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5 April 2017

Them & Us

Bosses 'earn' 360x minimum wage

Top bosses get 360 times more than workers on the minimum wage.

Chief executives of elite 'FTSE 100' firms received an average of 5,271,803 a year, according to the Equality Trust.

A full-time worker aged 25 or over on the 2017 national 'living' wage will earn 14,625.

Does one FTSE fat cat really do as much for society as 140 teachers, or 312 care workers?

What would we do without billionaire owners and their millionaire managers slashing all our jobs and pay and services?

Fly into the sun and explode, most likely.

Luxury market...

Global sales of super-swank are up.

Luxury group LVMH - including Dior, Louis Vuitton and Tag Heuer - reported record revenues last year. Its 32.1 billion takings were up 5% on 2015.

In fact, total sales across deluxe brands have risen pretty consistently since the 2007-8 financial crisis. Thank goodness the super-rich were able to save themselves.

... licence fees

Meanwhile, the poorest pay 16 million extra each year for the 'luxury' of watching telly.

The BBC lets hard-up households pay licence fees in instalments. They get charged an extra fiver for the privilege.

Notorious outsourcing firm Capita is in charge of bullying vulnerable viewers into coughing up. It makes 58 million a year from that.