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18 July 2012

Spain: Class struggle erupts

After marching for 19 days striking coal miners from Asturias and Leon arrived in Madrid on 11 July to demand that the right wing Popular Party government of prime minister Mariano Rajoy reverses his decision to slash subsidies to the industry and protect jobs...

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18 July 2012

Unenthusiastic reception for Miliband at Durham Miners' Gala

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband spoke at the Durham Miners' Gala, which is regarded as the largest working class event in Britain

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Ten million took part in a general strike in Spain 29 September 2010 that shook Spanish capitalism , photo Sarah Wrack

General strike in Spain, photo Sarah Wrack

27 June 2012

Spain: New epicentre of crisis in Europe

Spain is becoming the new epicentre of the capitalist crisis in the eurozone. The country's massive banking crisis, has led to the right-wing Rajoy government accepting a humiliating 100 billion European...

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10 February 2012

The battle of Saltley Gates

Forty years ago today, a miners' strike for a fairer pay system saw some of the biggest demonstrations of workers' power since World War Two. Heath's government was trying to enforce a pay restraint policy in the teeth of rising inflation, writes Bill Mullins

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Thatcher: The Iron Lady, still from movie

Thatcher: The Iron Lady, still from movie

11 January 2012

Film review :The Iron Lady in meltdown

The widely hyped film 'The Iron Lady' is not intended to cover all the political events of Thatcher's life. It deals with the political issues through the incoherent rambling recollections of an old and demented Thatcher...

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Rent strike on Clydeside

Rent strike on Clydeside

16 November 2011

The first shop stewards movement

The outbreak of World War One in August 1914 cut across the great industrial unrest which had been gathering pace since 1911...

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21 September 2011

Wales mine deaths: Privatisation comes under the spotlight

The tragic deaths of four coalminers at the Gleision Colliery in the Swansea Valley, South Wales, has inevitably raised the issue of safety in the mining industry...

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Support for Jarrow March at the Durham Miners' Gala

Support for Jarrow March at the Durham Miners' Gala

13 July 2011

Support for Jarrow March at the Durham Miners' Gala

60,000 people descended on Durham on Saturday 9 July for the 127th annual Durham Miners' Gala. The Gala sees ex-miners and their communities join with other trade unionists to march through the city centre...

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6 July 2011

Durham Miners' Gala: Miliband pulls out

Ed Miliband has come under fire for pulling out of speaking at the Durham Miners' Gala. In a cowardly retreat it became clear he did not want to share the stage with Bob Crow, the militant leader of the...

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The Pitmen Painters, photo by Keith Pattison

The Pitmen Painters, photo by Keith Pattison

29 June 2011

The Pitmen Painters

Play review: Lee Hall, creator of Billy Elliot, focuses here on the real experiences of Ashington miners who, through the Workers Education Association (WEA), become celebrated artists in their spare time, writes Mark Baker.

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20 April 2011

Anniversary: Black Friday 15 April 1921

A warning for the workers' movement: Following the magnificent 26 March TUC demonstration workers and anti-cuts campaigners want to know how to build the movement to defeat the cuts...

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Knocking off at harland and Wolf shipyard

Knocking off at harland and Wolf shipyard

16 February 2011

Britain 1911-1914: The great unrest - lessons for today

100 years ago the working class responded to the terrible conditions imposed on them by taking mass industrial action in what became known as the 'great unrest', writes Jim Horton.

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15 December 2010

Hands off the Forest of Dean!

On 10 December, over 300 people attended a public meeting held at the Miners Welfare Hall, Cinderford, to show their anger and disgust at proposed closures of libraries throughout the Forest of Dean, writes Lee Hyett, Gloucestershire Socialist Party.

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7 July 2010

Kazakhstan: The fight goes on

Workers' leaders will not be cowed by persecution: Elizabeth Clarke recently made a visit to Kazakhstan. There she met with the leaders of 'Kazakhstan 2012', the increasingly well-known movement that unites workers and communities in struggle across the...

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7 July 2010

South Africa: 5,000 sacked miners on strike

Socialist Party councillor (Australia) speaks to strikers: ON SATURDAY 26 June I travelled with two comrades from South Africa's Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM, the Socialist Party's counterpart in South Africa) to a mass meeting they had called in Rustenburg, about two hours north west of Johannesburg, writes Steve Jolly,.

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31 March 2010

When We Were Miners

When We Were Miners marks the 25th anniversary of the ending of the 1984/85 miners' strike, the greatest movement of workers in Britain since the 1926 general strike...

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17 March 2010

Thatcher's enemy within: 25 years after the end of the miners' strike

When the 1984-85 miners' strike ended, most of Britain's 180,000 miners had been on strike for a year in a battle to save their pits, their communities and trade unionism...

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9 December 2009

Solidarity with striking South African miners

SOLIDARITY IS urgently needed for striking South African mineworkers at a plat-inum mine in Rustenburg whose dispute has become extremely bitter, writes Weissman Hamilton and Mametlwe Sebei, Democratic Socialist Movement, (DSM, CWI South Africa).

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23 September 2009

The Dirty Thirty - Heroes of the Miners' Strike

The term 'Dirty Thirty' has lived on long after the miners' strike ended in 1985, writes Tony Church. It was the name given to a small band of Leicestershire NUM members, who joined the year long strike in spite of their...

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22 July 2009

20th anniversary of Soviet miners' strike

JULY MARKS the 20th anniversary of the first national miners' strike in the former Soviet Union, which, spreading like wildfire through the Siberian Kuzbass and Artic Vorkuta, Ukrainian Donbass and Karaganda in Kazakhstan, marked the beginning of the end of the bureaucratic soviet regime led by Mikhail Gorbachev, writes Rob Jones, Moscow.

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