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23 February 2022

The Erdington byelection and the fight for a new mass workers' party

Five years on from 13 million people voting for Jeremy Corbyn's anti-austerity manifesto, Corbyn
is not allowed to sit as a Labour MP.

More ...

23 February 2022

Vote Nellist for a workers' MP in Erdington

"I've already voted for him" said a young mother with a postal vote walking past the railway station

More ...

23 February 2022

Brighton Green and Labour cuts - workers and communities fight back

Austerity has left Brighton without vital services, a housing crisis and rising poverty as wages are cut, with bills, council tax and charges on the rise

More ...

23 February 2022

London Socialist Party women's meeting

Discussing ideas to fight women's oppression: Violence against women has been brought to the fore by recent events. There have been angry vigils and protests against sexual assault and attacks. This was the backdrop for our meeting of women members

More ...

23 February 2022

1 March: Socialist Party new website launch

A new Socialist Party website will be replacing the present one on Tuesday 1 March. The existing website has played an important role for two decades in getting out the Socialist Party ideas - but now

More ...

23 February 2022

Usdaw: 'Reinstate Max' week of action

Three months on from exhausting all appeals, Socialist Party member Max McGee is preparing to take Tesco to an employment tribunal over his trade union victimisation and sacking

More ...

23 February 2022

Rail workers strike in Sheffield

The second weekend of a four-week Sunday strike at TransPennine Express took place on 20 February.

More ...

23 February 2022

Bus services under threat

Fight for free, green, publicly owned transport: Nearly one in five households do not have access to a car. For those in the bottom 20% of households by income, the figure is one in three.

More ...

16 February 2022

Birmingham Erdington by-election

The enthusiasm and energy in a packed-out meeting was palpable, at the prospect of a truly anti-austerity pro-worker candidate

More ...

16 February 2022

University workers striking back

Workers at 44 universities walked out on 14 February after bosses refused to withdraw cuts to the Universities Superannuation Scheme

More ...

16 February 2022

Britain's economic growth figures mask fragile false recovery

The capitalist media celebrated the announcement that the UK economy grew by 7.5% in 2021.

More ...

16 February 2022

Campaigning to make 2 March student walkout happen

Our march in Brighton on 2 March - from Moulscoomb campus to the Level - will be a show of force that we do not support the marketisation of our education, we do not support further degradation of staff working conditions, and we do not support exploitation of postgraduate-research students as cheap

More ...

16 February 2022

Worksop Wincanton workers win pay rise after strike

450 Unite members in Worksop, North Notts, have returned to work after winning a much improved pay deal. Wincanton, the logistics company running the B&Q depot, had originally offered 4%.

More ...

16 February 2022

Campaigning in Birmingham Erdington by-election

A worker we met said: "These MPs with two homes when some can't get one are a disgrace". They are now out leafleting with us for Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate Dave Nellist.

More ...

16 February 2022

Why I'm going to Socialist Students conference

The financial screws are tightening on students. The government is freezing the threshold when students start to repay their loans, as opposed to raising it in line with inflation, meaning they will have

More ...

16 February 2022

Fund us to fight for socialism

Socialist Party branches are doing campaign stalls and other activity to help us hit our quarterly fighting fund target of £25,000

More ...

16 February 2022

'Stand together and fight'

Abi is a hospital domestic, working nights at weekends. That's just one of his jobs.

More ...

11 February 2022

Trade Unionists Support Dave Nellist - a Socialist for Erdington

Add your name at:

More ...

10 February 2022

How will Unite's clash with Labour effect the Erdington byelection?

Sharon Graham suspended Unite's funding to Labour while the Coventry bin strike continues.

More ...

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