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20 May 2020

Rich get handouts - workers get pay cuts

Make the rich pay for the Covid crisis: Some of the richest people in the country are getting huge government handouts because of coronavirus. Meanwhile, millions are poorer as a result of the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic

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20 May 2015

Tories rig exams to favour rich students

I recently wrote a letter to Mr Neil Carmichael, Stroud's Conservative MP, about my concerns surrounding A-level reform - but was fed an unsatisfactory automated response

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19 May 2014

Mega-rich increase their wealth

To join this club you have to possess a minimum of 85 million. That's right, it's the annual publication of the Sunday Times Rich List

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24 April 2013

Times Rich List: Super-rich get richer ... again

Unemployment: The Sunday Times Rich List is always a sickening read. A who's-who of Britain and Ireland's biggest exploiters, heirs and speculators - scroungers of the worst kind...

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7 March 2013

Forbes Rich List exposes obscene inequality

The annual list of billionaires produced by Forbes Magazine has again seen records smashed by the world's hyper-rich, writes Matt Gordon.

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5 September 2012

Them & Us

Underemployment: It's well known that the official unemployment figures hide the true extent of the jobs crisis in many ways...

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13 June 2012

Super-rich Beecroft targets workers' rights

While YFJ calls for investment in job creation to solve unemployment others have different solutions, seeing the crisis as an opportunity to push their anti-worker agenda, writes Jeff Allen.

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Bankers protest by Walthamstow Socialist Party, photo by The Socialist

Bankers protest by Walthamstow Socialist Party, photo by The Socialist

2 May 2012

Rich list: The good times roll for the 0.00001%

"Those with the broadest shoulders will bear the largest load... we're all in this together." These, David Cameron's famous words to his first Conservative Party conference as prime minister, asked ordinary people to close their eyes to reality, writes Claire Laker-Mansfield.

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18 April 2012

The revolting philanthropy of the filthy rich

Oxford and Cambridge, universities of the elite, are "in revolt" against Chancellor George Osborne's plans to curb tax breaks the filthy rich gain from charitable donations, writes Pete Mason.

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21 March 2012

Them & Us

Super rich suffer cash piles: It seems that 'Broke Britain' ain't so broke. Cash holdings of big companies in Britain are standing at 731 billion. That's cash sitting in banks not being invested because of 'lack of confidence...

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16 March 2011

The rich get richer - by another $1 trillion

THE LATEST rich list produced by the Forbes magazine shows that the collective wealth of the world's 1,210 billionaires has reached a new record high of $4.5 trillion - up nearly $1 trillion on last year's total...

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27 October 2010

How the rich beat the taxman

TV review: A worker in Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and PCS union member comments on the recent Channel 4 Dispatches programme...

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4 August 2010

Rich just carry on getting richer

MAJOR SHAREHOLDERS in HSBC will look forward to big dividends as Britain's biggest bank saw its profits almost double to 7.2 billion over the six months up to June...

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2 June 2010

One Law for the rich...

CHIEF TREASURY secretary David Laws, described as "a genius" by colleagues, inflicted 6.2 billion of cuts in public spending which will hit millions of people...

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26 May 2010

Tory government says rich must pay less

CAMERON'S GOVERNMENT wants to cut public services drastically and make most people pay more through rising taxes (direct and indirect) to slash the deficit...

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27 April 2010

Filthy rich get richer

THE ANNUAL Sunday Times rich list was published on 25 April. It shows that at a time when we are all being told to prepare for 'tough times ahead' and massive cuts in services, public spending and welfare...

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No2EU candidates Dave Nellist (2nd left) and Bob Crow (right) with supporters launch the No2EU manifesto, photo D Carr

Dave Nellist (2nd left) and Bob Crow (right) with supporters launch No2EU, photo D Carr

3 February 2010

'Filthy rich' get richer: Challenge the bosses' greed!

Record wealth gap: AFTER 13 years of Labour rule, the gap between the rich and the rest of us is now wider than at any time for nearly 70 years, a new 460-page report from the 'National Equality Panel', a group of academics, shows that the wealth of the richest 10% of Britain's population is now 100 times that of the poorest 10%, writes Dave Nellist, Coventry Socialist Party councillor.

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29 April 2009

It's tough at the top!

THE SUNDAY Times 'Rich List', the annual survey that estimates the minimum wealth of Britain's 1,000 richest people, is usually an exercise in licking the ruling class' boots, writes Roger Shrives.

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15 October 2008

Mandelson - New minister for the rich

PETER MANDELSON, Baron of Foy and Hartlepool is now secretary of state for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and president of the Board of Trade...

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9 July 2008

Rich get richer: Why should we pay the price!

The 'Haves and Have Yachts' lead totally different lives to the rest of us. Last year an American journalist wrote a book about how the super-rich now live in their own world of gated mansions with butlers and servants, private schools and hospitals. He called this nation 'Richistan'...

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