansea

Leicester uni cuts protest

Call centres - public services on the cheap

Newport Rising 1839

Daily Mail homophobia

Film review - Capitalism: a love story

Conspirator: Lenin in Exile


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