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23 February 2022

1 March: Socialist Party new website launch

A new Socialist Party website will be replacing the present one on Tuesday 1 March. The existing website has played an important role for two decades in getting out the Socialist Party ideas - but now

More ...

16 February 2022

Britain's economic growth figures mask fragile false recovery

The capitalist media celebrated the announcement that the UK economy grew by 7.5% in 2021.

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16 February 2022

Fund us to fight for socialism

Socialist Party branches are doing campaign stalls and other activity to help us hit our quarterly fighting fund target of 25,000

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9 February 2022

Socialist Party youth meeting: Mood is changing - socialist ideas growing

Socialist Party youth organisers meet: I kicked off the 'youth weekend', 29 and 30 January, by attending the commission introduced by Socialist Party trade union and workplace organiser Rob Williams, emphasising the power of the organised working class.

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9 February 2022

The Socialist: 25 years of assisting workers' struggles and fighting for socialism

May Day Greetings: This month, the Socialist celebrates 25 years of being to the fore in fighting for a democratic socialist society, to end the nightmare conditions of inequality, poverty, wars, and environmental catastrophe arising from the capitalist profit system.

More ...

9 February 2022

Does the fight for Trans rights conflict with women's rights?

Michael Johnson's article, 'Stonewall attacked by the establishment' (the Socialist, 15 December 2021), refers to "some in the women's and labour movement", he asserts, are jointly campaigning with right-wing journalists and politicians "to present trans and non-binary people's rights as con

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2 February 2022

Why I joined: I'm tired of austerity and status quo

Why I joined the Socialist Party: I am tired of austerity and the squeeze on the working class and lower middle class. What happened to the concept of 'quality of life', where families have the right to a fair standard of living, an

More ...

2 February 2022

Tories sinking, workers rising - help fund the socialist fightback

The Tories are on the ropes, while workers face more and more attacks on their jobs, wages and living standards

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2 February 2022

May Day Greetings: Back the paper that backs the working class

Thousands of workers fought back in 2021 and that strike wave has continued into 2022. These hundreds of struggles, including many victories, are reported every week in the pages of the Socialist newspaper.

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26 January 2022

We need a workers' alternative to big business Tories and Labour

Every day Boris Johnson and his government are more and more mired in scandal.

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26 January 2022

Selling the Socialist

On our Socialist Party campaign stalls about rising gas and electricity prices, we have spoken to lots of people concerned and angry about the situation

More ...

6 January 2022

Fighting Fund - 162% of target, 162,000 raised

Congratulations to Socialist Party members and supporters for going well over our target for 2021

More ...

15 December 2021

Why we joined the Socialist Party

I was overwhelmed when my hopes for united workers' action against the Tories failed after the last general election. I was thinking 'there is no future for a workers' party in England'.

More ...

15 December 2021

Selling the Socialist - Waltham Cross and Boscombe

Just some of the events where the Socialist newspaper was sold in the past week...: After a slow response to our Socialist Party campaign stall in Boscombe, in Bournmouth, momentum started to gather. Curious pedestrians became potential new Socialist Party members.

More ...

8 December 2021

Workers' politics needed to exploit Tory scandal and splits

63% of voters think that capitalist politicians 'are just in it for themselves' - the highest proportion since the MPs' expenses scandal in 2009

More ...

8 December 2021

Fighting Fund: Help us reach over 50,000

2021 is set to end on a tremendous note for the Socialist Party. We have already raised just short of 50,000 in the October-December quarter thanks in the main to the fighting fund appeal at Socialism

More ...

24 November 2021

Socialism 2021: A steely determination to change society

Last year, Socialism2020 was 'virtual'. This year, around 400 met in person, with a similar number joining online.

More ...

24 November 2021

Selling the Socialist

Just some of the events where the Socialist newspaper was sold in the past week...

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