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24 October 2018

Enthusiastic response to new podcast

As we go to press episode four of 'Socialism: the podcast of the Socialist Party' has just been published. Many were pleased to hear that the Socialist Party's publications are expanding to this new media. Sam thinks a podcast is "just what we need." Pedro added a simple "yes!"

Episode four is discussing the far right, following on from our three launch episodes on socialism, politics in Britain today, and antisemitism.

Our listeners are enjoying the content so far. Paul commented that it's an "excellent resource for the Socialist movement." Josie said that all the episodes so far have been "excellently produced and very informative."

We've enjoyed hearing about where you're listening. Adam said: "This is a great idea, look forward to listening to them while I work" and Nancy followed a suggestion in episode one - "I did indeed do it while washing up. It was fabulous and made domestic drudgery more bearable."

Kris points out you can listen anywhere: "Listen to socialist analysis at work, study and on the go!"

Hopefully the podcasts will be interesting and informative for all. And they can also be useful. When we published episode four William said: "I'm doing a Socialist Student lead off about this very subject, thanks!"