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Kings Cross, 5.2.13, photo Helen Pattison

12 February 2014

Tube strike first round: Trade Unions 1 - Johnson 0

As we go to press a second planned 48-hour London tube strike has been called off. The RMT and TSSA rail unions suspended their industrial action after London Underground (LU) bosses have been forced to

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RMT Pickets , photo Paul Mattsson

12 February 2014

London tube stoppages show workers can win

The London Underground dispute is already having the effect of lifting up the sights of trade unionists. Following the successful first strike management has suspended implementation of all elements of their cuts plan until 8 April.

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12 February 2014

Effective action builds

Kings Cross underground normally opens its gates at 4.50am. But the strike was 100% solid - not one worker was in and the doors were staying shut

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RMT and TSSA memebers protesting against the threatened London Underground cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

RMT and TSSA memebers protesting against the threatened London Underground cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

5 February 2014

Stop the tube cuts: Support the strikes!

As we go to press the RMT and TSSA unions on the London Underground (LU) are preparing for two rounds of 48-hour strike action on 4 and 11 February

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London Underground workers are defending jobs and a public service, photo Paul Mattsson

29 January 2014

Support the tube workers' strikes

No closure of ticket offices - stop job cuts - no compromise on passenger safety: The battle lines are being drawn ahead of the tube strikes which start on 4 February

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Protesting against the proposed London Underground ticket office closures and job cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

Protesting against the proposed London Underground ticket office closures and job cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

15 January 2014

RMT v Johnson: Union prepares to defend London Underground

The RMT London tube workers have voted by 77% in favour of action against the brutal attack on jobs and terms and conditions by London Underground, TfL management and Tory Mayor Boris Johnson hoping to have his 'miners moment'

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29 May 2013

This is what's 'not to like' about Free Schools, Boris

Tory London mayor Boris Johnson, writing in the London Evening Standard, attempted to portray opposition to 'Free Schools' as some kind of 'left-wing conspiracy', writes Martin Powell-Davies, National Union of Teachers executive (personal capacity).

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28 March 2013


62. We dealt with the question of migration in more depth in last year's perspectives document. The census results give a picture of the changed makeup of Britain's population...

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5 March 2013

London fire service cuts 'consultation'

The public consultation exercise has begun on proposals by the commissioner of the London Fire Brigade, Ron Dobson, supported by the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to close 12 fire stations, remove 18 engines and slash 520 frontline firefighter posts...

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22 August 2012

Tottenham: a year since the riots

A year after the riots in London, the promised money agreed by London Mayor Boris Johnson and local government minister Eric Pickles to regenerate the riot areas has not materialised, writes Jane James, Haringey and Enfield Socialist Party.

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2 February 2011

Tories have no solutions to youth crime

Boris Johnson visits Waltham Forest: Waltham Forest is a borough which has an above average rate of violent youth crime. This can have a devastating effect on the lives of people who live in our area, so the opportunity to ask questions at...

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1 September 2010

Battles ahead on London Underground

On 24 August, reps from transport unions TSSA and RMT met to discuss the first ever joint strike between the two unions on London Underground, writes Reg Johnstone, RMT.

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1 July 2009

Fast news

Blundering Boris: BORIS JOHNSON, the Tory London mayor, came into office on a 'clean up politics' and 'value for taxpayers' money' election ticket...

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16 July 2008

'Dear Boris' - we will NOT be silenced!

The Rise festival has been an anti-racist festival for years, sponsored by London's trade unions. But this year, new Tory mayor Boris Johnson declared that the festival shall no longer have its anti-racist theme...

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9 July 2008

High farce from Boris Johnson

"AFTER PRIDE comes the fall" is a saying often quoted to those who would celebrate prematurely, especially in politics. London Mayor Boris Johnson, himself a Classics graduate, may well be contemplating this as he surveys the fall-out from the resignation of Ray Lewis...

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9 July 2008

Marching against homophobia & racism

London Pride -: Members of the Socialist Party lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) group and London Socialist Party had a fantastic response when campaigning against homophobia on Saturday 5 July, writes Greg Randall, Convenor, Socialist Party LGBT group.

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2 July 2008

Boris Johnson reveals his real policies

THE SOCIALIST has warned previously that the Tory mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is a right-wing populist with a bias towards more affluent areas of outer London, where the bulk of his support is found, writes Neil Cafferky.

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28 May 2008

Johnson's Prince of Darkness

LONDON'S NEW Tory mayor Boris Johnson has appointed a ruthless private equity businessman as his "first deputy mayor" in charge of transport, writes Roger Shrives.

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14 May 2008

NHS under threat

Urgent action needed: JUST WEEKS before the 60th anniversary of the National Health Service, government plans to reorganise and privatise it could mean the end of a health service that is publicly owned and free at the point of use, writes Lois Austin.

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14 May 2008

What will Boris Johnson mean for London?

After the 1 May elections: BORIS JOHNSON'S election as Mayor of London capped a string of successes for the Conservatives in the 1 May local elections, indicating that a Tory victory in the next general election is a serious possibility, writes Neil Cafferky.

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