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30 April 2015

MoD IT workers demand decent pay

PCS civil service union members working for computing firm CSC in Glasgow and Gosport took five days' strike action from 20 April for a fair pay award, following measly 'offers' of 0%, 0.3% and 0.4%. The workers have suffered effective pay cuts over the last ten years without inflation proofed pay rises.

CSC is a US multinational which provides IT contracts and pensions administration for the Ministry of Defence. It made profits of over 1 billion last year. Chief executive Michael Lawrie earned $13.26 million in 2014.

PCS branch chair Harold told the Socialist: "The strike has been solid all week with large picket lines which have surprised management. We have a members' meeting next week to decide the next course of action and in the meantime there is an overtime ban and work to rule."

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