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2 May 2012

Them & Us

Chancellor George Gideon Osborne assured us recently that he's not quite wealthy enough to be eligible for the 50p top rate of tax which he just scrapped, so wouldn't personally benefit.

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10 April 2012

PCS says 'shocking' tax avoidance shows cuts are unnecessary

Commenting on reports chancellor George Osborne was "shocked" by levels of tax avoidance by millionaires, Public and Commercial Services union general secretary Mark Serwotka said:...

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21 March 2012

Another repugnant Tory-Liberal budget for big business and the rich

Trying to fit in with the angry mood of ordinary people against bankers' bonuses, bailouts and other windfalls of the rich, Tory chancellor Osborne in his budget speech called tax evasion by the wealthy "morally repugnant"

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Karl Marx: Profit is 'the unpaid labour of the working class'

Marx: Profit is 'the unpaid labour of the working class'

15 March 2012

Capitalism isn't working: Time to fight for socialist change

Unless you are part of the richest 1% then life under austerity is getting increasingly difficult. Peter Taaffe looks at the nature of capitalism

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Socialism Today 156 - March 2012

Socialism Today 156, March

3 March 2012

Striking back in austerity Britain

Arrogant, out-of-touch Con-Dem politicians actually believed they had defeated trade union opposition to their savage austerity measures after last year's strikes. Yet a number of key unions are poised to strike-back on 28 March - and significant private-sector struggles continue. Peter Taaffe writes.

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30 November 2011

The Tory solution to pensioner poverty?

The winter fuel allowance scandal: You will have heard of Good King Wenceslas. You may not have heard of his evil twin Bad King Wenceslas, writes Derek McMillan.

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29 November 2011

Con-Dems' autumn statement: 'pain now, pain tomorrow and more pain for longer'

"The train is heading over the cliff", declared an MP, about the economy. Now George Osborne has taken some desperate measures to try to partially alleviate the nightmare, but the autumn statement is not a 'Plan B'

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24 March 2011

How can we stop them?

The government is trying to cow the working class by the sheer scale of the cuts. Two thirds of public-sector bodies are reported to be making job cuts...

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23 March 2011

Little to laugh about in 'Carry On Cuts' budget

Like so many sequels, George Osborne's second full budget as Chancellor will be a disappointing re-run of the first. Working class people will find little to cheer them, writes Sean Figg.

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1 December 2010

Bankers: The new untouchables?

THE BANKERS' astronomical pay just won't go away, however much the Con-Dems wish it would. George Osborne asked the banks (nicely) to tell him how many of their staff earned over 1 million a year (remember:...

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3 November 2010

Con-Dem shock therapy - midwife to a double dip?

The comprehensive spending review (CSR) announced by the Tory chancellor, George Osborne, on 20 October will be a high-voltage charge of shock therapy for the British economy, writes Lynn Walsh, Socialist Party executive committee.

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Thousands of trade unionists march in London against cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

Thousands of trade unionists march in London against cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

27 October 2010

Mass action urgent against programme for poverty

So brutal, so vicious are the 81 billion cuts announced by George Osborne on 'Axe Wednesday' that nothing short of action of mass dimensions by the organised might of the labour movement is acceptable, writes Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary.

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20 October 2010

Osborne mugs poor to pay for rich

HAVING MUGGED the public with 83 billion of cuts in public spending (to plug the budget deficit caused by bailing out the failed banking system), millionaire chancellor George Osborne has, hypocritically, rounded on alleged benefit fraudsters, accusing them of 'mugging taxpayers'...

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15 September 2010

Osborne targets the needy

A LEAKED letter from chancellor George Osborne to work and pensions minister Iain Duncan Smith reveals that the coalition government intends to slash spending by 2.5 billion on disabled people or those too ill to work...

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National Shop Stewards Network conference 2010

National Shop Stewards Network conference 2010

29 July 2010

Shop Stewards conference

National Shop Stewards Network conference 2010 - click here for reports and more videos

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7 July 2010

How will George Osborne's budget affect families?

"It's class war, isn't it?" This was the view of a woman asked by the BBC what she thought of George Osborne's emergency budget, the day after it was announced, writes Eleanor Donne and Vicky Perin.

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Only one choice... Fight Back!

30 June 2010

Only one choice... Fight back!

Government's swingeing cuts: Millionaire Tory leaders George Osborne and David Cameron are going to write to every public sector worker in the country to ask where the billions of pounds of public spending cuts should be made, writes Nancy Taaffe, Library worker.

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No to privatisation of services. Swansea Unison workers protest against cuts and privatisation in Wales , photo Socialist Party Wales

No to privatisation of services

16 June 2010

Millionaire ministers savage public services

Bloodbath Budget 22 June: Deeper cuts, faster cuts, tougher cuts. This is what Tory chancellor George Osborne promises in his 'austerity' budget, saying public debt is "worse than we thought"...

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