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5 June 2019

Tens of thousands march against Trump


Tens of thousands of people marched from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street on Tuesday 4 June to protest against Trump's visit to Britain to meet with doomed prime minister Theresa May.

The day before, hundreds gathered outside Buckingham Palace as Trump sat down inside to enjoy a banquet with the queen.

Socialist Students placards with the slogan "Trump out, Tories out, fight for a socialist future" were taken enthusiastically by protesters, many deciding to give generous donations for them.

Protesters furious at Trump's racist, sexist, big business agenda responded enthusiastically to chants led by the Socialist Students contingent. "Say hey, say ho - Trump and Tories have to go!" and "save the planet, change the system, what we need is socialism!"

Unfortunately, however, the march was smaller than last summer's mobilisations against Trump in central London.

It was a missed opportunity by the organisers to not more explicitly link the fight against Trump and the ideas he stands for to the need to fight for a general election to get rid of our rotten Tory government here. The Tories, like Trump, stand for the interests of the capitalist class and big business.

Jeremy Corbyn spoke to the crowd and was warmly received by demonstrators. But the EU election results - which saw Labour come in third - demonstrate why it is crucial he too comes out fighting for a general election on a clear socialist programme, to rally the support of the millions of workers and young people who are desperate for an alternative to austerity, racism, sexism, climate change and war.

Theo Sharieff, Socialist Students national organiser


Around 100 people gathered at the Clough statue in Nottingham. Tessa Warrington spoke on behalf of the Socialist Party. She pointed out that Trump and May are both representatives of big business and capitalism.

Tessa was cheered and applauded when she said that we have to get rid of capitalism and build a socialist society to end oppression. Other speakers spoke of the dangers of war and the problems caused by Trump, but unfortunately did not go as far as proposing a solution.

Clare Wilkins, Nottingham Socialist Party


At the rally in Hull, speakers condemned Trump's racism and sexism, but focussed on the fact he represents big business and is an enemy of the working class in the US and Britain.

Matt Whale, Socialist Party member and nurse, condemned Trump's thinly veiled threat to further take advantage of a privatised NHS. He was also featured on Radio Humberside and other local stations.

Mick Whale, Hull Socialist Party


250 marched in Bristol to oppose Donald Trump, accompanied by a cacophony of 'Trumpeters Against Trump' and car horns beeping in support.

Protesters highlighted Trump's many faults, including his sexism, racism and climate change denial. He personifies some of the worst aspects of the capitalist system that tries to divide workers against each other in the interests of profit.

Tom Baldwin, Bristol Socialist Party