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3 January 2018

Widening wealth gap, increase in poverty...make the fat cats pay

Don't put the party poppers away just yet. There's one last thing to celebrate. Fat Cat Thursday! Well, it's not exactly a celebration if you're working class. In fact its only the super-rich who actually enjoy the event.

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21 June 2017

The have-yachts and the have-nots

Trade unions must lead fightback: 1% of the population owns 14% of the UK's wealth

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30 March 2016

Fighting the great tax robbery: taxes and regulation or socialist nationalisation?

Tax avoidance has been in the headlines lately, provoking renewed calls to tax the rich and big business

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10 December 2014

Them & Us

Seasons' greetings: Christmas, we're told, is a time for giving and for families. And it appears to be Christmas all year for MPs' spouses and relatives who were paid a total 3.7 million from the public purse

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No2EU candidates Dave Nellist (2nd left) and Bob Crow (right) with supporters launch the No2EU manifesto, photo D Carr

Dave Nellist (2nd left) and Bob Crow (right) with supporters launch No2EU, photo D Carr

3 February 2010

'Filthy rich' get richer: Challenge the bosses' greed!

Record wealth gap: AFTER 13 years of Labour rule, the gap between the rich and the rest of us is now wider than at any time for nearly 70 years, a new 460-page report from the 'National Equality Panel', a group of academics, shows that the wealth of the richest 10% of Britain's population is now 100 times that of the poorest 10%, writes Dave Nellist, Coventry Socialist Party councillor.

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2 April 2008

End Labour's 'them and us' society

You could not make it up. Disgraced former Northern Rock chief executive Adam Applegarth will get a payout of 760,000!

More ...

6 September 2007

The growing wealth gap

The Super-Rich, the owners of Britain's industrial and financial giants, are getting enormously richer while workers are more and more forced to take industrial action merely to defend their pay, pensions and conditions...

More ...

3 May 2007

NHS cuts... privatisation... widening wealth gap

Jackie Grunsell, Save Huddersfield NHS campaign councillor, photo Alison Hill

Jackie Grunsell, Save Huddersfield NHS campaign councillor, photo Alison Hill

THE GOVERNMENT'S relentless attacks on the NHS show that health workers and NHS users need a new political party, as well as fighting trade unions...

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3 May 2007

Widening wealth gap needs working-class response

Editorial: What is Tony Blair's legacy? The Sunday Times has no doubts. Its latest 'Rich List' revealed that the wealth of the richest 1,000 people in Britain.

Analysis of the local election results will be posted from Friday onwards

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15 December 2006

The wealth gap widens

The unleashing of free-market, capitalist forces has deepened the chasm of inequality between rich and poor, capitalist and worker, both across the globe and within all countries...

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16 November 2006

Iraq, corruption and wealth gap send Republicans into a tail-spin

But corporate Democrats offer no real alternative: THE REPUBLICANS and Bush have suffered a 'thumping' political defeat. Bush himself admitted it, adding, "I didn't see it coming. But what would I know?"...

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7 August 2004

Wealth Gap Widens Under Blair

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) latest report, 'The State of the Nation' confirms what we know only too well - Britain is deeply divided...

More ...

1 November 2003

Wealth gap widens The Low Pay Scandal Exposed

Special Feature: NEW LABOUR came to power in 1997 promising to introduce a minimum wage. They claimed it would eradicate child poverty within 20 years. But low pay is still the major issue for thousands of workers. Ken...

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17 May 2003

Wealth Gap Widens Under Blair: Make The Rich Pay!

THERE IS now the biggest wealth gap between the filthy rich and the poorest in society for 13 years. What's more, poverty levels under Tony Blair are worse even than they were under arch-Tory Margaret...

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23 November 2001

WTO Policies Increase Wealth Gap

"THE WORLD Trade Organisation's (WTO) ministerial meeting here [Doha, in the Gulf state of Qatar] often seemed like a giant children's party, writes Dave Carr.

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