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29 May 2019

Victimised school student climate striker speaks out

Elaine Brunskill, secretary, Socialist Party Northern region

After Friday's (24 May) climate change protest we were contacted by a school student concerned that students from her school will face sanctions for striking.

The student said: "Some of my friends told me there was a strike coming up. I've been increasingly concerned about the environment, including at my school and asking why we don't reycle.

"We had a group chat and this is how we organised our strike. We all stayed off school, some of our parents knew what we were doing and rang to say we wouldn't be at school because we were on strike.

"I was quite surprised by the turnout. I wasn't expecting as many placards - they were cool.

"Loads of people were there. Some even joined in after school finished.

"Rumours are now going around that we are going to be put into isolation. This means you are put into an isolated booth for whatever the period is.

"You have your lunch break separate from everyone else. Also, you are only allowed a limited number of toilet breaks.

"Sometimes you can fail isolation, then you have to do it all over again. It's like prison.

"This time the isolation is around the climate change strike, but you can find yourself in isolation for wearing the wrong shoes, losing your planner, and other things like that."

Any student who is threatened with any sanctions should look at building a solidarity campaign against any punishment. This could include: