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12 February 2014

Standing up against cuts in Reading

A Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) meeting on 4 February agreed to stand candidates for upcoming local elections in Reading and Wokingham.

TUSC is committed to opposing all cuts. Councils can use reserves and borrowing to keep services and then build support through local demonstrations and strikes to demand the necessary funding from central government.

Jo Lovelock, the Reading Labour council leader, says they have had to 'save' (cut) 44.8 million so far with another 38 million of cuts likely over the next three years.

These are described as 'tough budget decisions where the vulnerable are protected'. No matter how this is dressed up it amounts to savage cuts by a Labour council that was not voted in to carry out Con-Dem policy.

We will be appealing for more people to stand for TUSC and have a further planning meeting arranged for 25 February.

Neil Adams, Bracknell and Reading Socialist Party