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16 December 2020

Rich countries hoarding vaccine is danger to us all

The Covid-19 pandemic has been truly global in character, with every nation reporting cases. Why is it then, that as the first vaccine shipments leave the factories, your ability to access it will depend

More ...

18 September 2018

Big drugs companies dodge 3 billion pounds in tax

Big pharmaceutical companies may be dodging up to 3 billon in tax, contributing to crises in health systems worldwide, including our NHS

More ...

23 May 2018

New Ebola threat

A new outbreak of Ebola has begun in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In 2014-16 some 28,000 people were infected in West Africa. 11,600 of them died.

More ...

25 January 2017

St Austell: STPs attacked

"My son was assessed four months ago but is still waiting for a carer," a mother told a packed consultation meeting - the St Austell leg of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan public relations tour

More ...

4 November 2015

Them & Us

It's one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us. Pharmaceutical profiteering, unemployment benefit decreases versus bosses idling on Twitter.

More ...

9 September 2015

Heartless Tories chop funds for life-extending cancer drugs

NHS England has stopped supplying at least 17 life-extending medications from its 'Cancer Drugs Fund' to save money, writes Alison Hill, cancer survivor.

More ...

16 April 2014

Tamiflu scandal exposes bloodsucking big pharma

Nineteenth century snake oil sellers travelled the USA, claiming they could cure all manner of illnesses, writes Jon Dale.

More ...

12 February 2014

NHS: Kick out big Pharma

Last week the Socialist published a feature article on the National Health Service - 'Big Pharma's deadly grip' - which showed how profit hungry multinational drug companies are bleeding the NHS dry

More ...

5 February 2014

Who's robbing our NHS?

The National Health Service is under attack as never before. This feature looks at the effect of a huge government push for privatisation and the predatory actions of the pharmaceutical industry

More ...

17 July 2013

Another drugs company scam

Up to 100 million has been stolen from the public purse by profit-hungry pharmaceutical companies according to the British Medical Association (BMA)

More ...

23 April 2008

Why drug firms should be nationalised

Seroxat scandal: IN MAY 2003, Britain's biggest drug company Glaxo-SmithKline (GSK) handed a document to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), writes Alan Manley, nurse and Unison member Dundee.

More ...

14 June 2007

Prescription for profit

The pharmaceutical industry: IN 2005, the health service spent 11 billion on medicines. Most of these drugs were sold to the NHS by the few huge multinationals who dominate the pharmaceutical...

More ...

22 February 2007

Drug companies squeeze profits out of health

AN OFFICE of Fair Trading (OFT) report says that the NHS is paying the pharmaceutical companies hundreds of millions of pounds too much for drugs...

More ...

16 November 2006

Don't 'unfetter' drug giants

THE WHITE House is lobbying Blair's government to give the world's pharmaceutical giants - largely US-owned - unrestricted access to the NHS as part of the package of 'free market' health service reforms....

More ...

20 April 2006

Super-profits from illness

The scandal of drug companies and the NHS: THE SERIOUS Fraud Office has just launched criminal proceedings against five drug companies, over the alleged price-fixing of drugs supplied to the NHS...

More ...

24 November 2005

The Constant Gardener directed by Fernando Mereilles

Adapted from the novel by John Le Carr...

More ...

20 October 2005

Take over the drug companies

THE SPREADING of the bird 'flu virus has shown up the complacency of governments and the big pharmaceutical firms' hard-faced profiteering...

More ...

27 April 2001

Drug companies: so much for the free market

DRUG COMPANIES, making medicines that could save millions of lives, recently brought a court action against the South African government, writes Jon Dale.

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