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Workplace and TU campaigns / 35-hour week

9 November 2016

Horror of health-wrecking toil for Polish migrants

I am working as an interpreter for the NHS. I see Poles in hospitals and clinics who have problems with health. There are thousands of cases and there is no way to describe everything that I see every day.

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4 November 2015

Long hours ruining health without lifting productivity

Studies now show that working long hours doesn't just damage your health - it doesn't even get more done.

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May Day celebrations, photo Paul Mattsson

30 April 2014

May Day 2014 - Step up the fight for a socialist world!

The first of May is traditionally a day of international workers' solidarity, celebrated by working class fighters around the world

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28 November 2012

Answering the lies of the Con-Dems

On 5 December Tory axe-man Chancellor George Osborne will stand at the dispatch box in parliament and read out a long list of more pain-promising austerity measures...

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20 April 2012

Our Demands

Public services:

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Karl Marx: Profit is 'the unpaid labour of the working class'

Marx: Profit is 'the unpaid labour of the working class'

15 March 2012

Capitalism isn't working: Time to fight for socialist change

Unless you are part of the richest 1% then life under austerity is getting increasingly difficult. Peter Taaffe looks at the nature of capitalism

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National Shop Stewards Network demonstration and lobby of the TUC 11 September 2011, photo by Paul Mattsson

NSSN demo

13 September 2011

We need a programme of action to fight back!

Never before has it been more necessary for the trade unions and labour movement to combat the pessimism and hopelessness which pervades the capitalist media. Peter Taaffe outlines a positive, realistic programme against the abyss of mass unemployment and poverty which the capitalist system threatens.

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21 January 2011

Leicester rallies against cuts

The main public sector unions in Leicester, Unison, PCS, NUT, GMB and Unite organised a 300-strong rally on Wednesday 19 January outside Leicester town hall

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3 March 2010

Cut the working hours, not the jobs!

IN 1982, the official unemployment figure topped three million for the first time since the 1930s. Then came almost a decade of redundancies and industrial battles as work shifted away from manufacturing...

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17 November 2009

Unemployment and the working week

As unemployment soars Britain will still have the longest working week in the European Union. New Labour has consistently fought for the right to opt out of EU laws limiting the working week to a maximum...

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7 April 2009

National Union of Teachers Conference: Call national action on workload

What kind of a work/life balance is there for any teacher working a 52-hour week? More like all work/no life! Linda Taaffe writes.

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24 February 2009

Unemployment and working week

As unemployment soars Britain will still have the longest working week in the European Union. New Labour has consistently fought for the right to opt out of EU laws limiting the working week to a maximum...

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10 December 2008

Stop job cuts

Share out the work

For a 35-hour week with no loss of pay.

Create more jobs

Nationalise job-shedding companies. For massive investment in public housing and infrastructure projects.

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2 April 2008

Editorial: For a 35-hour week with no loss of pay

WITH 2,000 job losses projected out of a total workforce of 6,000 at Northern Rock, together with one third of all jobs in the financial sector going, the shadow of unemployment returns once more to haunt working-class areas...

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19 May 2005

The curse of long working hours

THE HYPOCRISY of the government and the bosses reached new depths last week...

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29 January 2005

Tube workers win 35-hour week through strike action

RMT rail union members working at London Underground stations have voted overwhelmingly to accept an offer from management to introduce a 35- hour week...

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4 September 2004

Defending the 35-hour week: The Profit System's The Problem, Not The Workers

Defending the 35-hour week: Minister for Europe and former trade union official Denis MacShane has recently claimed: "An obsession with the 35-hour week is now part of Europe's economic problem, not the solution."...

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13 April 2001

Knowsley Unison - Council Concedes Historic 35-Hours For All Deal

UNISON MEMBERS in Knowsley council on Merseyside have won a major victory in defending their 35-hour working week and extending it within the council workforce...

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30 March 2001

Teachers must stand firm

THE TEACHER shortage has brought many schools near to breaking point. Many teachers now work on average a 52-hour week, writes Linda Taaffe, National Union of Teachers (NUT) executive member, personal capacity.

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