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26 May 2005

Northern Ireland - fighting for socialism

THE SOCIALIST Party in Northern Ireland has been fighting now for decades to end the problems of sectarian divisions through a working-class, socialist and internationalist solution...

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12 May 2005

Polarisation widens in Northern Ireland

NORTHERN IRELAND'S general election results confirmed what the Socialist Party expected - that two main sectarian blocks would dominate...

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12 March 2005

Crisis for republicans in Northern Ireland - political alternative needed

THE NORTHERN Bank robbery in Belfast, Robert McCartney's killing and the attempt to cover it up, and then the allegations about the multi-million pound criminal empire run by the IRA have put the leadership of the repub...

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5 March 2005

Northern Ireland: Horrific murder enrages local community

THOUSANDS OF people have attended protest vigils in Catholic working-class areas of Belfast over the last two weeks...

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12 February 2005

Northern Ireland decommissioning crisis: The failure of sectarian politics

THE IRA announced on 2 February that it had withdrawn its offer to complete the process of arms decommissioning in Northern Ireland...

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9 October 2004

As Politicians Talk - Sectarian Divisions Deepen

Northern Ireland: DESPITE THE failure of the Leeds Castle talks last month, the British and Irish governments are continuing talks with Sinn Fein and the DUP in an attempt to resurrect the Northern Ireland Assembly and to re-establish an Executive...

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3 July 2004

Support The Dessian Strikers

AS WE reported in last week's socialist, workers at the Dessian Products PVC windows factory in Belfast have been on strike since 19 May. The strike began over the sacking of Paddy McCloskey, one of the two TGWU shop stewards in the plant...

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8 May 2004

FBU conference: Time To Break The Link With New Labour

THE FIRE Brigades Union (FBU) conference starts on 11 May. In the wake of last year's national strikes against low pay, the two keynote conference debates will be on pay and the union's link with New Labour...

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6 December 2003

Northern Ireland elections: Divided Vote Hides Workers' Disillusionment

NORTHERN IRELAND'S elections on 26 November were extremely polarised with the hard-line Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) on one side and Sinn Fein on the other, gaining support...

More ...

22 November 2003

Northern Ireland: Socialists Stand For Workers' Unity

THE SOCIALIST Party in Northern Ireland is challenging the right-wing and sectarian parties who have dominated Northern Ireland politics for generations by putting up two candidates (in East and South Belfast) for the Assembly elections on 26 November...

More ...

15 November 2003

Northern Ireland elections: Capitalist Politicians Bring Stalemate And Division

NORTHERN IRELAND will be going to the polls on 26 November. But no agreement has been reached on how a new Executive will be put in place after the election...

More ...

5 July 2003

Northern Ireland; Has The Peace Process Permanently Stalled?

THE PEACE process remains in deep crisis. Despite desperate efforts by the British and Irish governments, it has not proved possible to re-establish the Executive, and Assembly elections have been postponed...

More ...

7 June 2003

Northern Ireland: Socialist To Lead Biggest Union

SOCIALIST PARTY (CWI in Ireland) member Carmel Gates has been elected President of NIPSA, Northern Ireland's largest trade union...

More ...

10 May 2003

Northern Ireland: Only Working Class Can End Sectarian Impasse

WITH ONLY days to go before the close of nominations and even though campaigning was already under way, Tony Blair has called off the Northern Ireland Assembly elections, writes Peter Hadden, Belfast.

More ...

26 April 2003

Northern Ireland: State Terrorism

THE NEW report by Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir John Stevens shows clear long-term collusion between Britain's security forces and loyalist paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland...

More ...

14 March 2003

10,000 rally in Stockholm

International Protests: AT LUNCHTIME on 5 March, Sergels square in Stockholm was filled by school students demanding an immediate stop to war preparations against Iraq...

More ...

7 March 2003

School and College Student Action Friday 7th March

A number of successful student actions took place today, organised by ISR. News of walk-outs and protests are still being received, and will be covered more fully in the forthcoming The Socialist. They

More ...

11 October 2002

What Lies Behind Assembly's Collapse?

AS WE go to press, it seems almost certain that Northern Ireland's Executive and Assembly will collapse this week, writes Ciaran Mulholland, Belfast Socialist Party.

More ...

9 August 2002

Northern Ireland: Mass Workers' Action To Defeat Sectarianism

HEALTH AND postal workers in Northern Ireland were forced to take industrial action in protest against sectarian death threats from republican and loyalist paramilitaries last week, writes Gary Mulcahy, Socialist Party Belfast.

More ...

12 July 2002

Build The Fight Against Sectarianism

FIGHTING BROKE out at last weekend's annual Orange Order parade at Drumcree. Demonstrators threw missiles at police, resulting in 24 injured as well as two civilians. However, Drumcree is not the issue

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