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photo Paul Mattsson

11 March 2015

How can Russell Brand's call for revolution be achieved?

Everywhere you go, if there is struggle against austerity you'll probably find people talking about Russell Brand. His book Revolution describes itself as "the beginning of a conversation that will change the world"

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25 February 2015

Put the bankers in the stocks!

It's bankers' bonuses week! The public can expect a slew of media stories detailing how these capitalist parasites have once again stuffed their pockets with fabulous sums of money

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City Link workers and fellow trade unionists protesting outside the bankrupt company's headquarters on New Year's Day 2015, photo Coventry SP

City Link workers and fellow trade unionists protesting outside the bankrupt company's headquarters on New Year's Day 2015, photo Coventry SP

7 January 2015

Bankers get bonuses... workers get the boot

City Link redundancies: It was a happy new year for City banking bosses. With their bonuses, 121 members of Goldman Sachs were paid an average of 3 million each last year. It was not such a happy new year for everyone however

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19 November 2014

Fraudster bankers couldn't give a Forex

Just two years after the exposure of a series of fraudulent actions in the banking sector connected to the fixing of the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor), five banks have been collectively fined 2 billion by UK and US regulators for rogue traders' successful manipulation of the foreign exchange market

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6 August 2014

Regulating the banks? Don't make me laugh!

Deep in the heart of London, the world's largest centre for international finance, bankers are quivering in fear, writes Tessa Warrington.

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4 June 2014

Inclusive capitalism? You're having a laugh!

If you're going to have a press conference, have a dear one. Get the mayor of the City of London and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild to organise it...

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13 March 2014

Them & Us

Poverty safari: The idle rich used to go on big game safaris. Now it seems that 'poverty safaris' are all the rage

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19 February 2014

Barclay's bonuses - laughing all the way to the bank

It has been announced that Barclays Bank is to cut 10,000-12,000 jobs in 2014, 7,000 of which will be in the UK

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6 February 2014

Carlisle protest: "Bairns before bankers"

Socialist Party members were prominent in the recent lobby of Carlisle city council over budget cuts

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5 February 2014

Them & Us

Poor get poorer: We're still paying for the bankers' and capitalist crisis

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22 January 2014

Robert Burns, insurrectionary poet

Every year the narrow-minded, conservative Robert Burns establishment ritually recite the same few poems and repeat ancient propaganda myths about him

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22 January 2014

Benefits Street: A caricature of poverty

TV review: Channel 4's recent controversial "documentary" series, Benefits Street claimed to depict life for residents of poverty stricken James Turner Street in Winson Green, Birmingham

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20 January 2014

Pay me - I'm a banker!

Nationalise the banks to stop the fat-cats rip off rewards: It's a tough time for bankers. The EU has decided to cap bankers' bonuses at 100%, and so condemned those earning more than 410,000 to "only" get paid double their salary

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Tory London Mayor Boris Johnson, photo Paul Mattsson

4 December 2013

Boris - it's the system, stupid

Boris Johnson, the London Tory mayor, thinks working class people are poor because they are of low intelligence. These kinds of views are common among Tories as they need to justifiy the grotesque inequality that their system, capitalism, causes

More ...

4 December 2013

Why I believe in socialism

Seventeen year old Matt, a new member of York Socialist Party, gave a speech on 'why socialism' at his school

More ...

4 December 2013

Support the fightback in Con-Dems' Dickensian Britain

Socialist Party Christmas appeal: While wage cuts and fuel price rises are the norm for us, we can at least console ourselves that Britain is leading Europe in the number of bankers earning over 1 million

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25 October 2013

Waltham Forest Unison Health meeting

The fight is on to spread the campaign to save hospital services across the whole of the Barts Trust

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2 October 2013

Them & Us

Dirty donor: A money broker run by big Tory party donor and former party treasurer Michael Spencer has been fined 55 million for Libor interest rate rigging

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17 July 2013

Fight Royal Mail privatisation!

Bankers' snouts in the trough: Some of the investment banks being used by the government for the privatisation of Royal Mail are the very banks that created the global financial meltdown, writes a Royal Mail worker.

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26 June 2013

Farage's tax scandal hypocrisy

"Frankly, the world has changed, things that we thought were absolutely fair practice ten years, 20 years ago, 30 years ago aren't any more." So said Ukip leader Nigel Farage, when quizzed about his off-shore tax account in the Isle of Man

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