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31 July 2008

Land registry in third pay walk out

On 18 July PCS members in Land Registry took part in our third walkout over pay and in support of our comrades in other PCS groups and other public-sector unions. The walkout took place at 10.15am so that all members would be at their desks before 'downing tools' and walking out together at offices across England and Wales.

The aims of our campaign are to:

In support of the campaign, members have also been involved in a work to rule since the beginning of April.

At the same time, there has been a further wave of attacks on our members with the recent implementation of a draconian new sickness absence policy. There are plans for office closures and mergers, plans for relocating staff and posts out of the London and South East area and a review of the agency's status as a trading fund. Also there are potential plans for a new 'rewards strategy', containing proposals for more emphasis on non-consolidated bonus payments and performance pay as well as possibly introducing aspects of regional pay.

Work now starts to build support for national PCS action over pay during the Autumn. The government's pay restraint policy is severely effecting the living standards of our members and we need to send a clear message to New Labour and its big business friends that enough is enough.

Restricting pay for the working-class on the pretext of curbing inflation, whilst praising fat-cat bonuses and inflation-busting executive pay rises just demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of this government. It has completely abandoned even pretending to represent the working class - there is a clear need for a new workers' party.

Elenor Haven, PCS branch secretary, Lincoln's Inn Fields branch, personal capacity