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Rob Windsor

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19 January 2022

Rob Windsor - remembering a tireless fighter for socialism

It is ten years since we lost Coventry Socialist Party member Rob Windsor to a serious illness. He was only 47, sadly far too young, but what a force of nature and of socialism he was.

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Rob Windsor, photo by Paul Mattsson

Rob Windsor

22 February 2012

800 celebrate life of Rob Windsor, a socialist champion of Coventry's people

"It was an inspiring event," said Kath O'Donnell about the funeral for her anti-poll tax colleague, Rob Windsor, at Coventry Cathedral

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9 February 2012

Funeral details for Rob Windsor, socialist councillor

Arrangements have been announced for the funeral of one of Coventry's most popular former councillors...

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Rob Windsor

Rob Windsor

16 January 2012

Rob Windsor: socialist fighter and Coventry Socialist Party councillor 1964-2012

On 14 January Rob Windsor, socialist fighter and previous Socialist Party councillor in Coventry, lost his long struggle against liver disease and died at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth hospital.

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12 May 2010

Coventry elections: Strong socialist support

On 6 May, 2,653 Coventry people voted socialist in the general election and over 4,400 in the council elections, writes Dave Griffiths, West Midlands Socialist Party secretary.

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10 May 2010

Coventry: strong socialist support

On 6 May 2,653 Coventry people voted Socialist in the general election and over 4,400 in Coventry's council elections.
Coming just before the three establishment parties plan to raise our taxes and assault our wages, pensions and services, this represents a solid platform from which socialist support can advance.
Dave Griffiths, West Midlands Socialist Party, analyses the election results in Coventry.

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Rob Windsor, Socialist Party councillor

Rob Windsor, Socialist Party councillor

21 April 2010

Coventry: Standing up for public services

IN COVENTRY local Socialist Party councillor Dave Nellist is TUSC candidate for Coventry North East, Socialist Party members Judy Griffiths (a CWU activist) and Nikki Downes (an NUT member) are TUSC candidates for Coventry South and Coventry North West...

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21 April 2010

Fighting cuts at Coventry council

Workers in street cleansing and grounds maintenance at Coventry City council have voted unanimously to ballot for industrial action...

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15 April 2010

Main parties promise more of the same rotten cuts agenda

Underwhelming, nauseating, garbage... These are just some of the more polite words that will spring to the minds of workers and young people as they read and hear the New Labour and Tory election manifestos. Everyone knows they plan to hack public services to the bone - here are some immediate responses...

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14 April 2010

Coventry's city-wide socialist election challenge

THE SOCIALIST Party will contest all 18 wards in the Coventry city council elections on 6 May. This is the first time that we are standing in every seat, giving each voter the chance to vote for a Socialist...

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13 April 2010

Socialist Party contesting all 18 Coventry council wards

The Socialist Party will contest all 18 Coventry council wards in the local council elections due to take place on 6th May...

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7 April 2010

The real lessons of the poll tax

Readers' comment: The centre page article about the massive anti-poll tax demonstration of 1990 by Steve Glennon (issue 617) was excellent, mainly because as chief steward, Steve had a very good overview of events, writes Rob Windsor, Socialist Party councillor, Coventry.

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7 April 2010

Socialist Campaign launched in Coventry

The Socialist Party in Coventry officially launched its election campaign on 21 March, with well over 100 people cramming in to a meeting, writes Peter Chase.

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Dave Nellist at the Campaign for a New Workers' Party discussion forum at Socialism 2008, photo Paul Mattsson

Dave Nellist at the Campaign for a New Workers' Party discussion forum at Socialism 2008, photo Paul Mattsson

17 March 2010

Coventry: Voters need socialist fighters - not service cutters

"You know Dave Nellist and the Socialists - they are the ones who stand up for people like us". This was the comment of a woman to her daughter at one of our recent campaign stalls, a sentiment that is more and more common among working class people across the city...

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3 March 2010

The fairytale world of RBS

Comment: IMAGINE WORKERS raiding their firm's safe every week to bet on horses. They stick the money, plus any winnings, back in the safe but keep a large cut for themselves. Now, imagine the workers betting most...

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28 January 2009

Coventry protest over Gaza onslaught

FOLLOWING THE weekly protests in Coventry called by the Socialist Party against the Israeli state onslaught on Palestinians in Gaza, a dignified vigil and a 300-strong protest rally were held to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day last Sunday...

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22 October 2008

Socialist measures to fight capitalist crisis

Coventry Socialist Party councillors Dave Nellist and Rob Windsor are putting the following motion to Coventry City Council, calling for wider nationalisation to combat the developing recession, and an end to Private Finance Initiative schemes.The motion will be debated by the council on Tuesday 28...

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11 May 2006

Excellent results for the Socialist Party

THE SOCIALIST Party secured some excellent results in the local elections around the country...

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27 April 2006

Where we're standing


Lewisham Telegraph Hill: Councillor Ian Page, Councillor Chris Flood, Jes Leech

Walthamstow High St: Claire Buddle

Southwark Cathedral: Lois Austin

North West

Baguley Wythenshawe: Lynn Worthington


Netherton and Orrell Bootle: Pete Glover


Newcastle Byker: Paul Owens


Southampton Bevois: Nick Chaffey

West Midlands

Coventry St Michaels: Rob Windsor

Coventry Lower Stoke: Dave Runnells

Coventry Henley: Josie Kenny

Coventry Whoberley: Ross Saunders

Coventry Sherbourne: Jason Toynbee

Nuneato and Bedworth Exhall: Eileen Hunter

Stoke Abbey Green: Councillor Paul Sutton


Huddersfield Crosland Moor and Netherton: Dr Jackie Grunsell (Save Huddesfield NHS)

Sheffield Graves Park: Calvin Payne

Wakefield East: Mick Griffiths

The Socialist Party is also standing as part of the Socialist Green Unity Coalition, who are fielding up to 50 candidates in the local elections.


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6 April 2006

Coventry - re-elect Rob Windsor!

Coventry - re-elect Rob Windsor!
We are focusing in Coventry on getting Rob Windsor (pictured left) re-elected and regaining our third seat on the council, writes Lindsay Currie, Coventry...

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