The Socialist

The Socialist 28 February 2018

Workers strike back!

The Socialist issue 984

Corbyn's customs union dividing line: now stand firm for pro-worker Brexit

Save Our Square occupation: "This land is our land!"

Three major West Wales hospitals could close

Corbyn didn't collaborate with Stalinism - but with Trotskyists against it

Stormzy is right to slam Tories for Grenfell

KFC delivery crisis: make the bosses pay, not the workers!

Resist the Tory war on women

Workers strike back!

Lecturers strike around country in defence of pensions

University bosses rocked - strikes can save staff pensions!

Unite victory in EDF meter workers' union recognition fight

Corbynism shows 'Clause IV' still relevant a hundred years on

Socialist Students conference highlights successful work

200 years of Marxism meeting

United States: young people demand change after latest mass shooting

'Anti-austerity' Bristol Labour passes 34 million cuts budget

Newham: teaching workers and parents determined to halt academies

Building fund appeal: Behind the scenes at the Socialist Party office

Mary Jackson: funeral and memorial meeting

Union-led campaign beats Blairite attacks on homeless

Belper hospital threatened

Selling the Socialist in Stoke

What's behind the surge in eating disorders?

The Socialist inbox

Socialist anti-war exhibition opens in Kingston


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The Socialist 28 February 2018, Workers strike back!