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4 October 2007

Socialism 2007: Ideas for our future

For young people new to the ideas of socialism, Socialism 2007 will be an indispensable opportunity for you to gather new knowledge, new ideas and new hope that a socialist world is possible.

Richie Clesham, Somerset Socialist Students

As a 15 year-old first time attendee at last year's Socialism, with no previous involvement in any political organisations or events, it did all seem a little overwhelming at first.

Within minutes of arriving I was helping out by putting up placards in the surrounding area, and handing out leaflets and selling the socialist. Although I was thrown in the deep end, I soon relished this opportunity to get involved.

Once the sessions started I was able to really get into the event. Although I had just a basic awareness of the ideas of socialism I was still able to keep up with the discussions, and, particularly in the nuclear power discussion, I was able to make contributions of my own.

Participating in Socialism is immensely valuable, from the ideas and experiences of others you are able to refine your own ideas as well as build upon your existing knowledge.

For those new to Socialism your eyes can be opened to new ways of thinking. And the benefits don't just come from taking part in discussions. Last year's rally was a truly awe-inspiring event featuring some fantastic speakers.

And perhaps most importantly, being able to meet so many like-minded people is so encouraging. It can also be incredibly reassuring that you aren't fighting against capitalism, imperialism, and exploitation on your own, but that there are many people out there willing to show solidarity and support for your work.

For both the new and the experienced, the importance of events like Socialism cannot be underestimated. The overall feeling of solidarity and determination from those who attend can inspire you for the coming fights.

Socialism 2007

1718 November 2007
University of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1

Ticket prices:

Make cheques payable to Socialism and send to PO Box 24697, London E11 1YD 020 8988 8768