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12 May 2010

Scotland: Meetings show enthusiasm for socialism

All four areas where CWI members stood as Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (STUSC) candidates have reported a friendly and sympathetic response to the central theme of our campaign; no cuts in public services, public ownership not privatisation, and that the bankers and bosses should pay for their crisis.

Public meetings that were addressed by our members and Tommy Sheridan had impressive turnouts, with 70 at the Edinburgh East meeting, 56 in Dundee, 60 in Motherwell and 35 in Glasgow South. In every case there were a lot of new people, including young people.

We have explained that a strong mood of 'lesser evilism' exists, especially in Scotland. What is certain however, is that we are on the edge of a social volcano and whoever forms the next government, especially if a Tory government does come to power with support from other parties, there is a decisively changed situation on the way. A situation in which support for socialist ideas and campaigns can grow rapidly and through which the idea of a new mass workers' party will gain in support and momentum.

Philip Stott International Socialists, CWI Scotland