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14 July 2021

Kazakhstan: Solidarity with protesters attacked by regime forces

The Committee for a Workers' International has received an appeal for solidarity from a group of left activists in Kazakhstan, known as 'Red Yurt', following a vicious attack by state security forces on a demonstration in Almaty, the country's largest city.

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12 July 2021

Kazakhstan: Nur Otan regime attacks peaceful protest

The Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) has received from a group of left activists in Kazakhstan known as 'Red Yurt' an account of a vicious attack on a demonstration in Almaty and an appeal for solidarity.

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8 February 2017

Syria: Is an end to the war in sight?

The military victory in Aleppo by Assad's regime and its foreign backers was a turning point in the war in Syria. It has put the Syrian government once more in formal control of the country's main urban centres. Serge Jordan of the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) examines if this is the prelude to a broader peace settlement that could end the horrors inflicted on the Syrian people.

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19 December 2016

Fifth anniversary of Zhanaozen massacre

The anniversary on Friday 16th December of the Zhanaozen massacre in Kazakhstan in 2011 was marked around the world by protests to embassies and within Kazakhstan itself by groups of activists coming onto the squares and being surrounded by anxious police

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27 May 2016

Solidarity with protesters in Kazakhstan

Protesters from Campaign Kazakhstan and the Socialist Party delivered a letter to the Kazakhstan embassy in London condemning the actions of the Nazarbeyev regime

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25 May 2016

Mass protests against regime take on Kazakhstan cops

Hundreds and thousands of people - young and old - set out to join countrywide protests on 21 May against Kazakhstan's vicious Nazarbayev regime. They were met with an enormous police operation to prevent them reaching the squares for the demonstrations. But, "the people have awoken!" as one campaigner put it.

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30 March 2016

Kazakhstan: Treatment of political prisoners condemned

On 10 March, MEPs in Strasbourg agreed a condemnation of the Kazakhstan's President Nazarbayev regime's treatment of political prisoners

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11 November 2015

UK trade props up Kazakh dictatorship

Featured letter - 'British values': Following the much-publicised and criticised recent visit of Chinese leader Xi Jinping, the British government is greeting Kazakhstan's leader Nursultan Nazarbayev. He is a dictator in all but name.

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30 September 2015

Kazakhstan: workers solidarity action

On 28 September a protest took place outside the London office of Kaz Minerals plc, demanding action to alleviate the suffering of that company's workers and its victimisation of activists.

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29 September 2015

Campaign Kazakhstan protest: Kaz Minerals

On Monday 28 September a protest took place outside the London office of Kaz Minerals plc, demanding action to alleviate the suffering of their workers and the victimisation of activists

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9 July 2014

Them & Us

Capita idea: Big business continues to gorge on the public services honey pot, courtesy of the government's privatisation programme

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5 June 2014

Vadim Kuramshin on hunger strike

The human rights lawyer Vadim Kuramshin in Kazakhstan has announced an indefinite hunger strike in protest at the cruel treatment he is suffering in prison.

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18 September 2013

Kazakhstan: Jailed activist awarded human rights prize

Imprisoned human rights lawyer, Vadim Kuramshim, has been awarded the 2013 Ludovic-Trarieux Human Rights Prize, the "oldest and most prestigious award given to a lawyer in the world"

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4 July 2013

Cameron and Blair's support for Kazakhstan regime

The following letter has been printed in the Guardian. It responds to an article about prime minister David Cameron's trade deals with the repressive regime in Kazakhstan

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29 May 2013

Oppose Kazakhstan regime's latest campaign clampdown

On 22 May police, in a dawn raid, entered houses and hostels in Astana where housing justice protesters from across Kazakhstan were being accommodated, writes CWI reporters.

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23 May 2013

Kazakhstan - solidarity needed

Police raids were carried out yesterday on houses and hostels in Astana, where housing justice protesters from across Kazakhstan were being accommodated

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20 February 2013

Kazakhstan: Vadim Kuramshin faces 12-year jail sentence after appeal denied

Vadim Kuramshin, campaigner for prisoner rights and member of the Socialist Movement Kazakhstan, faces a 12-year jail sentence from the brutal regime of dictatorial president Nursultan Nazerbayev...

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22 January 2013

Vadim Kuramshin's court appeal - early February

Well-known human rights lawyer in Kazakhstan, Vadim Kuramshin, has had his court appeal postponed until early February

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