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2 February 2022

Hackney Unison to encourage anti-cuts candidates

This was emailed to all 1,600 union members of Hackney local government Unison.

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12 February 2020

Hackney: We don't want homes and retail units working-class people can't afford

Angry residents, from Hackney east London, packed into a meeting at the Dan West Trelawney estate community hall. Labour mayor Philip Glanville tried to justify the council's decision to ask a private developer to revamp the site of the local Tesco.

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11 January 2017

Workplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles including the latest on the Picturehouse cinema strike and an arrest at a Harrods tips protest.

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28 September 2016

46m spent on suspending public sector workers

Bosses in the public sector have spent 46 million suspending workers over the past three years.

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29 June 2016

Unison conference 2016: Major turning point in the union

This year's Unison national delegate conference marked a major turning point in the union. On its final day the conference was rocked by the Brexit result and subsequent resignation of Cameron. Many delegates entering the conference on 24 June were either jubilant or confused, but that mood was not matched by the right-wing leadership of Unison.

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24 June 2015

Prentis pushed to talk up action

Delegates to public sector union Unison's national conference on 16 to 19 June underlined the need for a fighting strategy.

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Defend the Four: protest against Unison witchhunt, 2009, photo Suzanne Beishon

Defend the Four: protest against Unison witchhunt, 2009, photo Suzanne Beishon

28 January 2015

Book review: Unison bureaucracy unmasked

I recently read Unison Bureaucracy Unmasked: The Defend the Four Story, a restrained account of a shameful episode in the history of Unison, writes Maurice Sheehan, Ex-staff member, Unison.

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10 September 2014

Unison Bureaucracy Unmasked

At Unison's 2007 conference, the union's standing orders committee ruled out of order a third of branch motions, including ones questioning union strategies and the union's link with Labour

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8 January 2014

Class injustice at Dickensian court

Between Christmas and New Year, thousands of tenants in rent arrears were dragged into courts across the country facing possession orders

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Defend the Four: protest against Unison witchhunt, 2009, photo Suzanne Beishon

Defend the Four: protest against Unison witchhunt, 2009, photo Suzanne Beishon

12 June 2013

Unison conference - time to reclaim the union

How socialists fought off the witch-hunt: After six years, Unison's national leadership has thrown in the towel over a vicious witch-hunt against four Unison activists, all Socialist Party members

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1 May 2013

Unison: Defend the Four

On 3 May, after nearly six years of a tortuous fight with the Unison bureaucracy, an employment tribunal remedy hearing is to be held...

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3 March 2011

Unison witch-hunt: Reinstate the Four!

Four Socialist Party members, unjustly suspended from office by Unison, have won a major victory at an employment tribunal...

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23 February 2011

Council workers face pay freeze

Local government employers are imposing another year's pay freeze on local authority workers. They are also saying they can't afford to give the paltry 250 one-off payment for public sector workers...

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Unions protest at Hackney town hall, photo The Socialist

Unions protest at Hackney town hall, photo The Socialist

4 February 2011

Hackney Unison condemns union witch-hunt and calls on Labour councils to set 'needs budgets'

A rapturous cheer rang round the crowded meeting hall of over 250 trade unionists at the Hackney Unison AGM on Wednesday 2 February, as the secretary announced the ET victory of the four Socialist Party members wrongfully barred from holding office in Unison

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28 January 2011

Britain's biggest public sector union found guilty in court

Witch-hunt ruled illegal: UNISON's leadership has spent three years and tens of thousands of pounds witch-hunting some of its most effective fighters. Today an Employment Tribunal has ruled that campaign of bullying to be unlawful

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Unison protest in Huddersfield, photo Huddersfield SP

10 March 2010

Fight the cuts, not union members

Dawn raids on Unison branch offices: Fifteen unelected Unison trade union officials raided the Unison offices in Bromley and Greenwich in south London and the Tenant Services Authority in central London in the early morning of Friday 5 March, writes Paula Mitchell, London Socialist Party secretary.

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5 March 2010

Urgent: Dawn raids on Unison offices!

Defend the four newsletter: Following the mitigation hearings Glenn Kelly (Bromely), Suzanne Muna (Housing Association), Onay Kasab (Greenwich) and Brian Debus (Hackney) have all been banned from holding any office in Unison...

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20 January 2010

Angry reaction to Unison witch-hunt

Four Socialist Party members who are members of Unison, Brian Debus, Glenn Kelly, Suzanne Muna and Onay Kasab, are being witch-hunted by their own union...

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Glenn Kelly addresses a lobby of Unison HQ against his three year ban, photo Alison Hill

Glenn Kelly addresses a lobby of Unison HQ against his three year ban, photo Alison Hill

13 January 2010

Unison witch-hunt: Shock exposures at Employment Tribunal

Between 15 and 18 December 2009, the case of four Unison branch officers under threat of suspension from office reached its dramatic conclusion at an employment tribunal, a Unison member writes.

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9 December 2009

Fight the political witch-hunt in Unison

AS PREVIOUSLY reported, four London Unison activists and Socialist Party members are facing a ban from holding office in Unison for three to five years...

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